Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Living/Loving Life

I was at the hospital this morning for more blood work. I take a major blood thinner, which reduces the clotting ability of the blood, which in turn makes it more difficult to stop bleeding. With the upcoming procedure they will be cutting into a major artery being able to stop it bleeding afterwards if kind of a big deal. They are taking me off the warfarin (blood thinner) and replacing it with a needle. Huh, can’t remember what the name of that drug is. Have to just jab myself in the stomach with will be no big deal.
A thought hit me, I have in the last few posts been writing about the medical conditions but not really about how I am doing, which really is just fine. OK, yes it was a little lonely while Vi was gone. If anyone is picturing some poor guy just laying on his bed full of fear, worrying and fretting about what is to come, that is not me. I can’t say it is not getting to me a little bit. It is more like a nagging little tooth ache. You know it is there but it doesn’t really stop you. I don’t know if that is a good comparison or not but at the moment it is the best I can come up with.
I am a truly blessed and lucky man and I know it and appreciate it.
If not daily then very close to it I get to face time (like skype) with both of my daughters and beautiful little princesses, how special is that. I spend a lot of time playing words with friends (scrabble) with family online.
I get out when I can. About a week or so ago I wrote a post, thought I had posted but find I saved it instead. I talked about the excitement of going to a hockey tournament. I made it to 3 or the 4 games. Now this was a pretty special and exciting tournament. The Thompson Knights were in town playing against a number of Winnipeg teams. All of the players on all of the teams did a fantastic job and I congratulate them all. Now I do have to say there was one player that caught my eye in particular, #10 for Thompson. The way he flashed up and down the ice was a sight to behold, showing great determination and team work, I was down right proud of him. Yes, he did spend a little time down on his bum but no more than the rest of the players, future stars all of them. The games were great to watch, very entertaining.
The teams may have been slightly below NHL levels but with their level of excitement it didn’t matter. The action often had the crowd on their feet cheering. What level were these dynamos. In the 6-7 year old group. Who was that amazing #10 grand son Seth. Two wonderful days.

4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Living/Loving Life

  1. Beatrice says:

    Loved your post today Bill! I do the same thing with all of our Grandchildren specially with the younger ones lol. FaceTime Rules lol.You sound very optimistic and very well in today’s post which makes me very happy . I myself had to make another visit to the Doc yesterday because of my high Cholesterol of 402 yikes. no, I do not sit at home and eat pork chops all day long lol but it is inherited.I never knew that high Cholesterol could be inherited! So now I have to get back on the meds….and those pills make your entire body so sore, feels like some one has beaten me with a Baseball Bat. But anyways I,m just glad you have such a good attitude about the upcoming procedure.
    Wishing you and Vi a peaceful and happy weekend and God Bless.

  2. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill … I have to catch the other posts – but wanted to pop in here and say you sound upbeat – that’s so good .. and you do seem to be doing just fine – coping, talking, wording, and waiting – but with patience … I think Vi is back and obviously that will cheer you more.

    Then you got to hockey games – such fun .. and I’m so pleased for you … can’t say I know anything about it .. we did as kids go to the IceSkating centre to watch some hockey games .. only one or two!! English and long ago .. different level .. but at least one can have some idea of what’s what ..

    Cheers and long may all things work out for you … we have some sunshine here .. though it froze once again last night .. nothing like Canada though!! Spring just might be coming along … Hilary

  3. Mel says:

    Awwwwww…you got to see the grand doing his thing! How fun. And how proud you must be.
    I’m glad for the update and the filling in of the blanks–been a bit concerned that isolation was happening. LOL Or maybe that’s just ME who isolates when things get scary and overwhelming. It’s good you’re not letting things consume you.
    And isn’t technology amazing. Seriously–you get to be connected to the daughters and it doesn’t take hours on the road. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great when they can come–but it’s wonderful to connect and SEE the kiddos without the mess and fuss. LOL AND I don’t have to scramble to get dinner for five together!! I LOVE it! Hahahaha! (I’m not wild about cooking, can ya tell?!)
    I’m glad for all the connections for you. And for them, because undoubtedly it means as much to them as it does to you.

    Way to go SETH!!
    How cool to get to see him slip sliding around and chasing a puck. LOLOL
    ((((((( Bill )))))))))

    And keep doing what you’re doing. Looks good on ya!

  4. Dan says:

    Wow your taking warfarin. That is a major blood thinner, they make rat poison out of it. I suspect it thins down the blood and causes internal bleeding in rats. But I really dond’t know. I do know that there are allot of medicines that if you knew how they worked you wouldn’t take them. I take allot of meds and at one time was told my kidneys were failing. I stopped taking one of my meds and my kidneys got better. I also know what it feels like to be lonley, I can be lonely in a crowd, it is a state of mind and the devil haunts a lonely man. As for worry , I know it is hard not to worry but it is very bad for you, worst then the disease allot of times. It will weaken you. You should do things which will take your mind off your troubles. Try something new, something that will take up allot of your time. I am having a knee replaced next month and that causes worry but I stay active cutting firewood or working on a project at home. I also have so many body aches along with severe arthritis in my spine. Taking care of those does not give me much time to think about my upcoming surgery. Also I just buried a small dog I had for 15 years and I think about him allot. Does not give me time to worry. I am to caught up in everyday life.

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