Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Inspirational people

I am just sitting here and it is hard to describe what I am feeling. Blessed,  inspired, happy, grateful…..  That list could go on and on but I think it is enough to give the idea of how I am feeling.

On a personal not first I wish to thank Mark, way over there in England for all the hard work he is putting into tracking down all the family members. Thank you Mark, I appreciate as I do know do many others.

I really hope all do read the comments left here on the blog. If you limit yourself to my ramblings you are truly missing out. In the last bit there have been some truly wonderful and inspiring stories shared. I am left humbled and in awe, speechless.

Our human spirit we have sources of strength within us we are not even aware of. In times of crisis we can at times seem to tap into that energy source and accomplish things far beyond can be imagined.

This blog has been such a blessing to me. Through it I have met so many inspirational and heroic people. I thank all that share your stories with me, you are that blessing.

Through out the blog there are hundreds and hundreds of amazing people. Just to give a small example please go back to my last post. Read the comments and tell me you are not in awe.

8 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Inspirational people

  1. Anjali says:

    Dear Bill
    I’ve been following your blog for a month, and it’s been a truly inspiring experience. I’m a journalism student researching on palliative and hospice care for people who are terminally ill, and I was wondering if I could talk to you about this. thank you

    hi Anjali and welcome to the blog. I would be more than willing to chat with you, help you in anyway I can. Sending you an email with info on how to contact me.

  2. Mel says:

    Isn’t it amazing?!
    (and….401,671 hits)

    I think it goes back to ‘drawing what you exude’.
    ‘Here’ is a place that invites, encourages and embraces–how could we not get some amazing shares!

    Thank you for that, sir.
    And I hope today is filled with much light and love!

    Thank you Mel, and I hope you have the best day ever.

  3. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill .. I’m just glad I found you – as you put such a factual, down to earth thought process out there for us – that it’s so good to read – as well as something we can come back to. Giving us food for thought too …

    I’ve learnt so much from blogging – while blogging has taught me more than I’d have imagined .. while I posted about interesting/ historical aspects that my mother and uncle would relate to …

    … as one of the most important things for a visitor to an ill person is to have something of value to offer them … ie a conversation – a stimulating thought …

    Having found blogging I believe we are both very lucky in so many ways …

    So pleased you’re finding your relatives …. and Mark is proving so helpful – that’s great … I’m going to do the same for a patient up at the Nursing centre, who has no relatives …

    All the very best to you and Val – I think of you often … cheers Hilary

  4. Mark Lowe says:

    Hi Bill, Thanks for the thanks ,and thank you for opening my world to blogging never done it before ,it was just another place to leave a massage to try and make contact,and well as you no the responce,the friendship,the love shown by complete strangers is an inspiration to hold and carry it through my life makes you breath that bit deeper, walk that bit more upright ,makes you feel you have done something right as the song goes “what have you done today that makes you feel proud” reading these blogs makes me feel proud and finding you all feels the same so thank you Bill and all in blogland i feel humble to be amongst you cheers Mark

    Hey Mark so nice to hear from you as always. There are a lot of wonderful people that seem to hang around here, no doubt about that. Know you are very welcome.

    • Mel says:

      *laughing* I think we mighta converted him! 😉

      ((((((((((( Mark ))))))))))))))) (that’s a ‘virtual hug’ in case you were wondering!)
      I hope you like big ‘families’! Bills got all of US attached to him too, yaknow. 😉

  5. simplicianot says:

    I just want to wish everyone a happy week ahead and may God Bless us all.My prayers go out to everyone that you will be alright and if you feel you need to talk just let us help you with anything here on Bills Blog! bills Blog has been a Blessing to so many of us and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind to hear your problems to as we’ll as all of us. God Bless. Beatrice

    Hi Beatrice and thank you for the good wishes for the week ahead, may I extend the same wishes to any and all that may read this. You are right any and all are always welcome here. Be they here looking for support, to provide support for others of to even just say hello

    • Mel says:

      What a wonderful extension of love you offer up, Beatrice. In hard times, when lonely happens more frequently than it needs to, it’s good to offer blessings and a ear to bend.
      ((((((((( Beatrice)))))))))
      You rock!

      Blessings to you and yours–and I hope for an awesome week for you.

      • Beatrice says:

        Thank you much for your kind words Mel.I think God made Bill create this Blog to help not only himself but thousends of others.Bill and his Blog has made so much different and literally changed people minds about death and showing kindness and love to others.That is what we are all here for to begin with, to love eachother.Doesnt matter what color we are or if we are rich or poor.Thanks again Bill and thank you all that bring your stories and well wishes to this Blog! My prayers go out to everyone and guess what lol, its almost Friday again.Enjoy a peaceful weekend and may God Bless us all.
        Big hugs from across the miles

        hi Beatrice. I feel both humbled and flattered by so so kind words. I pray, I hope some have benefited from the blog, that it has provided some loving supprt, encouragement or just helped in any small way. I feel myself to be a very blessed man as many comments left here or emails recieved tell me that is what is happening.
        I like to consider this little spot in cyber space to be akin to a meeting place. A place where cyber friends meet and have become like a little cyber family or community, call it what you will. I am so proud of the little family we have evolved to become. All are welcome to join in and receive so much loving support and encouragement. I think about it an d what place could possibly be better.
        Now, I have never proclaimed myself to be anyone special as I certainly am not. How does that saying go something like” “the total is greater than the sum of all of its parts.” Meaning this has been and is a combined effort and has done far more than I alone could ever have. I thank you my friend you have become a big part of our community.

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