Dying Man’s Daily Journal –

I put ou a short post a few days back about “do we Matter?” My answer to that is, yes we all matter and we all matter equally in God’s eyes. Will we be forgotten when we are gone. Of course we will. In but 2 or maybe 3 generations we will become just a name on someone’s family tree.

Some one suggested to me, “you have your blog on the internet. Anything on the internet is there forever. You will be remembered forever.”  OK, I don’t know how the internet works but let’s just assume he is correct and the blog does remain forever. Let’s assume someone stumbles on in say 100 years and reads a bit. With that they are not remembering me, just reading what some guy named Bill wrote, way back when. Seeing a name is not remembering me. I am fine with that.

The one thing each and every one of us do have in common is that at some point we are going to die. We are there for all dying just on a different time schedule. What is unique to each and every one of us is how we spend the time we do have here. We tend to take life to seriously and why, it is not like any of us are going to get out of it alive.

Live life while you can, do wait until health catches up with you.

4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal –

  1. Mel says:

    Well, now there’s interesting food for thought…….. Not sure I want to be ‘read’ 100 years after the fact.

    Maybe I’ll make some arrangements to have the web log shut off after a period of time.
    NOT that we can control that once we’ve left the planet, eh?

  2. Katherine Klenner says:

    Live life while you can. That is the lesson I learnt while working at a hospital last year. I am 25 and had a lovely idea that I had many many years ahead of me but I have learnt that nothing is guaranteed. All we have is today and if we have tomorrow we are blessed. My carefree ideas were ruined by the reality that I meet in the emergency department.

    My favourite book is called Random Acts of Heroic Love and it is by Danny Scheinmann. An amazing book! He tells a story and I’m going to share it on here 🙂

    “One day a man see’s the sun setting and decides that his fortune lies where the sun kisses the land. He set’s off towards it. He walks and walks and walk and after a long time he arrives back in the village where he started. He has travelled the globe but when his friends ask him to describe the wonders of the world he is unable to reply, for his eyes have been blinded by the sun.

    Remember you journey and forget the arrival. Otherwise you too will be blinded and you will grow old like me and wonder where you life has gone, and you will realise that you spent all your life planning for a future that never happened. Find you happiness now, and if you happen to find love you will double it. Why not live now, young child?

    It is important to know the difference between having and being. Whatever a man has will never be enough. If a desire burns too strong it will consume him. If you are not happy now you may never be. Find happiness in your now.”

    I’m not being stupid and never planning – that is lack of wisdom. But my focus has shifted. I had lived expecting life to start when I have my degree, a house and a steady man. I now want to live my life loving the people that God has before me and honouring God in the way I conduct myself with what he has for me right here, right now.

    My life might be a really long one and that would be wonderful – or it could be over tomorrow and I want to leave goodness behind. We’re all dying, some of us just are going a bit faster than the others.

    Bless you Bill. Thanks for this blog, it makes me think a lot. x
    Hi Katherine and welcome to my blog, I hope you will continue to visit. Thank you for the “essay” as you call it. It describes my own feelings but is written in a manner far beyond what I could manage. Thank you

  3. Katherine Klenner says:

    Wow, that became an essay I’m sorry 🙂

  4. rangewriter says:

    Which is why your blog will be as relevant to a stranger in 100 years as it is to me, this stranger, today.

    Hi, I am not even sure what to say. If my ramblings can help anyone at any time, I am satisfied.

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