Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Thank You

For more than a week now I have been seeking the words with which to respond to the so loving and wonderfully supportive comments left for me. A Question had been posted asking if I felt the blog was actually making a difference or was it in fact more like reading a book. Each post representing a chapter in the book. It is read, put down and life goes on as normal. I really had never given that any thought. Now I most certainly can’t say I fretted or stewed about it but I did give it thought as I do each and every comment posted.

I have come to a realization within myself. At some level within me I am more aware of what I am gaining through all of this. As I am sitting here a thought hit me. I am not sure when it was quite some time back a comment was posted asking what sort of scam I am running here. I just have to laugh. By my definition of a scam I should be gaining in some way be it financially or materially and in that way I have gained nothing, want nothing and am looking for nothing.
That though is not to say I have not gained tremendously as that I have. I have gained through the friendships and all the loving support I have found here. In my mind I am way ahead of the game. Those comments are but an example of the kindness and loving support I have received. I am so humbled by what I read.
Each is so supportive but is also touching and heart warming and deserving of a lengthy personal response. I just can’t seem to find the words that come any where close to expressing the feelings with in my heart. I have tried but each time found myself like going in a circle saying thank you in different ways just using different words to say the same thing. Sort of in the same way I am starting to do here.
For each comment I am going to reply with a simple thank you but please do know that those simple words don’t even begin to express my feelings

7 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Thank You

  1. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill … your blog will be here and thus your words, thoughts and concepts, for the future … and

    We have these ideas absorbed into our minds … a smile, a simple thank you are more than enough for many of us … those I had from my mother and uncle – enough …. no energy expended, but thought-contact made … the same with you.

    We appreciate what you’re doing, otherwise we wouldn’t come by – and life at times can mean we pass by … but we’re here ..

    Keep warm and comfortable .. Hilary
    Hilary I do thank you so very much

  2. Beatrice says:

    You know Bill,you hit the Jackpot with your Blog.Better than any amount of money anyone could ever hope for.This is why we are here on Earth,to love and help each other any way possible.Not only are you helping yourself with this Blog but thousends of others around the world that are afraid of dying and full of anxiety.Thats why God has chosen you Bill through your Tribulation to write and help others all these years.What an awesome way God is using you to bring out the love and kindness in other people and what could be more awesome than what God has led you to do!!
    God Bless
    Hi Beatrice, this means a lot to me. Sorry we missed out on the video chat and I do hope we can set it up for sometime this week.

  3. souldipper says:

    The healing effect of people touching each other’s lives needs no explanation, Bill. Love, to whatever degree or in whatever form, needs no defence. It simply is. It runs in both directions.

    Your sincerity shines through. None of us know how or who you touch. You just DO.
    I do thank you so very much

  4. Beatrice says:

    I,am asking for lots of prayers for a young Mother who has a tumor in her lung that can not be operated on.Please join me in prayers to lift her up. Thank you so much!
    Beatrice, this young mother and family are in my prayers

  5. Mel says:

    First, I want you to know that I really do trust your motives are ‘pure’ here. I’m surprised such a comment was even made (though, yaknow, it takes all kinds to make the world happen). I’d suggest you not let that one comment live rent free in your brain–it appears to be hangin’ ’round and I’d just as soon you dismiss it! :-/

    Second–I agree with Souldipper…….200%. Love needs no defense. It simply is. And we don’t get to know who/why souls get touched….we just get to trust that they do. And celebrate when one or two let you know. And frankly, you’ve had more than a few let you know–that’s the stuff I’d encourage you to live and thrive in your head, yaknow?
    (((((((( Bill )))))))))

    And I like what Hillary shared–the ‘thank you’ isn’t really necessary. It’s felt already.

  6. Cat says:

    Bill, I was just participating in a discussion on another blog the other day about whether or not it’s silly to get emotionally invested in the blogs we read and the people who write them. Pretty much everyone who commented agreed that it’s not silly at all. We care about the friends we make online, even if there’s little chance we’ll ever meet them in person. We get to know each other through words typed on a screen, and my online friends enrich my life just as much as my face-to-face friends do.

    I think it’s fantastic that your blog has brought you so many friends who care about you so much, and that it’s also given so much comfort to so many people.

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