Dying Man’s Daily Journal -Prayer request

How do I describe life around here this past while interesting, stressful, different…..

A lot has happened over the past couple of months. I have written of Vi’s mum Nellie passing. Vi is struggling but is coping with the grieving process. I am trying  to be as supportive as I can. There have been some issues rise that I know are causing us both to struggle.

I suppose the mere name of the blog would indicate that things will be coming to an end. I have been seeing a lot of specialists and well what can I say? None are optimistic beyond the very short term. Neurologist told me based on his past years of experience, with the plaque crystallization in my neck I am but 2 or 3 weeks from a major stroke.
Stroke  clinic would only say it is very serious and that I could be expecting to see a lot of them in the next few weeks.

Yesterday, The family doctor not known for his bed side manner, flat out said I have advanced to the point that there is really nothing more will be done. If I had but anyone of my conditions things would be different. I do have the several things that could really end my life at any moment. Do you treat one knowing it well may all be for naught. What was hardest about that was that Vi was sitting right there hearing it all. She has enough on her plate to deal with without worrying about me.

Please prayers for Vi and my family

13 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal -Prayer request

  1. Betty says:

    Bill, you can count on prayers for you, Vi, and your family. No one ever wants to hear this type of diagnosis, but Vi is your wife and she needs to know all the details regarding your state of health. If it was me I definitely would want to know and understand the situation. Bill lets pray and hope that the time lines given to you are not that near. Don’t ever give up hope. Thank you for keeping us on the blog informed. Hugs….((Bill, Vi & Family))

    thank you

  2. Jennie says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of your new health issues Bill. I hope you are feeling reasonably okay in spite of it all.

    Yes, one day will be your last, but you have already shown more resilience than any doctor had predicted. If my calculations are correct, tomorrow is your 60th birthday?

    You and Vi, and all your family are in my prayers. Take care my friend.

    Hi Jennie and thank you. Yes tomorrow is my birthday. I haven’t been very good this year at asking for gifts, so will look to Christmas for that

  3. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill … Happy Birthday for today – I’m glad Jennie mentioned it.

    You’re here and that’s a present for the now – I sure hope Christmas and New Year come and go for you to be with us …

    My thoughts for you both … your blog has been and will be a blessing for us all in years to come … for now – we appreciate your take on life … be at peace with Vi and enjoy each other’s life … hugs and best wishes for an easy time from England – Hilary

    hi Hilary, thank you so much

  4. Mel says:

    Happy Birthday, Bill!

    (((((((((( Bill ))))))))))))

    And yes–sending prayers.
    Not my words, but indeed I pray:

    O Lord, please forgive me for indulging my human fantasies, weaknesses and fears.
    Please forgive me for affirming the things that I do not want or am afraid to face.
    Forgive me for engaging in the trivial, dancing with negativity and for acting as if I can do things that you and I both know are beyond the scope of my abilities.
    Forgive me for pushing, struggling and, in more ways than I can name, puttimg my agenda ahead of your will.
    Forgive me for looking out there when I need to look within.
    Forgive me for saying one thing and doing another.
    Forgive me for asking for things when I have not expressed gratitude for what I have.
    Forgive me for the selfishness of demanding what I want and sometimes withholding my love and affection from you as I wait to get it.
    Forgive me, God, because at this moment I am having a very difficult time accepting.
    Please forgive me for not trusting Your love.

    I know that You’re already holding those of us who need it in abundance today.

    ((((((((((( Bill and Vi )))))))))))))

    Mel, I thank you so much the prayer is beautiful. I am copying it and it will be a part of my daily routine. Me, you have been with me, supporting me since just a couple of months after this journey started and I thank you my friend

  5. Kelly Urbine says:

    Nice prayer, Mel. I will pray for you and your family as you face this difficult time. All of us only have this moment; everything else is uncertain. Let’s be grateful for the moment and all its gifts.

    Thank you Kelly. You are so right this moment is the greatest gift we could hope for.

  6. Dolores Meyer says:

    Long time reader. First time writer. I am right now going to send your name to St. Jude Shrine. Patron Saint of hopeless cases. If anyone can help he can. Please don’t give up.

    Hi Dolores as a first time writter, welcome to the blog. I do appreciate the prayers and not to worry there is just no give up in me.

    • Mel says:

      What a sweetheart you are, Dolores–I’m glad you revealed yourself to us here….and grateful that you’ve called upon St. Jude to strengthen us.

      I had to laugh at Bill’s statement that there’s just ‘no give up in me’. 😉 Pretty sure we can attest to that one. I’m not even sure he HAS ears left. (Vi has to grab ’em on occasion! LOL)

      Peace be with you, Dolores. And thank you. We’ve always reminded Bill that he touches people’s lives, unaware. Your post was shining affirmation of just that.

  7. lypenner says:

    First Bill, a huge happy birthday to you.What a huge blessing that God granted your prayer to make it to 60. It’s amazing what love can do to the human heart and keep it ticking, surprising science.

    It’s funny, I’d forgotten it was your birthday and just today on CBC radio they were telling the story of a business who gave each of its 13 employees $100 to go and do something good for someone. It’s called the pay it forward initiative, and I thought of you, so I am thinking of what I will pull off this weekend 🙂

    I know that whatever time you (and all of us) have left, you (and we all) are in the heart of God and hugely loved and forgiven for any weakness, as Mel’s prayer said so beautifully. I will pray for you often. I remember the kind hospitality you and Vi showed me last Christmas. It’s so good you are sharing your story with us all with this latest difficult news, because I know that this invisible community can offer a huge support, making you strong even amid weakness. You are not alone. -Love, Lydia

    Hi Lydia and thank you for the kind encouraging words.. I love hearing stories about the acts of kindness. Please check your email as Vi and I would be delighted to have you pop over for coffee again at sometime over the Christmas season

  8. lypenner says:

    Oh, one more thing, if you and Vi and this blog’s community could also offer up a prayer for my (retired) co-worker and friend Wendy who is in the last stages of battling cancer. She is a dear soul.

    Our thoughts and prayers go to Wendy.

  9. Cat says:

    Happy birthday, Bill! I’m sending prayers for you and Vi, and I’m hoping these latest medical predictions will be about as accurate as those first ones were when you were told you had only two years at most!

    I know you appreciate acts of kindness done for others as your birthday gift, so in your honor this year I donated some money to a disabled woman who is also caring for a son who recently had a stroke, and who just had her life savings stolen by a fraudster.

    If anyone here would like to help, there is a petition to Bank of America asking them to restore her account since they are the ones who accepted and cashed checks forged on her account: http://signon.org/sign/tell-b-of-a-to-pay-this?source=s.icn.tw&r_by=435067 It has 677 signatures so far and the current goal is 750. There is also a link to a news story about it here: http://www.krdo.com/news/Woman-fights-bank-to-reclaim-stolen-money/-/417220/17689224/-/hd1fdkz/-/index.html

    lypenner, I will keep your friend Wendy in my prayers, as well.

  10. Amanda Smith says:

    Prayers for you and your family. Rememer God is still in the healing business. Im not very good with words but do know that you all will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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