Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Am I God’s Messenger

I am God’ messenger. Wow, now isn’t that quite the statement, geesh, to say that I must really think I am someone special. Well, I most definitely am not. I am just a regular guy, an old goat sitting at his computer. I am no different, no more special than anyone else on this planet. So how could I dare to be so bold as to even imagine such a thing. I know many will be thinking (poor Bill has either flipped his lid or that brain tumour is affecting him) and hey, either is possible.
I believe that when we come into this world, we come with specific missions to accomplish. Now with our free will our lives may take all sorts of zigs, zags and detours as we travel down the highway of life. However, irregardless of any thing life will guide us to a specific spot at a specific time where we can accomplish that mission. At the time we won’t even realize it. It could be something big or it could be something small. We can’t ever really know how any of our actions can affect an other. As obviously I struggle to understand the effect of my words.
I think credit must be given where it is due. When ever I sit down to write anything, I do try my best to remember to pray. The prayer is the same each time, a part of which is: “Please guide my thoughts and my fingers to type a post that may help someone, anyone that may read this. Then I just start my ramble and up go thoughts as they come to my mind.
I deeply believe in the power of prayer are my prayers being answered as I ask for guidance in finding the words to help someone, anyone?
What I do know is there have been many times when I have sat down to post with a general idea in my head as to what I would be writing about, even going so far as to give the post a title. I then have said my little prayer and just start typing. Often I have reached the end and realized my thoughts had changed/strayed to the point that the title I had given the post when starting in no way came close to describing the content. I don’t even title the post any more until I see what I have written. Occasionally I forget that and a post goes up untitled, not that it makes any difference.
I have more to say but have tired myself out. Back some where at the beginning of the blog I am sure I must have posted of how I was guided to even start the blog Will try to get into that another day
There fore do I at times believe I am a messenger from God? Yes, I do but no more than I believe is each and every other person in this world

3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Am I God’s Messenger

  1. Mel says:

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    Oh wouldn’t the world benefit from ME stopping to pause and pray before opening my mouth of putting fingers to keyboard! LOL True! I can forget that ‘pause’ and create a mess in a heartbeat. But there’s always that choice of how I’m going to respond/deal with the situation/person/thing.

    I think we’re of like minds on this one–we’re all children/messengers of G-d and we each have something we’re accomplishing, whether we acknowledge that or not. And I’ve got this internal deal goin’ on that says ‘maybe you’ll get it RIGHT this time’. LOL I’m not sure if that’s me interjecting that, or if it’s a nudge–but I do know that I have the ability to hurt or heal. I spent some time on the ‘hurt’ side–‘heal’ is much more fun! And much more personally satisfying/rewarding.

    Free will gives me a choice, every day. And every day, moment by moment I get to choose how I’m going to use the circumstance in front of me. I hope, because of the nudge I just got HERE–that I choose wisely and land on the ‘heal’ side.
    Have a blessed day, sir.
    Mel, you are so right on. We are all messengers of God. We deliver that message with every kind word and every smile we share We can never under estimate the power we have to affect the lives of others through words or even the simplest or smallest of action. That very same will apply to words left unspoken or actions not taken

  2. Jackie says:

    Bill, I agree we are all here for a purpose and that purpose may be completely unknown to us until we pass back into the spirit realm. However, I don’t agree that you are not special. We all are. It is your purpose that makes you special. Maybe your purpose is to share what you know with those you will never meet?

    Enjoy your specialness, I certainly enjoy mine 🙂

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