Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Chat room efforts

I am doing well, just very tired no energy. Hey, that means I get to do what I enjoy most, laying around. Huh, I guess that being the case I have nothing to complain about. Being able to do that all day may well make me the envy of many.

I have been spending some time looking for a chat room dedicated to the terminally ill but am not really finding what I am looking for. A big thank you to Mel for leading me to several different sites. All had chat rooms dedicated to those with various different illnesses and ailments. I am sure they provide wonderful comfort to those with that particular need. I entered various chat rooms but all were empty at the time. I found contact information for the administrators of each site and emailed them about setting up our room but none have replied.

Now the way I look at it if you are going to do something you might as well go big. I sent an email to the World Health Organization again no response to date.

While surfing the web it found different sites that would have been what I was looking for but they all seemed to have long since been abandoned.

I did though come across http://www.virtualhospice.ca . Currently they do have chat rooms for those with various diseases. Sort of meeting places to gather as almost a self help support group. Like minded individuals that can understand where the other is coming from. They are currently conducting a survey of other chat rooms or services that could be added to their program. Naturally, I made my suggestion. Hospice is truly a wonderful organization, if they were to take this on it would be wonderful. I ask all to please click on their site. Now you will have to give an email address but it is a safe site. Go to forums and suggest the addition of a chat room dedicated to the terminally ill

5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Chat room efforts

  1. Mel says:

    ((( Bill ))) You’ve been busy, even if from the inclined position! Wow… You found pretty much what I found. Traffic is probably the issue on those sites that have been abandoned–or newer technology, maybe. I don’t think ‘chat’ is used as often as it was once upon a time. Even the larger sites (Yahoo) have closed their chat sites and advised people to set up their own with an ‘instant messenger’ system.
    Maybe one of those empty/abandoned places would welcome being revived? I’ll hope you hear from someone–it’s disheartening and sad to know that options are so limited for the terminally ill. Maybe there’s another medium that we don’t know about? (read that as: I’ll ask the young ones…LOL)

    What a lovely site the Virtual Hospice folks have. And try as I might, I didn’t locate ‘chat’–except for educational purposes for the hospice workers. I did locate the forum and I’ll go back to question the availability for chat rooms for the terminally ill. Nothing ventured, nothing gained/lost, eh?
    I don’t think folks understand the need….and it appears to be so willy-nilly, the services that are available, that folks who ARE in need and have a desire….wouldn’t be able to locate what was there if it existed. Maybe that’s why sites are abandoned, huh?

    Keep your feet up (I am!…….LOL) and keep your chin up. Perseverance pays off! 🙂
    Hey Mel, I am not all that familiar with chat rooms or obviously new technology. You could be right possibly they have evolved into something new. Any info you can get is as always appreciated. Isn’t it a great site, such wonderful information. I am going to try and go back to see that spot on their site

  2. Jackie says:

    Bill, I have just stumbled onto your site and this post in particular. You are right, there are very few chat rooms out there for those that are in your position. I have a private one on my site for my clients. I coach those who are terminally ill to have a positive end of life experience. I want people to find some peace and joy at the end of their lives. Thank you for being willing and open to put this out on the web. I am sure you are touching a lot of people you don’t even know about.

    Peace and Joy
    Hi Jackie and welcome. With your training and experience I am sure you can provide both great comfort and information to many here on the blog. I do hope you will return and share with us all. I will maybe be seeing you on your site

  3. Barbarah Toth says:

    I have been looking for a chat room, too. No luck. Those I can find I cannot seem to figure out. Can we just message each other?

    Certainly we can message. If our interests are the same possibly we can figure out the chat room. Email on the way

  4. Derek says:

    I am 35 i have a blood clot in my liver pre cancerous cells bleeding ulcers and a weak heart and no one to confide in or understands my feeling that death is knocking at my door. The year is half over that gives me 2.5 years at most. :(… Plz somebody listen

    Hi Derek, so sorry to hear of all you are going through. I am here, I am listening to what ever you may want to tell me. With everything you have going on, I am sure you need to vent, talk or what ever. Please write back

  5. lypenner says:

    Hi Bill. Just popping in to say hi to you and Vi. Hope you’re able to get out on the front porch to enjoy the lovely June day today. No doubt Vi’s flowers are gracing the front yard again. Thinking of you both, and sending a few prayers on the wing for you both.

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