Dying Man’s Daily Journal

I have spent the past while reviewing my life and well life in general. I know I have made a lot of mistakes over the years and seemingly too often didn’t take the time to learn from those mistakes at the time. If we don’t learn from our mistakes we are most likely bound to repeat them. Some we repeat over and over again until we are finally able to learn the life lesson we needed to prevent us from making that mistake in the first place. It seems once we learn that lesson those issues, problems, challenges in life will just disappear never to return.
One of the biggest lessons I have had to learn is that the world does not revolve around me, in spite of the fact that so very often I seem to think it should. I can only imagine many will read this and just shake their heads, like come on who could be egotistical enough to think the world would revolve them, that is just stupid. You know what you are right it is stupid. Yet, to some extent I believe we are all guilty of that. Now just think about it.

Now I am just trying to imagine what life would be like if the world did revolve around me. I suppose that would mean everyone would see me as being very special and would devote their lives to making my every wish come true. All lives would be lived based on how people would feel I would want them to live their lives. They would be totally at my beck and call at all times. Wow, what power, what control that would give you. Imagine if every person with out fail every time did everything exactly as I wanted them to, if ever situation worked out exactly as I wanted it to. I would control everyone and everything.
Wait that kind of power would make me almost God like. That statement right there most certainly eliminates me from any chances of ever having such power and really I wouldn’t want it.

I think it is fair to say that stress causes us our biggest hardships in life. It is not other people, events, circumstances or anything else that causes us that stress it is how we react to any given situation. It is not the situation, it is how we react to it that causes the stress. The stress comes when someone or something within our little world did not comply with our expectations. Someone does something that we “know” to be stupid, immature and whatever. We become upset because we “know” that action was stupid, immature or what ever and we become upset and get stressed. Why? Because someone did something or something happened in our little world that was not according to what we wanted or even Expected. Oh, they are bad, bad, bad for not living their lives according to our expectations. How often do we feel we have to show our wisdom (control) by jumping into someone elses live to point out their mistakes and fix it for them only to feel even more upset and stressed our “wisdom” is not appreciated or even wanted. How do we react to that, by getting even more stressed. “I told them what to do and they just won’t listen (control) and the stress multiplies.

There are somewhere around 7 billion people in this world, living 7 billion individual lives. We have to realize we have no business, no right to interfer in the lives of others. Let that go and so much stress will just fall away. OK, naturally I am not talking about parents raising children. Even that though must stop when the children become adults.
Does any of this make sense?
Let go and let God

3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal

  1. Shirley says:

    Makes absolute total and complete sense. “Let go and let God” is one of my favorite isms, and one I’ve learned to apply to my daily living. Sometimes our well-meaning selves struggle to release, especially with our loved ones. We don’t want to see them hurt or suffering. And this holding on, trying to lead, guide, direct, protect — in otherwords do God’s work, not only becomes detrimental to our own well-being, but stiffles the growth others experience when they opt to take what we view as the hard path. Suffice it to say it’s not easy letting go but, when the pain of holding on becomes intense enough, we do learn to stop judging by the appearances of what we view as right/wrong, good/bad, easy path/hard path and we step aside in the understanding that God’s Will is to be done in our life and in the life of others and that God’s Will is for the good of all concerned.

  2. souldipper says:

    I asked a man of great wisdom what his most significant message is. He said, “Mind your own business.”

    How often I forget. Thankfully, I trip over reminders. Ooppps. Here’s another one.

    Thanks, Bill.

  3. Mel says:

    Well, small wonder you were pondering this with the ‘stuff’ that’s going on for you right now.

    I gotta tell ya–‘playing G-d’ is one of those things that I frequently resort to. Still. I turn it over, knowing I have NO business tossing me and my ‘very important opinion’ into the mix, and then snatch it back when it becomes apparent that they’re NOT listening to G-d (otherwise known as ‘doing as I think they oughta’).
    In this household it’s as simple as never-looking-up-from-the-newspaper “If that’s what you truly believe G-d wants you to do” remark. I growl….I roll my eyes…..and then I shush up and surrender ONE MORE TIME. *sigh*
    Yes, it’s control on my part. Oh, but if they only did things MY way….they’d be happier, healthier and spared some of that ‘stuff’! *hanging head* Like people were able to ‘spare me’ some of the stuff I got to walk through? Oh, they did try….with the best of intentions. I still had to walk in some seedy places to ‘get it’. I’m an experiential learner. I suspect that’s true for a whole lot of human beings–you can tell us HOT FLAME……but we have to touch and discover for ourselves.
    I don’t get to interfere in another person’s journey. And gee–I don’t know where their path is taking them. I don’t know that the bump in the road isn’t an invaluable bump to the whole journey.
    But I still try! LOL It’s very human of me. I attempt to put the focus on the lesson and not on the road itself. Sometimes I just get….excited….cuz it’s a familiar bump and I can SPARE ya this one if you just LISTEN.
    No. I can’t. But I can share the story of my own journey and hope something fits and works for you. If not–I’VE just gained, cuz boy do I need the reminders so I’m not playing on the bump and ignoring the road I’m traveling.

    I adore that I’m not alone in the need to LET GO. LOL I can’t tell ya how many times WPIML has simply shook his head and hollered it at me. My opinion of other people’s STUFF isn’t my business.
    Yes, yes…….I know……LET GO!

    Well received, sir…especially with the previous post and the preparations for your procedure in process.
    I shall try to LET GO…and trust the path you’re traveling.
    G-d’s taken very good care of you.

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