Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Life is so worth it

I suppose life is getting to being a little more normal. Vi’s mum is home and doing well. Vi had made a commitment quite a while back to go and baby sit the grand kids so she has flown to Thompson and will be gone for the next week. Becasue of her mum’s conidtion she was hesitant about going but as there are 4 or 5 flights a day she can get back very quickly if needed.

I have said so very many times that I am such a lucky man. I know that in my head a usually feel it in my heart. As time passes though I seem to go through periods where my heart seems to forget that. I still know it, but at times just don’t feel so lucky. By the mere fact I have some how been able to defy the odds and am alive today should be enough to convince me, I guess on what you culd call a permanent basis. It is strange though how we can become complacent and so easily start taking things/life for granted.

Of late I seem to have found myself more in a brooding, anxious or pensive state/mindset. I need more time in my meditation chair. Our lives our reality is lived totally in our heads, I can change what I see as my reality by changing my thinking. That is job one for me NOW. The only time really wasted is time not lived and I am wasting too much.

Things have been happening. Vi flew to Thompson to baby sit grandchildren while Lynelle is away on a training course. I guess that means I am living the wild bachelor life and geesh is it ever wild. lol.

In the past I have written about our neighbour Paul (the card shark). Now Paul is a gentleman for whom I have a lot of respect and is reaching real life hero status in my eyes. Paul is 92 years old, sharp as a tack and continually kicks my butt at crib. We had the pleasure of having Paul and his daughter Diane over for supper a few nights back. As is the norm the crib board and cards came out. Almost to my amazement I discovered Paul can be beaten. Now to his credit he did drag every point possible out of each hand, he pegged points like a mad man. Yet, even that was not enough and he went down to defeat. OK, in fairness I have to say he was playing with a great handicap to over come. What was that handicap that dragged him down to defeat, having me as a partner.Yes we were playing doubles having partners, men against the women, sigh.

Had a wonderful evening out at cousin Maggie’s home. Her brother, my cousin Don is in town. It really was nice seeing Don again. It has only been something like 35 or 40 years since we last saw each other. Geesh, it just hit me. We played crib there also. Don, an excellent player and I were partners against Maggie and hubby Dale. Hum, don’t think I am going to say who won.

Life is not always easy but if we just open our hearts and minds we realize it is so very worth it.

12 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Life is so worth it

  1. Mel says:

    Well now……I just left a comment about balance and ‘letting go and letting G-d’–but row the darn boat, dangit!
    <– still rowing
    And it sounds like Vi's got her oar in the water, too. She's a smart one, that gal you married!

    And I'm NOT going to ask how she does in crib. *laughing* Apparently beats YOU! 😀

    You can do what got done here while I was away for a month. Eat lots of stuff that's bad for you, take on a short term project and whistle a lot.

    Hey….a short stint at bachelorhood sounds like a good deal! I'm glad she's taking the time to visit the grands and be a live-in nanny for that week.
    We're lined up to do it for a weekend and we're all sorts of excited!
    But that's the two of us–LOL–takes both of us with the three year old, so Vi has my utmost respect and admiration. 🙂

    Enjoy, sir!
    Maybe a coat of paint on the lawn furniture?

  2. Noel says:

    “Our lives our reality is lived totally in our heads, I can change what I see as my reality by changing my thinking” So true! We can change what we live by changing our thoughts.

  3. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – it’s good to read how things are going .. and I’m glad Vi has been able to be with her family. And you enjoy your neighbours and the crib games .. I’m glad to read Vi’s Mum is settling in at home .. with thoughts – Hilary

  4. Jo Hart says:

    So glad to hear Nellie is getting better. I so agree with what you said about changing our thinking patterns. It’s not until you start to think about it, that you realise how many “negative” things are churning around in your head… They become the “norm” so to speak…
    I’m batching it to at the moment, my husband away working in Canberra – unfortunately had to go where the work was… So for the next year or so, we will be doing 4 weeks away, 1 week home!! It’s quite fun at first, get to stretch out in the bed even!! However after day 3 I’m ready for him to come home….. OH well, 27 days to go!! – lol I’m still waiting for what they say is a Happy work/life balance!! – Eventually!! 🙂

  5. lypenner says:

    I love your last lines Bill: “Life is not always easy but if we just open our hearts and minds we realize it is so very worth it.” It’s exactly what I’ve needed to hear lately so I thank you for confirming it. Life really brings us what we need if we are looking. Hope you are well – your wild bachelor life is probably over if Vi is back already 🙂 Take care.

  6. Mel says:

    Boy…..musta been a way exciting time to be absent this long…

    ……or maybe it’s that someone REALLY whooped ya in crib and you don’t want to have to tell the tale? (I can hope either are the case, yaknow…..)

    I’d feel better if you’d just check in to let us know all is well even if the latter is the case.
    But I’m kinda like that.
    Some folks say silence is golden–but I prefer your presence. JUST sayin’…….

    *waiting patiently*

  7. Jo Hart says:

    Hope all is well with you Bill?

  8. Betty says:

    Hi Bill,

    Just checking up on you also. Hope all is well.

  9. Anne says:

    I have been reading this blog from behind the scenes for a while and it has helped me so much in my own dying experience. I am a bit worried about Bill as it seems unusual for him to be quiet for so long. Does anybody know if Bill is ok?

  10. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    Give us a sign, Bill!! Sure hope all is OK and that things have just become a whirlwind of being busy…Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Wiseman.

  11. Mel says:

    *waiting patiently*

    Now, even though I DID get a forwarded email from you on the 4th, I’d STILL like a check in.

    Kinda demanding like that…nothing new there!! LOL

  12. Jo Hart says:

    Has me coming back onto the blog got you lost for words Bill!!! – lol
    In all seriousness though, hope all is well.

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