Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Violence against Women

There are things in this world that just make me sigh, shake my head in wonder. This world of ours is filled with such wonders such beauty and then there is the other side of the coin.

I am just reading our newspaper the Winnipeg Free Press, an article by Mia Rabson. Her article is titled: Why should women fight assault alone?

What an excellent and thought provoking question. My info here comes from her article.

International Women’s Day was last week. There was a large meeting at the U.N. to discuss the status of women. Here is a direct quote from the article: “according to the head of the U.N.’s Commission on the status of Women, 40 per cent of women will be raped, beaten , abused or mutilated in their lifetime. In some countries, the figure edges upwards of 70 per cent. And one in three girls born in developing countries are destined to become child brides.”

Reading that just blew my mind. It leaves me feeling stunned or something. How could this be happening? Now I am not naive and have known this is a problem but to this extent. I am speechless.

Apparently last year at this annual meeting on the status of women, Canada made a suggestion that wasn’t warmly received. We are putting a lot into programs teaching women how to protect themselves, avoiding bad situations, how to get out of bad situations…….. That is all wonderful and should continue. Canada’s suggestion was that we should be also looking into something directed towards teaching men basically not to be abusers. now to me at a quick glance that idea sounds crazy. I mean shouldn’t just plain old common sense tell men that. Obviously that level of common sense is absent in a larger than I imagined per centage of the male population. This year Canada made that same recommendation and it has been much more warmly received. I am not sure what sort of programs can be developed through this but I certainly wish them every success.

I may have said this before (memory guy) but I really do believe no MAN has ever abused a woman. For that you have to understand my definition of a man. A man will respect, protect and support all females. Simple as that, no exceptions for any reason. Sadly, society seems to recognize a male as being a man based simply on age and size, neither of which qualify a male as being a man. The world seems to be full of over aged, over sized delinquent bullies masquerading as men but they are not. Comments thoughts please. Can you tell I am fired up?


3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Violence against Women

  1. Dan says:

    Bill you are a good person and I hope that the World will become a better,less brutal place for Women but there is nothing you can do about it and you should not worry over it. Change that which you can and pray for all the others. Worry and stress is not good for you.

    Hi Dan, thank you for the comment. Stress is something I know I have to avoid at all cost and have become pretty good at not taking it on. I don’t allow myself to get stressed over such issues. At the same time though that does not mean I have to like or agree with everything. Can I do anything about it possibly not but who knows unless I at least try. In the annual report put out by wordpress the administrators of these blogs says my blog was read in 145 different countries last year. The power of simple words is an awesome thing. If I can reach even one person male or female in a positive way it is worth it.
    Thank you for the good person comment, I am sure the same applies to you

  2. Mel says:

    Gotta love Dan for caring about you.
    And you’re right, the numbers are scary. I’m glad your passionate self still speaks LOUDLY. No, I don’t want you stressing yourself out, physically–but being heard and using your voice is a good thing. (((( Bill ))))))
    (413,756 hits)

  3. Cat says:

    I am all for teaching everyone – not just boys and men, but everyone – not to be abusers. It should start from an early age and continue with age-appropriate additions down the line. Don’t touch other people without their consent. If someone tells you to leave them alone and stop bothering them, listen. If you see a woman who has had too much to drink, help her get home safely. Do not take advantage of her. If you see someone being harassed or abused, do something to help (whether stepping in personally, alerting authorities, or whatever you feel safest doing – just don’t do nothing). Etc.

    The onus shouldn’t be on women to protect themselves; it should be on each individual not to harm anyone else. Of course we should all be taught common-sense safety measures, as well, but I really agree that the focus needs to be on not harming others in the first place.

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