Dying Man’s Daily Journal – What I have learned from blogging

Well, I am now 60 years old and qualify for a lot of seniors discounts, hum, hadn’t thought of that. Hey if I can get a discount on anything well I am all for that. I think it is generally assumed that with advancing years comes grerater wisdom, I think I must have been short changed on that one.

It is very seldom that I check the blog stats anymore, I not sure why but I did check them out a few days back. I was shocked to see it is zooming in on 400,000 hits. I was equally surprised to see there is now a map on the site and a list of the countries readers are from and you are from all over the world. I am thrilled and honored and am left speechless.

There is something well, I have always known but this experience has confirmed it so much more strongly in my mind. The world is just full of wonderful, kind and loving people . Here through the blog I have been honored to meet many of you. Each and every person that has visited the blog has made their own contribution in their own unique way and I thank you all.

When I say people are people, I mean that with no exceptions. Nothing changes that be it skin color, religion/faith, shape of the eyes, sex, culture……..

At any time (here comes a Bill statistic) about 90% of the populations are just regular good, honest caring and hard working people, doing their best to get through their day. About 5% are what I call Earth Angels, those that are willing to step up, go the extra mile to help another. I believe God delivers them to be at a particular time and place to do his work.

That leaves the remaining 5% with are just plain old jerks. These are the ones that we see, read about and hear about every day. Sadly the ones that seem to draw the most attention. They draw our attention so much so that often that we forget that other 95% being the vast majority of people.

We also often forget that the dividing lines between these groups is not carved in stone. Depending on the day, the situation or circumstance we regularly shift from one group to another. YES, that means that YOU (and I) have in the past and will in the future again find ourselves in that jerk group. It is oh so easy to see in others but so much harder in ourselves. I challenge you to sit back and honestly think about that.

Never forget the world IS FULL of wonderful people

Years ago right here on the blog I set up what I called a club, welcoming all to join. If there is anything about this blog that I would hope would continue and florish, this would be it. Please scroll back to the top of the page. Listed across the top you will see the names of other pages I have started. Please click on the one titled “Spirit within me”. Please read what it is about and join in.

9 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – What I have learned from blogging

  1. BC says:

    Great post, as usual and, as usual, very true.



  2. Dolores Meyer says:

    I learned a lot from you. Thank you

  3. Linda Paul says:

    Hey, Bill, you beat me by about 6 days. I’m right behind you, but my journey to get there has been decidedly easier than yours. Happy 60th!

  4. souldipper says:

    I’ve warmed up the 60s, Bill! They are grand. As one man said, “I now listen to what I’m told like a good gentleman; then I do exactly as I please.”

    Yep, the 60s are good!

  5. Mel says:


    I adore “Bill Statistics”. And I especially like that you reminded me that even though I like to think I’m in that 90-95% category……I can let myself flip in to the 5% of the ‘arseholes of the world’ at any given moment I choose. *laughing* And indeed…I can and do on occasion. Darnit that I’m ‘human’ and not perfect yet…..*sigh* I’ll keep pushing for that and wrapping my head around the humility that comes with being an imperfect human. I hear tell it’s good for me. 😛

    Isn’t it amazing, the visitors that come here. And aren’t the folks that keep coming back fantastic? It’s such a supportive ‘little’ community here.
    I suspect the ‘repeat offenders’ are much greater than you know–and bless the Dolores’ heart for revealing herself to let you know that’s bit’s true.

    You touch far more lives than you can imagine.
    And you do that in so many ways…..it’s hard to wrap your head around that some days, I’m sure.
    It’s that ripple effect that you’ve spoken to before.
    And through this medium, the ripple goes in so many directions and reaches so many people…….. It’s pretty mind blowing when you give it a bit of thought.

    395,883 ‘hits’ as of this morning, sir.

  6. Mel says:


    And I just stopped in to check on ya and wish you the grandest of times today!
    ((((((((((( Bill and Vi )))))))))))))

  7. Betty says:

    Bill – Wishing you, Vi, and your family a blessed Christmas.

  8. Mel says:

    (396,729 hits)



  9. lypenner says:

    Merry Christmas Bill and Vi!

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