Dying Man’s Daily Journal – wonders of blogging

I just read a comment by our blogging friend Hilary. She commented on the joys and benefits of blogging. I am so in agreement with what she said. This blog has been such a blessing to/for me. I have learned so much, grown so much as a person. It truly has helped keep me going. many a day it has been reason I have dragged my lazy butt out of bed.
Wanting to see who has written in and what they had to say.

Over the course of time I have been blessed to meet so many people. some just pop in for a short visit and are gone. I can only hope they found at least some small thing that may have provided comfort or what ever they needed at the time. Others hang around our little community here for a little longer before going on their way. Then there are those that continue to return and have come to make up our little blogging family. You can’t imagine how much you all mean to me.

People have shared stories that I believe are truly inspirational. Many have shared thoughts and feelings, provided loving support for any and all that have come here in need of support. I am so proud of and grateful to every one that has played a part in making the blog what it is. I am just stunned over 400,000 hits and read in 145 different countries. i really am at a lose for words.

Now has this always been easy? No it hasn’t! People have shared their inner most thoughts and feelings in times of great sorrow, pain and grief. I try my best to respond to those comments as best I can. I am not a doctor, therapist or man of the clergy, I am just plain old me. What is the best way to reply to those comments? I don’t know. your best is all that you can do adn that is what I try to give each comment. Most of those pain filled comments I try to follow up with an email. many of those result in regular correspondence back and forth. It seems many, and I can understand why, are more comfortable talking one on one as opposed to over the blog for all to see. Any email chat NEVER gets to the blog.

It may be asked, well if it is hard, why do you do it? To try to help people, if I can even temporarily ease their burden even for just a few moments then it is all worth it.

I am not sure how to word this. Some how it is like I feel honored that people would share those deepest thoughts and feelings with me/us. As we are nearing our end time takes on a while new meaning. It becomes so very much more precious to us. When someone realizes the value of that precious time, how can you not feel honored that they would choose to spend some of it with you.

I could ramble on in my usual “Bill” style but I am just to tired today, maybe later.

4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – wonders of blogging

  1. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill – appreciate you acknowledging my comment with a whole post … I have just found blogging extraordinary … and beneficial …

    There’s a young lad I blog with who has cancer and quite honestly he shows us all what life is about – he was advised by his doctor to start a blog as he like writing … met a wonderful author lady and they and us have been ‘mates’ ever since …

    It’s difficult to put over to those non-interested parties .. ie they don’t think they’re interested because they can’t ‘see’ it …

    I’ve been lucky with my blogging – and then there are those who offer so much – just being prepared to say what life is like .. and that helps so many of us understand …

    I do hope you have a little more energy as the 21st January comes into being in Canada … many thoughts – Hilary

    hi Hilary. Unless you have actually done it you can’t appreciate blogging. Would you consider sharing the blog site of the young man you mentioned. He sounds truly inspiratinal.

  2. rangewriter says:

    We are, at heart, social creatures. We crave company. The birth of a child is usually attended and celebrated by a community of family and close friends. We need that community to support us throughout the bumps in life and most especially as we approach that other end of life that is so frightening and yet so inevitable for each of us. Thanks for plugging away at keeping this community going, even when it is a physical struggle for you.

    Thank you. For me, I feel I need something to focus on, it helps keep me going. It is not always easy but is always so worth it. I can feel the loneliness that comes with this and I have strong support and yet I can still feel it.. The blog has been such a blessing as I reach out others reach back

  3. Mel says:

    (402,292 hits)

    I cannot say enough about the community here. And I can’t say enough about what YOU do, Bill.
    We’ve had some experiences that have been emotionally challenging, sad…….hard….. We’ve had losses to contend with, grieving to do…. And we’ve done that together, and privately, as we’ve needed to. People have been willing to put some very difficult times into black and white and offered them up. Sometimes asking and wanting someone to be connected to……sometimes just needing to put it somewhere, and choosing HERE to do it. I know a bit of how folks have extended themselves to be available for others. I don’t know of any greater privilege than when someone actually let’s us BE there for them. And I’m grateful we’re allowed to be in many, many cases. No one needs to go through things alone. Ever.

    We get to be here for others, over and over again — and you get to…… over and over again, here and privately. What greater gift is there to offer up than love, compassion, friendship, genuine care….
    The common factor in ALL of this–is YOU. I think I said it in an earlier comment. When you exude it, you draw it to you. And you’ve let us be your ‘little helpers’ along the way. (which I think is wayyy cool..LOL…..kinda makes ya like Santa Claus and we’re the elves!) (sorry….I was getting mushy so had to make a joke there!)

    Mel the Elf! I rather like that. ROFL
    I think BC and Hillary would look GREAT in little elf shoes!
    Just sayin’…..
    Mel, thank you such a wonderful comment. You have put so elequently into words all that I am feeling in my heart. It is a rare priviledge we have so often been granted. What can I say about our little community/family that has gathered here, I do feel humbled to be in such company.
    Now as for me being Santa Claus, now that thought has certainly never occurred to me before. Well, what do I say to that,hmmm. I then I most certainly do have the most wonderful bunch of elves. I think about it a little more and realize the elves fo all the work and Santa takes the credit. We might have something here.
    Thank you my friend.

  4. Nita says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing Bill.

    Thank you

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