Dying Man’s Daily Journal – The Dying Process as I feel it will be

Over the past years now I have given considerable thought to, what does the dying process feel like? By that I mean the actual moving from this world to the next.

That actual transition I think will be a simple, enlightening experience. Now at that time our physical bodies may be wracked with pain or what ever caused by the disease or what ever that has brought us to the point where we are dying. I believe we are spiritual beings and that during our time on this earth, these bodies of ours merely provide “housing” for our spirits/souls what ever you may wish to call it. Whan our time here is done we merely step out of that body, stepping from this world to the next. Yes, for any that may ask, I am certain within my own mind there is an afterlife.

Now any that have followed the blog for any time know that I can’t seem to just come out and say something, I have to ramble on and on almost to no end. Well I started the big ramble here and realized I well may not have the energy to get it finished. I remembered that I have already shared my thoughts and beliefs on this. I went back found the post and my feeling/beliefs remain unchanged. I even talked about my own “possible” near death experience. Please check out my blog post from way back in Oct/09.

If you went back and read it you see that I may have had an out of body experience, I really don’t know. There are many that had out of body experiences. It is on my blog roll, but please check out the near death experience web sit. It is also on my blog roll.

I always urge all to read the comments left here on the blog as they so often contain thoughts and insight beyond my own. Yet still I know there are those that do not. Now as circumstances would have it. Just a few days back just such a comment was left by Christopher. It was his comment that got me thinking about this post. Our thinking seems to be much the same.

He wrote:

“My clairvoyant understanding of dieing is that dieing is very easy, it’s like dropping an overcoat off your shoulders and allowing it to fall to the ground, stepping out of a garment. Switching in a blink of an eye from an egoistic life, to complete unconditional love… that without ego. Being born is difficult, take an all encompassing cosmic being, and stuff it into an itty bitty living space.

This culture [USA] doesn’t look at, or deal with death very well. We put it on a shelf and pretend it doesn’t exist, and put all of our attention on youth. I see our passing as a very magical time, at the time of passing you can see them yield to the passage. And just before their passing, we can see their accumulated experiences come to completion. Where for a moment they shine, and excel at their accomplishments. I did live-in-home-health-care for about 12 years, mostly with folks that where at the end of all things, and got to walk with them to that doorway. Help them process what their going through, and make peace with the world and with God. Now I find myself teaching empowerment.

Gentle blessings be with you Bill, along the path you follow.

One Response to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – The Dying Process as I feel it will be

  1. Mel says:

    I revisited the original post and I read Christopher’s comment the other day.
    I took an amble through his web log. I’m nosy like that. LOL

    And I felt some validation from what he wrote. And I like the description he gave–like slipping the coat from your shoulders.

    I don’t know what lays ahead–and I’m hard pressed to remember most of what came three weeks ago. But I do trust there’s purpose for today’s opportunities, and that there’s more to ‘life’ than just being in this body today.

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