Dying Man’s Daily Journal

Step son Dave under went his open heart surgery yesterday. A faulty valve was replace by a new steel valve. Vi is there with him and family and she reports all went well. now is the recuperation time the first few days of which I know are no fun at all

8 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal

  1. carson flett says:

    Hellow bill hope all is well ,tell vi I said hellow I was one of her old students from Norway house,ask her to send me an email to say hellow and see how shes doing . thanks .

  2. simplicianot says:

    So happy all went well!!
    Thank The Lord and God Bless

  3. Mel says:

    Awww…I wonder if Carson knows how much that will mean to Vi! And what wonderful timing. Just when a loving soul needs reminded “yup…worth it”, it shows up. How cool is that. And how grateful we are that the surgery went well. We’ll keep sending prayers for healing and strength. And you rest, sir…he’s in good hands.

  4. Betty says:

    So happy the surgery went well. Wishing Carson all the best in his recovery. Patience will be the key …a wonderful life will be there for him to enjoy for a long time.

  5. mark lowe says:

    Hi Bill thoughts & prayers are with you all from across the pond ,Mark & family

  6. hurt and angry says:

    I am happy that things went well with the surgery.
    I came across your blog while looking for information to try and understand why people abandon the dying and yes I said abandon. I read in places where you invite people to share their feelings even if it is venting of anger. I am sorry to put this n you but that is what I am doing. My father died 2 months ago. his last months were terrible. His cancer caused him to suffer as no one should have to. Some are now saying it was a blessing he died, how can anyone think it is a blessing he died, he was a wonderrul man with all claiming now to have loved him so much and to be missing him. All these people that now claim to have loved him so much where were they when he could have used their support. i was left the only one to care for him. His own sisters are now crying they wished they had visted more often. Why did they wait until he was gone. A visit from anyone made him so happy. he did his best to make visits nice and didn’t complain. He wanted everyones last memories to be good one.
    I lost it at the funerakl. The church was packed so many wanting to pay their last respects to such a wonderful man. Where were you when he needed you

  7. Lucia O'Quinn says:

    Hi! My name’s Lucia and I’m doing a high school science project on “how different cancer patients are affected differently”, and I was wondering if you could go look at my last post and take the survey? It’s completely confidential, and it’ll help me a lot! Thanks!(:

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