Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Pre-Op

Yesterday I went for the pr-op and have to say I am much more at ease after that meeting.Now I have undergone 4 or 5 angiogram/angioplasties in the past and that part of the procedure doesn’t concern me in the slightest. Remember I have no medical training of any sort and am describing things as I understand them. I had even requested that the pre-op instead of being an explanation of the general procedure (which I am very familiar with) be specific to my situation.

Cousin Maggie accompanied memory guy for which I am very grateful and thank her very much. I think the term memory guy explains why I requested her to be there. Apparently I have 3 blockages which are of concern. Now all the tests and scans give the doctors a very good idea about what is going on. But, nothing is definitive until they get into the heart and actually take a look (angiogram). What they expect to find based on the scans etc. is that 2 of the blockages will likely be able to be treated with the angioplasty. In simple terms they use a balloon to open up the blockage and then insert a small bit of tubing to hold it open. Now up to that point I am not bothered or worried in the slightest. Been there done that. If anyone out there may be facing and angiogram/angioplasty that the doctors tell you they can clear, technology has advanced to the point it is not even worth worrying about.

Some blockages based on size or location can not be opened with an angioplasty. That has been my concern. About 3 years ago I was told of a blockage that was deemed to be to high risk to deal with and apparently still is, at least based on images from the scans etc.. This is the one that I have been concerned about. In the angiogram the doctor will be taking a first hand direct look at it. As I understand it after the fact a panel of heart surgeons will meet to discuss and decide what if anything can be done.

Vi got home last night after spending a week away with her son who under went his own open heart surgery. I am so happy to say all went well and he is recovering nicely. Poor Vi was caught in a real hard place wanting to go and be with her son as he faced his surgery and being here with me. Bluntly, I wanted her to go knowing she would be back before my procedure. Your kids are still your kids no matter their age. I really am glad she went but I am even more glad she is back. I am not totally bed ridden or anything like that and as I am a big boy, I can fend for myself, cooking and all of that. Now i have said of how dying is a lonely experience. Actually, it did surprise me at how that did get to me this past week

5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Pre-Op

  1. lypenner says:

    Will definitely keep you in my prayers Bill. Glad that doctors know about so many procedures that can help keep the ‘ol ticker going. And glad that Vi is back for you. We know we are never truly alone but human company is definitely a blessing.

  2. Beatrice says:

    Prayers and Gods Blessings are with you and Vi!

  3. BC says:

    I’m glad things are going OK, it will be alright.



  4. Mel says:

    Prayers for the doctors and the panel that will be reviewing the findings of the procedure.
    Any time there’s dealings with matters of the heart I get a bit squirmy–I understand the wonderful procedures that are considered ‘all in a days’ work’ for the physician–they’re fantastic and I applaud their skill set and the advancements made. I still get squirmy. Maybe it’s the ‘era’ I grew up in that perpetuates it. I ‘remember when’.
    I will hope for all good things, and pray for the surgeons, your family, and for you, of course.
    I’m glad all went well for David……and grateful that Cousin Maggie was there to walk through the appt with you.
    Yup–glad Vi’s returned. She was where she needed to be for David, his loved ones and her….. and she’s where she needs to be now…for you and for her.

    *sending prayers*
    G-d’s got plans! He’s taken very good care of you to date, eh?
    *HUGE hugs*

  5. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill .. I was pleased to read Vi is home – and that obviously pleases .. yes poor woman must be in one hard choice place – but delighted to read your step-son is on the mend, after a successful op …

    have a peaceful weekend .. many thoughts – Hilary

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