Dying Man’s Daily Journal I am greedy

I have some medical issues going on now that I am just not ready to talk about. According to my doctor I somehow dodged another bullet. i must be like a cat with 9 lives. If that is the case I think I am on #7. A lot of doctors appointments coming up. Family doc this afternoon, heart failure clinic in a couple of weeks. Neurologist a couple of weeks after that with an MRI thrown in there some where.

A couple of months back I got a summons for jury duty. Now that is something I consider to be a civic responsibility and fully intended to go. A couple of days of thinking about it and I realized it was not the most responsible or fair thing to do. I thought if I was on trial for something would i want someone on the jury with a memory like mine. Can’t remember yesterday and just looses blocks of time, spaces of time that are just gone. So i got myself excused. Maybe it would be better put they excused me.

I realize I am greedy. The Good Lord for reasons I so not understand, but am so grateful for, has granted me years of extra time and yet I still want more. Working on that.

Now just a reminder to any that may regularly follow the blog, my birthday is coming up. What do I do every year on my birthday? I flat out ask for birthday presents from all. Now what kind of present could you get me, hmmm. How about if you do a random act of kindness and just leave me a  comment telling me about it. The size of the act doesn’t matter. For whom it is done doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you went out of your way to do something kind/nice for another. Not because you had to, not in expectation of any reward. It is done from the heart, just because we can. Please


2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal I am greedy

  1. Mel says:

    You’re a bullet dodger–but I’m thinking that’s more of your usefulness to G-d and others. I know–I think I’m around for the same purpose at this point. And yes, I’m a grateful kinda gal. There’s not a big enough word to stamp how HUGE that gratitude is…..but I am filled with it.

    In the meantime, cuz I’m a ‘between the lines’ kinda gal (got a big gap of white there, sir…LOL)….*I* know the gift giving for your birthday is a kindly act extended to another. THAT’S the gift you ask of us yearly–and I’m already on the ‘get and give’ Halloween doings to collect canned goods for the food pantry. (just cuz it was awesome last year, it’s worthy of repeating!)

    ON TOP OF THAT ‘random act of kindness’ (not really random if it’s a planned thing huh….) I’ll be coming up with a second one. And it just so happens that a family I know recently lost their dad..so I’m going to spend my energy doing something for that family cuz I know they’d greatly appreciate it.

    BUT! B U T ! ! ! That now doesn’t feel so random…LOL (lucky you!) So–I’ll have to seize an opportunity along the way and surprise you with that one!

    And of course, I’ll let ’em know ‘Bill sent me…….it’s his birthday prezzie!’.

    (((((((((((( Bill )))))))))))))

    Still praying for you and sending those positive thoughts!

    Hi Mel, you contribute so much and help so many, I am sure God wants you right where you are.
    Now as for the act of kindness be it random or planned doesn’t really matter. All I ask is for one extra act of kindness be done above and beyond all those that you already do.
    Please let me know what you come up with and how it goes.

  2. Don says:

    I am glad I decided to stop in for coffee yesterday. It was really nice seeing you and I am going to do it more often. We have known each other since high school so I think I know you pretty well. While I haven’t actually seen you in a few years we have talked on the phone. I ask about your health and you just blow it off as no big deal and nothing to worry about.
    When I first got there, you were doing your best still saying it is not big deal. Well you might be able to fool many with that but I have known you too long. It is a big deal. After I pushed you a little I am glad you opened up.
    Buddy I am just heart broken over all that you have gone through, even just this past summer. I have always admired your strength physically strong as a bull and every other way
    You hang in there and keep fighting.

    Hey there Don, it was a nice surprise to see you standing there when I opened the door yesterday. It was nice talking to you, catching up. An even bigger surprise to see a comment from you here. Now don’t go getting all emotional on me you old goat. I may not have the same sping in my step as I once did but I am fine. Everything considered I am doing very well. Point taken when you said the telephone does work in both directions.
    Thank you, Don

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