Dying Man’s Daily Journal

I have been giving my current health situation a lot of thought of late. My thinking has always been that the next heart attack would be what puts me down. We all know a stroke is a possibility for any of us. Yet, somehow that thought never really registered in me. I seem to have lost part of my vision in my left eye and part of my hearing in my left ear and that sucks.

I have to put the positive spin on it and just be grateful, it could have been so very much worse. I am a lucky man, I know it and I do appreciate it. I do work at maintaining a positive attitude which is very important for me. It has helped me through a lot. I can even go so far as to say I do not think I would even be here today with out it.

Now I know I read this somewhere recently (memory guy) and I would definitely give due credit to the author if I could remember who it was and I extend my apologies.

“positive thinking requires positive doing. Now that is a very powerful statement.

This brings to mind a joke I heard:

“A terrible flood hits an area. Water levels are even reaching the roof tops of some homes.

Perched atop of one of those roof tops was a man praying with all of his heart for God to save him.

Along comes a canoe and he is offered a ride to safety. The man declines saying: “no thank you I have prayed for God to save me and He will.”

Water levels continue to rise and the man is forced to the very peak of the roof top. A speed boat comes along, offering him a ride to safety. Again he declines: “no thank you, I have prayed for God to save me and He will”

Water levels continue until the man is now standing on the peak of the roof with the water up to his neck. A helicopter comes but is sent away with the same response.

The man drowns. He gets to Heaven and meets with God. In a very disappointed way he asks God, what happened I prayed and prayed for you to save me yet I still died?

To which God replies: Give me a break, you have to meet me half way here. I sent a canoe, I sent a speed boat, I even sent a helicopter.”

OK, I know this is such an extreme example it is to the point being ridiculous but I hope it illustrates the point I am trying to make. I do believe that God answers all prayers. Some times for our own good the answer may seem to be a flat NO. I do not believe it is that cut and dry. We may get what we see as a no to our specific request which ultimately would prove to be for our own good. I have to think that prayers are often answered in ways that are better for us, just not in the specific form or way we asked. I need to think more on this, I ask you do the same. Has God ever sent you a canoe as a way out of things but as it was not specifically way we asked for, we failed to jump on board.

10 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal

  1. Beatrice says:

    Hi Bill, Since 2001 God has send his life Boat for me four times now and I’m so thankful to be here to enjoy my family.I believe all those prayers that was send my way at those times kept me alive and of course Gods willing to let me stay here even tho I can’t wait to finally meet my
    Father in Heaven.You are right Bill, a good attitude makes all the difference in the world specially when you have to give up a lot of your independence.It took me years to finally submit but only because I don’t have a choice anymore! But life is good and yes,it could be so much worse! God Bless us all Beatrice

    Hi Beatrice, I can so relate to all that you are saying. Accepting diminishing physical limitations, having to rely more and more on other is a bitter pill to swallow for me. That is the issue I struggle with the most. It has taken me a while but I have gradually been able to get much better at it. I have come to realize there may be factors in my life I do not really like but those factors are not my life only a small part of it.

  2. souldipper says:

    As with all of us, I am given more than I would dare ask. It seems as long as I feel gratitude, the need for asking is diminished. It must be ’cause walking in gratitude is walking with God.

    Hi, I really like that line “walking in gratitude is walking with God”. Now isn’t that so very true, something to remember and work at daily. Thank you

  3. BC says:

    “Has God ever sent you a canoe as a way out of things but as it was not specifically way we asked for, we failed to jump on board.”

    I hope not but I’d lay bets he has. Thank you for posting my favourite joke! I believe that life is a gift to be accepted gratefully with both hands… even if it looks like a dog pooh in a paper bag!


    I would be willing to bet we all have.

  4. rangewriter says:

    That’s a great parable. Your positive force amazes me over and over again. I believe you are alive through sheer force of will and positive thinking. I’m sure it’s exhausting. Don’t let up.

