Dying Man’s Daily Journal –

October 10, 2012

I put ou a short post a few days back about “do we Matter?” My answer to that is, yes we all matter and we all matter equally in God’s eyes. Will we be forgotten when we are gone. Of course we will. In but 2 or maybe 3 generations we will become just a name on someone’s family tree.

Some one suggested to me, “you have your blog on the internet. Anything on the internet is there forever. You will be remembered forever.”  OK, I don’t know how the internet works but let’s just assume he is correct and the blog does remain forever. Let’s assume someone stumbles on in say 100 years and reads a bit. With that they are not remembering me, just reading what some guy named Bill wrote, way back when. Seeing a name is not remembering me. I am fine with that.

The one thing each and every one of us do have in common is that at some point we are going to die. We are there for all dying just on a different time schedule. What is unique to each and every one of us is how we spend the time we do have here. We tend to take life to seriously and why, it is not like any of us are going to get out of it alive.

Live life while you can, do wait until health catches up with you.

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Earth Angels

October 5, 2012

Had what I suppose you would call excitement a few days back. I was up about 6:30am and while making coffee I could see out the back window that the garage door was open and the interior light was on. Out came my friend Mr. baseball bat and I did the “Bill run” to the garage. I seem to keep forgetting my physical limitations and when I think of it, it must have looked kind of funny.  First off my run is more like a moderate paced walk for most. It was obvious someone had broken into the garage. The garage is about 30 feet from the house and by the time I had finished that marathon dash I was so puffed out I had to sit down to catch my breath. But I had Mr bat at the ready. I catch my breath, go into the garage. No one was in there, but they had been. They had been in the car and had stolen our GPS and a pair of Vi’s glasses.

I phoned the police, filled the report and all that. Then I discovered that several of the garages of some of our neighbors had been spray painted with seemingly meaningless letters. I just don’t get it. Ours is a very nice neighborhood and things like this just don’t happen.

Now if the story ended here, it could be almost like a poor Vi and Bill, but this is really just the beginning.

How many times have I written that the world is just full of kind, good-hearted wonderful people. I have written of how I believe that at any point in time about 90% of the earths populations is made up of good, kind hard-working people, doing the best they can to live their lives in the best way they can. Another 5% of the population are what I call Earth Angels. By my definitions Earth Angels are those that you know will always be first in line to lend a helping hand where needed. They go above and beyond, see something that needs doing and just goes ahead and does it, even if it is beyond the scope of their immediate lives. Well, that leaves the remaining 5% which I just call the jerks. Now life is tricky as the lines between those “groups” can blur. Depending on the situation we can all jumping from grouping to grouping at any given time.

Now, I have said all of this before but there are some things that just can’t be repeated often enough. Earth Angels are everywhere. those that are willing to reach out of the little box in which we contain our own lives and extend a helping hand. They do this not because they have to but they want to.

Now this all has been brought to mind by the actions of 2 ladies that live here on our street.

I want to both acknowledge and thank them.

Now first there is Eda. About 5 or 6 years ago, Eda with anther lady Heather established a community watch program for our area. Now this is a gathering of neighbors to yes discuss problems in the area but even more importantly to discuss and implement plans to improve the neighborhood. It is amazing all that they have accomplished. Neighbors banding together for the betterment of all. These ladies didn’t have to step forward and set up this organization, there were no expectations of them, they just chose to do so as they saw a need and we willing to act on it. All I can say to that is great job and thank you, the  Robertson-Mynarski Residents Association has benefited us all greatly.

Now let’s go back to the break-in/theft. unknown to me at the time, another neighbor, Magda (the next morning) happened to pull out of her own garage, she could see the graffiti and realized there had been mischief going on. She was also observant enough to notice a small pile of ” booty” lying on the ground. Included in which was guess what? A GPS!!! She then even put forth a good effort to locate the owners of the items. This effort included contacting the Robertson-Mynarski Residents Association. Eda then sent out an email to all members. I get the email and am able to retrieve the GPS. We thank you Magda.

This just proves to me again. The world is full of wonderful people and it is so easy for us to lose sight of that fact as usually all we read about or hear about are those in the jerk section. Caring acts, big or small all contribute to making this a better world. We see the benefits of a neighborhood banding together. How can we spread that cooperation/togtherness further?