Dying Man’s Daily journal – Acts of Kindness

Is it strange but it seems most of my fantasy bucket list pertains to the blog. I guess that shows how important it has become to me. OK, I am a guy and as it is a fantasy list, well I won’t mention what Jennifer Love Hewett is doing on the list.

Anyone that has followed the blog for any time knows I am not shy about asking for gifts. Now I am not talking about what you might think of as your traditional gifts. In fact I have never gained anything of that sort through the blog. No, I ask for something of yours that is far more precious than any amount of money can buy.

I ask for some of your time. How much time? Five minutes a week. Now I don’t care how busy we feel we may be, surely we can all find five minutes a week. OK, what am I asking you to do with this 5 minutes. Actively look for an act of kindness that could be done for someone else, anyone else. Who it is doesn’t matter, what the act of kindness is doesn’t matter, be it big or small. All that matters is that those precious 5 minutes are spent looking and then doing.

At the top of this post you will see a row of titles spread across the page a all are different pages I have set up with and as part of the blog. Please click on the page titled  Spirit within Me. My wish would be to have that page explode with activity


One Response to Dying Man’s Daily journal – Acts of Kindness

  1. hlclife says:

    I also honor this thread and will not give my personal view of life after death. As a hospice nurse for many years I offer thiis:
    There is a space between being who we are in this life and the next.

    In this transitional physical, temporal, psychological space– the person seems to turn away from this life to enter the next, or sometimes turns/re-enters the past. This is true of believers and skeptics. There is some research in this area…believers will understand this from their faith, skeptics from their world view of natural processes.

    Whatever happens at the time of death and transition to the next world, if anything else comes after….it is intensively personal for each of us.
    I thank you for sharing this. We all do have our own personal views and beliefs that we carry with us through out life and on to this last leg of the journey. Based on those beliefs then you are right it becomes a very personal and private time as no two people are going to think exactly the same and will there fore not approach it in exactly the same way. Because it is so private and personal could that help to contribute to the loneliness felt by so many?

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