Dying Man’s Daily Journal

I am feeling very taken back both humbled and amazed at all of the loving support shown to me here on the blog. When I first started never in my wildest dreams did I even dare to imagine it would all turn out as wonderfully as it has and it is all do to you my treasured blogging friends.

What does this all so clearly demonstrate, the power of simple words.Think about it, I just sit here and share my thoughts and feelings of the moment. Nothing more than that, I don’t preplan, edit or even proof read. I do try to remember the spell checker. I do want the messages to be from the heart and I think if I started editing and all of that, my human mind may take over and change the content. I am not sure that even makes sense but hey that is my thought on it.
I have felt, experienced the powerful impact of words. I feel it every time I read one of the comments left here.
What does that so clearly point out. We all have the power of those words, we just possibly need to become more open with sharing them.
Again, think about it the use of words or possibly lack of them has made the world what it is today. It is that same use of words that WILL change it.
I ask all please, I know, I have felt the loving support in your words and it is amazing and uplifting. Please don’t just share them with me. Spread them around and make our world shine.


2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal

  1. Mel says:

    ((((((((( Bill )))))))))))

    Thinkin’ of ya and hoping for a ‘feeling better’ kinda day, sir.

    And I do agree with what you’ve shared here.
    We need more love.

    I can feel a song coming! LOL
    Don’t worry–I won’t burst out, loud and off key……could(!)…but won’t…….

    Hey Mel, I am feeling better, thank you. How is your leg? Don’t say looking good as I am sure it is

  2. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill .. that care and thought you give us rings true across the airwaves … the support we receive via the blogosphere always amazes me. I’m through my trials and tribulations … but I like to keep in touch with other friends and I blog on …

    Non-bloggers don’t seem to realise the support us lot can get from the net and we’re normal everyday people, dealing with our own worlds … yours is just slightly different – but one we all need to hear about and understand …

    Life is Quite So .. at times … so, when you can, keep on posting – short and sweet, or heart thoughts …

    Have a good weekend with Val … and I see above you’re feeling easier … cheers Hilary
    Thank you

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