Dying Man’s Daily Journal – life carries on

By my standards but was a pretty busy week. Louise a childhood friend of Vi’s spent the past week with us. She had knee replacement surgery last fall. She is still having a lot of problems with it and was in town to see the specialists. It was our pleasure to be able to extend our hospitality during her stay.

In my last post I wrote requesting prayers Karen, Amanda and family as Karen was just admitted to the Cancer Care hospital and I do ask that those prayers continue. I suppose it would be best described as we are in a wait and see mode as to what if any thing we should or could be doing. I don’t know Karen at all and I believe I have met Amanda once, we are strangers. I really don’t know anything about cancer treatments other than they are really not pleasant. While in the midst of that do you really want a stranger showing up. I can only speak for myself but I know when I am not feeling well I would prefer to be alone. Have made it loud and clear, we are on call 24/7 for anything that may be needed.

Vi left for Thompson yesterday. She will be spending a week visiting daughter Lynelle, hubby Jason and grand kids Sadie and Seth. It has been asked why would she be leaving town when my health is in such a precarious position. Well there are a couple of what I consider to be very good reasons.

It will be very good for her to get away from all the worry and stress arround here. There are a number of life issues going on above and beyond me and my health. In that regard I am doing my best to be supportive and reassuring but words from the doctor seem to carry more weight than do mine, when it comes to that sort of stuff. Go figure.

Something that has been very important to me right from the beginning of this journey is that she not miss out on living her life, enjoying her life because I am a “gimp”. I may be moving a lot slower and have a lot less energy but I can still manage around the house. I wear one of those life line pendants around my neck, where by one push of a button and an ambulance is on the way. I am safe and secure with that.

A really big one for me is, I need to as much as possible maintain a degree of normalcy. I understand and accept that a heart attack or stroke is indeed looming on the horizon. It could be today or it could be tomorrow, nest week or I am hoping at least a year or two down the line. The way my chest is feeling, well what can I say. Through this time, I can’s think of anything that would be more depressing than having everyone just sitting around looking at me waiting for it to happen.

Hey, this means I get to live the wild bachelor life for a week. Now that is my story and I am sticking to it. Geesh, just thinking and realize about as wild as my bachelor life will be, is eating lunch while laying on the bed watching TV. Huh, just thinking I do that already. I guess so much for the wild bachelor life.

I appreciate all the loving comments being left. I do read and treasure each one. In the next few days I hope to be responding to all.


4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – life carries on

  1. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill .. sounds a very sensible and sensitive take on life – and you’re both so generous with your time … looking after Amanda as best you can while Karen is in hospital, and then Louise …

    Normalcy is proceeding isn’t it – good for you … with thoughts – Hilary

  2. Mel says:

    Oh yeahhhhhh…….wild and crazy bachelor times for you!! 😉

    I understand the fear folks have. I also understand the need for normalcy and not cheating each other out of living life and having solo time/visiting time. You’re set, you’re comfortable with it–sounds sensible and sensitive to each of you, as Hilary pointed out.

    I do hope Vi has a lovely time of it with the family. How could she not with grandkiddos around to enjoy and a daughter to hug. And you—too, sir…….enjoy the gift that you’re handing to everyone, yourself included.

    Hey Mel, yup pretty wild times going on around here. I have to sort of chuckle thinking of how much life has changed. If I was in my 20’s and a true bachelor, I would have torn up the town. Now I still drink as much as I did back then, it is just the beverages have changed. Beer has become coffee and whiskey has been replaced with tea. If I am really feeling wild, I might have an herbal tea.
    To me it is important to maintain as much normalcy as possible. To really live life, I need that

  3. lypenner says:

    I think that’s a good perspective you’ve taken with you and Vi – that she (and you) live life as normally as possible. When “the illness” becomes centre, life becomes dull and worrisome. Far better to fill the heart with loved ones and the hopes you are stoking for your “fantasy bucket list” (some really good thoughts and wishes going on there). It reminds me of my struggles with headaches over the years, I decided once that I would try as best as I could to still enjoy what I could. So for instance, I would still try to stay in touch with people, go for supper, do fun stuff as much as I could. Years later, I still think it’s good advice. So I pray for you that the fears of the future might not grip your heart too tightly, and that love will trump it all. Blessings to Vi on her trip. Oh my this has become a long comment! I think I just may be giving Mel a run for her money 🙂
    Hi Lydia, I hope the head aches are better. Good for you in dealing with them in the best way you could. Some times we are not dealt the best cards (not as we would like them to be) in the game of life. We get what we are dealt and it is up to us to play them as best we can. Good for you.
    I was poking through my draft posts and came across one about you and your wonderful act of kindness. Will finish it and get it up in the next day or so

    • lypenner says:

      Thanks Bill! I ran past that bus stop today (of my small act of kindness) and was still thinking about it today! My headaches have actually been better lately. It seems when I pay some attention to my feelings (not just other people’s feelings) and pray about them, they seem to get better. This is in the works for my next blog post! Thanks for the encouragement
      Hi Lydia, so glad to hear the headaches are better. Today or tomorrow I will be getting up the post about your wonderful act of kindness to me it was both inspirational and so heart warming.

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