Dying Man’s Daily Journal

April 11, 2013

Step son Dave under went his open heart surgery yesterday. A faulty valve was replace by a new steel valve. Vi is there with him and family and she reports all went well. now is the recuperation time the first few days of which I know are no fun at all

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Prayer Request

April 9, 2013

I do thank all for the prayers and kind loving support, It really does mean a lot to me. That exploritory procedure is still weeks away and I am going to cram a lot of living into that time and then even more after it is all said and done. I do admit to beind a little nervous maybe apprehensive but really not bad. As it sits right now it is really out of my hands. I have prayed about it, placing myself in God’s hands asking that His will be done. Yes that is a comfort to me, it is just I have long come to realize that His will and my will don’t always. I believe I am ready to accept His decision, it is just I really really want my will to prevail. I guess we just have to wait and see.

I have a special prayer request please Vi’s son David is tomorrow facing his own open heart surgery for a valve replacement. Vi has gone to spend a few days with him (which is where I want her to be) to provide the kind of TLC as only a mother can. i know it can be said that this surgery is common place these days and that is a comfort, but when you are the one facing it or it is your child facing it is down right scary. Prayers please and please think of poor Vi, there with her son then to return to my issues. It is a struggle.

Dying Man’s Daily Journal –

April 8, 2013

I thank all for the kind thoughts and prayers, all are so appreciated and please keep sending them.

Now to be clear the procedure angiogram-angioplasty-surgery has not happened yet. I am on what is call the urgent list. Here in Canada we do have a wonderful medical system but there are always wait times for any procedures. For this means 3-4 weeks. Now i have in the past had both an angiogram and angioplasty and know from the patients point of view, it is not a difficult procedure with no pain or discomfort what ever. The only hard part is having to lay still for 2-3 hours afterwards.

Mine is a little bit out of the ordinary. I think it was about 3 years ago a blockage was seen at the junction of the arteries. Doctors knew it would have to be dealt with. At the time it was felt to be too risky and that as long as I was able to carry on with the medications controling the situation. It would be left until either I had another heart attack or the situation had deteriorated to the point were there was no choise that it had to be dealt with. Well I guess we are at that point. The blockage is such that a heart attack is looming large on the horizon.

More to say but have to run, try for more later

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – test results

April 5, 2013

Last week I went for for heart test. There are known blockages with in my heart, having been there for quite some time. In the past they have been small enough to be deemed to not be requiring immediate attention. One in particular being at a junction where one artery spits into 2.
Yesterday I was called by the heart failure clinic that I go this morning for some blood work. The tests last week have show the blockages are now of a size that intervention can no longer be delayed.
I have apparently been placed on the urgent list to have an angiogram done. A camera is inserted into your body through an artery in the groin. Doctors are then able to some how guide it right up into you heart to allow them to actually see the blockages inside. While they have the wires and all right up there in your heart, if deemed appropriate an angioplasty will be preformed. (blockage is opened and a stent, a hollow tube is put in place to keep it open.). If the blockage can’t be opened in that manner open heart surgey is the remaining option.
Have to wait to see how much technology in that area has advanced. Several years ago when that blockage at the junction was noted, I was told open heart surgery would be the only option. That would now be dependant on whether they feel my heart is strong enough to survive the surgery.