  5. Shirley says:

    “Has God ever sent you a canoe as a way out of things but as it was not specifically way we asked for, we failed to jump on board.” This parable reminds me of the verse about asking and receiving not because we pray amiss and – Yuuup, I’ve had many a canoe, speed boat, helicopter come into my life when I would have preferred a different mode of transversing a person, place, thing, situation, circumstance. Fortunately, I woke up a long time ago and learned to accept there is a difference between My Will and God’s Will, So I’ve pretty much lived my life making an effort to accept whatever comes, no matter how ugly it looks or how difficult it is to experience, as being God’s Will and, inasmuch as the way out seems to be the way though, I’ve gotten onboard. Sometimes that getting on board was done reluctantly, sometimes I was frightened as to where I was being taken, but I had faith, got on board and God hasn’t failed me yet. One of the tools that helped me to understand and have faith is a book by Hannah Hurdard called Hinds’ Feet on High Places. Have you heard of or read? http://www.amazon.com/Hinds-Feet-Places-Hannah-Hurdard/dp/1470184540

  6. Mel says:

    400,537 hits!!
    How about THEM apples!

    And true stuff, this being stubborn and hard headed and thinking I know what’s best for me. I whine about the silliest things because I just cannot see the bigger picture of what G-d has in the wings for me.
    Over and over and over again….. Now, granted, I’ve got a better ‘turn around’ time for the surrender to whatever’s in the works. But I do have those moments where I’m looking to the heavens and shaking my head at the circumstances. I just don’t have that ‘G-d vision’. And over and over again, I get on the other side and have to shake my head at ME.
    Darn good thing my G-d has a sense of humour cuz I’ve prayed for some strange things–things that I thought I wanted/needed in my life…and that I’m mighty grateful for that I didn’t get in the package I asked for.

    I adored what Shirley shared. And I really liked that book she mentioned. I should find it and read it again!

    Bill, you asked me in one of your comments if I’d share my story with folks–I’d say to you that every time I come here, I’m doing that.
    I think we all do —
    You promote it and encourage it…….that’s a huge part of how this community has become and remains such an awesome place for all of us.

    ((((((((( Bill )))))))))

  7. Mark Lowe says:

    Hi Bill, the more i read the more im taken in with your story,what an inspiration you are to a lot of people,you were the tree what grew into the forest ,reaching out and covering all parts of the world ,and some how ,uniteing all corners,with your look on life or death as you say. After doing a family tree we seem to be connected in England through your Mother and my Mother-in-law ,your cousin.Her father was your mothers Brother,for some reason ive been pushed in this direction to contact you may be Gods will or a boat we have jumped on who knows ,but theres a strong will there, just to say hi how ya doing ,and by all the blogs, you aint doing bad even with the circumstances you have been delt, you have touch so meny people ,with the upmost respect keep going strong
    Mark Lowe
    Leicester, England.

    Hi Mark, I don’t think you could understand how glad I am to hear from you. I have been trying to get in touch with my mother’s family for years. You mention it possibly being God’s will that you contact me and of how you have felt pushed in this direction. I have been praying for such contact. You are an answered prayer. Email will be out to you this evening or tomorrow for sure. I look forward to chatting with you and learning all about that side of the family

    • Mel says:

      OH my gosh! How cool is THAT?!

      G-d works in wondrous ways…….

      And welcome Mark–I’m glad you chased the connection.
      Wow–that is SOOOOOO cool!

      • Mark Lowe says:

        thanks for the welcome Mel , means alot to us all , what a treasure at the end was second to none, were all walking alittle bit high after reading the responces , thanks again

    • Mark Lowe says:

      Hi Bill, we wasent expecting that responce, let me tell you from us all it felt mighty fine, made Julies day that we have made contact ,”tear to her eye” we can safely say ,been chatting a fair bit today and shes still in shock as far as Julie was ,there was no family on her dads side ,now WOW this has blew the cob webs away looking forward all ready to are chats ,thanks for the reply and thanks to who ever done the pushing !
      cheers Mark, Lucy & Julie

      Hi Mark so nice to hear from you again. The excitement is just as real over on this side of the pond.. I sent you an email last evening. I would like to learn all about my family on that side. Hmm, I am just thinking. Finding out you are related to me, is that a good thing or the thing nightmares are made of. lol
      Hello to everyone

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