Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Recongnizing quality of life

I didn’t get to the computer yesterday, to say I am feeling sick is an over statement. It is more just not feeling well, just off. I have read each of the wonderful comments I am grateful for each one and will be trying to get to respond to each in turn.

Went for blood work this morning. I am on what I am told is a high dose of blood thinners. Lab tech knows this and commented the blood would likely just geyser out. Obviously it came out but at an extremely low speed. He just said that is extremely surprising. Huh, don’t know what that means, likely nothing.

I saw in the comments mention of my positive attitude for which I do thank you. A positive attitude is very important and something I do work to maintain. When I say “work” to maintain I do mean work. I have my times when I really so struggle with maintaining it or often it would be better said regaining it. One of if not the most important thing I have learned on this journey is that we would all like to enjoy life,live it. i look back over my life and shake my head with sadness as I remember the times, I allowed myself to get bogged down in the day-to-day happenings. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Does it make sense it I say I now see the forest and just try to brush a few trees aside. Those trees that block my temporarily block my view. Notice, I said the trees that temporarily block my view.

I think of life as a journey. We all travel down the highway of life, our paths may be different but the ultimate destination is the say. As with any journey we are traveling forward. As with being on a high way we will at time encounter things that block our view maybe to the extent of being annoying. on a regular highway we quickly move past the things that block our view as it is with traveling the highway of life. We move past issues, sometimes in spite of ourselves we move on. We move past issues that sometimes we will even look back on and laugh wondering why we even bothered getting so upset.

I some how got on a ramble there and wonder if that make sense.

Am I trying to say I can just brush aside each and every little issue that may arise. Oh, I wish that were the case. Hey, I am just a regular guy and issues can hit me that send me into a tail spin. What I am learning and am becoming better at learning to prioritize things. Brush aside the trivial and see the others as but one tree in my forest of live. One tree does not a forest make. I have issues but they do not define the quality of my life. Am I able to live the life I would like to be able to? NO, but that doesn’t mean my life can’t be good and it is

2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Recongnizing quality of life

  1. Dorothy says:

    today while traveling from a doctors visit i found myself jamming down the highway just as you say dodging in and out of traffic to get a clearer view of the road ahead of me and i did find myself wondering what i was in such a hurry for,,the scenery was fantastic the mountains here in Oregon are a site to behold with the hew of clouds and fog drifting just over the tops,,but even in all of this “home” kept coming to mind,,so i wonder as a metaphor for what you are sayin as to sweeping all the things that block your view aside or moving past issues in spite of ourselves,,if we subconciously are just trying to make it home,,just some food for thought,,well for you to have good thoughts my friend,,:)

    i have read and re-read your comment. It has given me a lot of foo for thought. I had not thought of it in this way. I am thinking metaphorically. i beleive we are spiritual beings here for the physical experience of being human. Way down buried deep inside do we have the desire to return home. Very good point, I have to think more on that one. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Mel says:

    Oh wow–there’s a brilliant point, Dorothy. Maybe there’s that bit in all of us that hones in on Home.

    And good morning to you, sir!
    I’m one who’s guilty of rushing about, trying to get all the ‘stuff’ accomplished in a day that I can. I subscribe to the dreaded ‘more is better’ line of thinking. *sigh* Half of me is ‘okay’ with that–after all, I’m charged to make a difference in the lives of others…so ‘more’ tends to mean ‘more lives touched’. (400,777 hits by the way!)
    The other half of me understands, at least on a thinking level and sometimes on a heart level, that ‘even just ONE’ is a good thing.

    I know that ‘positive’ is work some moments. But truly, sir–I’m wowed by how you bounce back and refocus. I dare say that I can stay stuck in that pity party with the balloons and streamers and wanna eat my cake and have it too. Some how–and I know that’s how He works–He gets my attention and I’m back on track. I know it’s ‘human-ness’ to wander and flounder and while I don’t always like HOW He gets me back on track, I’m okay with it because of the end results.
    I can’t count the number of times I’ve landed here and had my attitude adjusted courtesy of the words on the screen (which I know are more than words!). And as a result of that, I’m able to ‘suck it up’ and move on to doing right things.

    So there–being able to go out and do GOOD–your fault! LOL

    Hoping you don’t mind being blamed for that one. 😉

    Here’s hoping today is more ‘on’ than ‘off’ for you!
    (((( Bill ))))

    Oh…..and how exciting that Mark popped into this little bit of cyberspace!
    That one just wows my socks off!! (–or ‘sock’ as it perchance happens to be at this moment in time…..LOL)

    Hey Mel, blame away I have broad shoulders. lol. you know from some of my writing, I do have my down times, I think that is just part of our natural human soul. i know it is natural, I know it will be happening to me over and over again, I don’t like it but just can’t seem to stop it. I am mindful of this and do try to “head off” that mind set when I can. If it is anything I think my bounce back/recovery time is improving.
    You keep reminding me of the number of hits. You remember me mentioning 500,000 hits is in my fantacy bucket list. I guess we will see.

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