Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Bucket List

I think everyone should have a bucket list irregardless of age, health or anything else. Why, because we all have such busy lives that the things we would like to do simply get put off time and again. We too often seem to forget that our time is limited and we do need to make the most of it. I doubt if many have even seriously given thought to their own list of things they would like to do before they die. Oh, we all see something and think gee now that is something i would really like to do. But does it usually ever go any further than that passing thought. Some how time has this habit of just slipping by on us. It goes by so fast that one day we wake up and realize that because of  health, age or whatever the name of our list just changes. It changes from a list of things I would like to do, to a list of things I would liked to have done. At that point all we can do is look back over our lives, shaking our heads with wonder and regret.

For reasons I do appreciate but do not understand the why of, I have been granted extra time. I have emptied my bucket list several times. Now there is one item remaining and I am working on that one.

Now that is not to say I don’t have my fantasy bucket list. I need the lottery to cooperate with the top item and hey I am a guy so use your imagination for the rest.

I received an email a while back that has just stuck in my head. I apologize for the language but hey it really make the point clear.

My bucket list is almost empty, but my f–k it bucket is full to overflowing and being added to by the day.

Now sorry if that one word offends just change it to what ever you like.

Just think if we did a general house cleaning of our lives, de-clutter. Now I am not suggesting anyone shuck their responsibilities or any such thing. Look at your life, it is your life to live and I am sure you will find things and even people who cause on going un-needed stress. It is your life stand up and claim it for yourself.

4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Bucket List

  1. rangewriter says:

    It’s funny, but when I was a teenager I saw a movie about a woman ski racer. In a race, she slid off the course and had a horrible wreck. When she came too, she was face down on a hospital bed with a hole for her face, staring at the floor. She had been paralyzed from the neck down. She was only 17. Her life consisted of that bed, being flipped like a pancake to relieve pressure spots several times a day.

    That film made a huge impression on me. Since then, I have tried to live my life as richly as I could (on a poor man’s budget), filling it with things that I could relive, should I ever find myself chained to a bed and unable to do things. I try to take note of each day…even the frustrating days. Because I am living now and who knows what the morrow will bring. Your posts always reinforce that idea for me.

    Your attitude is inspiring a model upon which we should all live our lives. Thank you for sharing this

    Thank you for that.

  2. Betty says:

    Ah the famous bucket list. I do not have a bucket full of things that I want to do, see, or experience as I don’t want to disappoint myself. My bucket is full of the wonderful things I have already experienced such having a wonderful husband, the birth of my child & grandchildren, some wonderful trips, going to the ballet for the first time, seeing a special concert, etc. Whatever brought me joy goes on my list. Who knows what the next bucket worthy event will be. I love surprises.

    Great idea, it is sort of like having a bucket just for special memories. Creating a spot in our hearts and minds to hold the feelings of those wonderfully special times. Great idea

  3. Mel says:

    Well shoot. I don’t have a list. And I’ve not seen the movie so I don’t know the plot. But I do have a F***et Bucket and it’s pretty empty.
    Dunno if it’s old age, increased tolerance, or an abundance of love that’s created that, but there truly isn’t much that gets me going now a days. ‘Stuff’ isn’t really that darn important! I watch folks around me getting ruffled and involved in stuff and it’s just TOO much drama for me. LOL Now, that’s a huge switch from a gal who used to borrow troubles and fret/stew about things she couldn’t control. Guess what–I don’t WANNA control stuff today, tyvm……I’m good with not HAVING to drive the bus!

    But a “Bucket List” of things that I want to see/do/accomplish before it’s time to check out of the planet……..(I think that’s what the list is about…..)I don’t have.
    I’m not sure why–maybe I’m just content and at peace that I GET to do today?

    Well, shoot…now ya have me thinking…..LOL

    Hi Mel, I have said it before you and I are a lot alike in our thinking. I got that thing about the 2 buckets in one of those joke emails and I got a laugh out of it. It did make me think though about much of my life. How much stress I caused myself, seating the small stuff” and how handy that second bucket would have been so many times if I had the sense to use it.
    Today I only have one thing left in my bucket list and I am working on that. As to the other bucket, well very little bothers me these days, like water off a ducks back. Our time is to precious to waste on that sort of thing. I look back and what a difference then.

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