Dying man’s Daily journal – A beautiful and meaninful poem

I was poking around the blog and discovered I have 85 saved draft posts. I  saw a whole list of them on the screen and just picked this on at random. I am going to be checking into them further, I am sure a lot will just be deleted while others will be posted. Sorry I am unable to recall which blogging friend shared it with me. Here is that draft.


I received this poem from a dear blogging/cyber friend and want to share it.

I have a responsibility to those I love…
to be loving, patient, considerate, and kind;
to be loyal, respectful, and honest;
to be appreciative, encouraging, and comforting;
to share myself and care for myself;
to be the best possible “Me”.


I am not responsible for them…
not for their achievements, successes, or triumphs;
not for their joy, gratification, or fulfillment;
not for their defeats, failures, or disappointments;
not for their thoughts, choices, or mistakes.
And not for their suicide.

For had I been responsible this death would not have occurred.

~ Author Unknown


One Response to Dying man’s Daily journal – A beautiful and meaninful poem

  1. Mel says:

    (399,601 hits)

    Wow…….this one made me read twice.

    It’s got to be tough, not assuming some guilt and anger–part of the grief process. But to hang on to it and not move from it, would be debilitating for the survivors–which is why I like what’s written.

    85 drafts, huh?
    *laughing* I probably ought to check to see how many *I* have sitting in the wings.
    Gosh, I’m not even sure I know HOW to do that. 😉
    Hoping today’s a good day for you, sir!

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