Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Fantasy Bucket List

I have long had a bucket list. I have been able to empty it at least twice. I am content with that as I have reached the point where I am struggling to come up with realist wishes to put into it. That leaves me with my fantasy bucket list. Now I have been thinking and realize these items are pretty much beyond my control which is why they are on the fantasy list. I realize though there are a few that I can at least take a shot at it, like nothing ventured nothing gained.

My fantasy bucket list:

1. Regain health and live another 25 years. Well I have to accept that one is beyond my control.  I am comfortable knowing that is in the hands of our Heavenly Father, I can still hope.

2. Win the lottery. Now I do know I could help my chances out here by at least buying a ticket now and again.

The next few relate right here to my dear blog. Are they attainable, I don’t know. Are they a stretch, for sure or they wouldn’t be on the fantasy  attainable ??????

3.Reach 500,000 hits.

4. Reach the 10,000 comments mark.

5. The annal report sent out by the web site showed in 2012 the blog had been read in 145 different countries. Apparently there are 195 different countries or independent states in the world. How would i reach that other 50 I don’t know but wouldn’t that be fantastic to know it had been read in every country in the world.

6. Have at least one comment left by at least one member of all of the different faiths and religions of the world. Dying is not just a Christian thing, this site is not intended to be strictly a Christian site. I think for this one I would have to be satisfied with someone from the major Faiths.

7. Meet in person for coffee of something at least 10 of you my blogging friends.

Obviously I am going to need a lot of your help with this. Suggestions, thoughts please


8 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Fantasy Bucket List

  1. Beatrice says:

    Well with no:7 you could meet many many people by Skype or with the IPad face to face. My Hubby got me an Ipad and now I can be [even tho not in person] but I can see and be there with them thru Video talk.Thank you Jesus for this little invention.!!!
    If this was my Blog, I would ask my friend and family to keep this Blog going even after I went to heaven! It would be an awesome thing to do.Just think you can be the Founder of a place where people can come and tell their stories and get feedback.

    Winning the Lottery belive it or not is not something that is important to me.To much money brings nothing but misery most of the time.I would help abused children and animals if that were ever happen to me.

    Well have a great week ahead everyone and God Bless

    hi Beatrice, you have a very good idea there. I have the I Pod as do you with which we could meet face to face so to say, or there is Skype. I will be in touch by email maybe we can set up a time.


  2. rangewriter says:

    Afraid I’m too far away to meet you for coffee, but I’m not Christian, so maybe I help on that one. What am I? That’s a tough one, but somewhere between atheist/agnostic. You are very correct. This blog of yours crosses the boundaries of religious dogma.

    Thank you, while my beliefs are along the Christian line, it has never been my intent that this would be seen as a Christian only site or anything of the sort. All faiths, cultures or nationalities Everyone is welcome with no exceptions. I am always interested in hearing the different view of others. All would be welcome in a warm and non judgemental way. Open honest discussion promotes greater understanding, something this world is greatly short of today.

  3. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill .. I hope many will be achieved .. you offer a really good and informative aspect on life … something that I know I wouldn’t appreciate had I not been close and with my uncle and mother during their last years, months, days and hours …

    I sincerely hope people will take the time to understand and to comprehend, to ask questions of others … to be prepared when the caring time, or that time at end of life comes for them.

    your next post – probably is your best idea … with many thoughts – Hilary

    Thanks Hilary. I am sure it was difficult at the time being with with your mother and uncle. Through that experience I would imagine you have learned and grown. You are right we need to be able to become more open to discussing these topics to be prepared

  4. Mel says:

    409,430 hits

    You KNOW I’m tracking this for a reason.
    I think at 500,000 we’ll need a party!
    I like lasagna.
    Just sayin’… 😉

    Wow–10,000 comments on the bucket list. That’d be AWESOME. (oh, please don’t let me get some hair-brain idea to start submitting comments like crazy!! LOL JUST did!…..won’t….but I DID have the thought and figured confessing would be a good thing…..oy…)

    Actually, Bill–all kidding aside–I’m basking in knowing several things on that list of yours have already been accomplished. I remain humbled that the Big Guy would grace you with so much love, yaknow? Amazing…….

    And Beatrice had a good idea on Skype–couple that with the chatroom–you’ve got an awesome idea going on! Now, how to make that materialize–I’m not sure. But I’d be willing to do some investigating to see what’s out there and help that way if you like.
    There’s got to be some resource for chatroom’s that are cost free. I just don’t know where. Or maybe it’s about partnering with an existing site that has a chatroom already? Again–dunno where that is and what that would need to look like. *sigh* I’m not knowledgeable about those sorts of things…..

    I do know that I’m extremely grateful for the iPod! It makes your life easier (k…so there’s a learning curve that comes with it….) AND…..no more steps to the basement!

  5. I’ll my part to help with the hits and comments 🙂
    Thank you I appreciate it

  6. Kim says:

    I love your list. I’m new to your blog, and I love the realness of it. I really pray you get to achieve many items on that list of yours! You and your family are now forever in my prayers. Hugs, Kim

    Welcome to the blog Kim. I do thank you for your kind words and hope to hear more from you in the future

  7. flaminpen says:

    I just thought to create a bucket list today, and a web search led me to your list. Since one of the things on my list is to help another person achieve their bucket list, I will do what I can to help. This may be your first hit from Kenya? If so, then I have already started helping.
    Thank you and welcome Kenya. I hope to hear more from you. Your goal is admirable good luck with it.

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