Dying Man’s Daily journal – Dates are set

One of the life lessons I definitely need to learn is patience. Patience with other people no problem, patience with waiting, hum, more of a problem. I was told I was placed on an urgent list for a heart procedure. Now to be clear I have nothing but wonderful things to say about our Canadian Heath Care system. Our medical care is free of charge, you really can’t beat that price. With out that system with all the wonderful doctors, nurses and medical staff, well let’s face it I would not be here today. i know i have an issue in waiting particularly when I am facing something like this. I am more of a “let’s just do it and get it over with kind of guy”. We get back to that old, the world doesn’t revolve around me thing.
Actually I have know the dates for close to a week now but have tried to keep quiet about them at least until after step son Dave”s open heart surgery was completed and he is well on the road to recovery. no sense adding extra worry. It is strange you know it is coming but some how it remains almost like an abstract thought or something until the dates are set. Suddenly then it becomes very real.
Well it is real and the wait hasn’t been that long.

Today I go for blood work. Plus I am on a fairly high dosage of warfarin a major blood thinner to reduce the risk of blog clots in my system. A side effects is that it increases your chances of bleeding and with out that ability to clot the bleeding is much harder to stop. Now that is something they do not want when you are heading into surgery. I have an appointment at the clinic where they are going to take me off the warfarin, replacing it with a needle I will be needing to inject myself with. I will have more details on that this afternoon.

Wednesday is the pre-op clinic where my questions will be answered as they explain the procedure.I have had the angiogram and angioplasty before and I know from the patients point of view they are not a big deal. my questions go beyond that.

The actual procedure is set for the 24th which is Wednesday of next week. i have to be at the hospital for 6:00am with the procedure scheduled or 7:00am.

It is all in God’s hands.


2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily journal – Dates are set

  1. rangewriter says:

    Best of luck during the coming 2 weeks. Keep breathing.

  2. Mel says:

    As one who did the withholding of information for similar reasons, I understand the thought process. As one on the other side of someone else’s thought process to withhold the information, I know how I wanna drop kick ’em for that one. NOT that I want to drop kick you sir–I don’t. I ‘get it’. And I appreciate your intentions here. I’m sure they do as well. Your family–Vi–has had a rather hefty amount on their/her plate to contend with. On the other hand–dealing with the ‘facts’ alone, even if for a few days…. I really do get it, sir. It’s kinda one of those ‘rock/hard place’ deals.

    Minute by minute, if need be. What a stressful time for you. I’m glad for the physicians assigned to your care–they’ve taken very good care of you and will continue to, no doubt. I’ll pray for them, your family, and of course for you. You’re right….G-d’s will (but He knows what I want.)
    The surgery made the urgent list because it IS urgently needed. I have hope that it will turn out well and relieve some of those symptoms you’ve been having to deal with. I will hang on to that hope….pray…and let you know, again, how much you matter in this life of mine (yes, way over here in the frozen midwest).
    ((((((((( Bill )))))))))))))
    Sending prayers!
    And asking that you allow someone access to the web log to update us all. Matters to this one, ya know?
    *HUGE hugs*

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