Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Appreciate everything in life

I am so very happy to say I am feeling a little better. I CAN BREATH and that is such a good thing. Breathing is just one of the many wonders we just take for granted. That is until you are struggling with it. I was feeling like I just couldn’t get quite enough air. Each breath came with a raspy gurgling sound. I am still a little short of breath and a little raspy but all in all a big improvement.

This may even sound a little strange but it is almost like I need a little episode like this to at times bring my thinking back to my reality. That I would continue to see the wonders, the beauty in each day, one day at a time. Life is so worth living and I never do forget that fact. I appreciate each day I am given. I have been given extra time and for that I am so very grateful. Every night as I go to bed I say a little prayer in which I thank God for having given me that day. I ask that His will be done in my life but ask that I be given that night and do wake up in the morning. In the morning, it is thank you for night and please give me this day ahead. I appreciate my life and all the wonders in it. I have a good life, I know that.

Every time I have a “medical” event, it is like a slap in the face or something. It clears my head to see the wonders around me. Some how it seems without even realizing it, I had allowed myself to some extent anyway to be come I suppose complacent. Starting to take things for granted. Still appreciative of my life and everything in it but I realize I would be starting to take it for granted. When you start taking things for granted it is inevitable that at least some of the shine or wonder is taken away from it. Never take anything, anyone or even life for granted.

I suppose is it like the ying and the yang. To really experience joy you must have experience a little sadness or you have no point of refence to be able to regognize and appreciate the difference.

4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Appreciate everything in life

  1. rangewriter says:

    We would all do better to have medical slaps in the face now and then, so we could appreciate the things that you show us. Glad you’re feeling/breathing better.

    I have to agree. I wish no ill will to anyone but a medical slap in the face could certainsly open a lot of eyes.

  2. BC says:

    Spot on as usual and I am glad you are feeling a bit better.


    Thanks BC. Haven’t made it there yet but I so still want to buy your book

  3. Betty says:

    So glad you are feeling somewhat better. As difficult as it may be try to enjoy each day for what it is. I think most of us become complacent, it is a difficult habit to break as I think it is just part of human nature….I know I need to try harder to enjoy everything around me and to be thankful. You have definitely opened my eyes.

    Hi Betty, I think you are right it is part of human nature. i heard or read somewhere: ” one of the greatest strengths of people is we can adapt to anything, one of the greatest weakness of people is we can adapt to anything.” Without even realizing it we can adapt to our norm.

  4. Mel says:

    I’m elated that you’ve found breathing to be a bit easier today.

    I know when I’m struggling, physically/emotionally, it zaps my energy and pulls on my focus.
    I hear tell that’s awful ‘human’ of me. I suspect that’s true for quite a few of us, huh?

    I also suspect that bit of reality being tossed at you is/was another awakening. Seems those things come in layers–leastwise that’s been my experience.
    So–Time for another layer of what’s good and true!
    I’m thinking I could use that a bit of that ‘re-focus’ myself.

    Hey Mel, I can relate to the to the zapped energy and how it pulls on our focus.. Layer of the onion, layers of our lives


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