Dying Man’s Daily Journal – More blog blessings

I have to say I am pretty excited. It would appear I am going to be able to establish contact with  my mother’s side of my family. There is a long story, behind how we lost contact, much of which I don’t know or care about. Finally connecting is what is important . Strike off one more on the bucket list. This blog has truly blesses me in so very many ways. Here is but one more.  I had planned on writing much more today. I didn’t  have a restful night and need my nap. Hope to post more later

One Response to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – More blog blessings

  1. Mel says:

    I’m soooooooo excited for you, Bill. And for Vi. And for Mark and his family. How wonderful. And how amazing that it was your little piece of cyberspace that helped connect you.

    G-d’s timing is just so incredible. 🙂

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