Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Muslim’s, Hindu’s – all Faiths please reply

I am back up and moving. Wow, got some sort of flu bug or something that really put me on my butt for a few days. It is nice to get that behind me.

As I was lazing around I was channel surfing on the TV I came across an ad for some upcoming show, Don’t even remember what show it is but what I saw showed that in Mexico some celebrate the day of the dead. I am not going to try and pretend I understand that or even know what it is all about. But, it did get me thinking. Why do different people/cultures/religions look at death so differently? Why do many fear it to the point of not even wanting to think of it, while others are so much more open and accepting of it? I mean it is a natural part of life, it is something none of us can avoid. In that way we are all in the same boat why is the way we react to or deal with this issue so different? No, I am not going to try and pretend I am an expert on anything here. I know very little of other culture/religions particularly when it comes to this topic. This is something I would like to learn more about. People are people with the obvious exception of our thinking/thoughts/beliefs etc..

I consider myself to be a Christian. I have never intended that this blog be considered to be a Christian blog. I share my thoughts and feelings but that is exactly what they are “MY” thoughts and feelings. I am not looking to be converted to another faith nor am I trying to convert anyone to mine. My intent or hope  anyway with this blog is to help people any and all people as we travel the final leg of our earthly journey.

This whole dying thing is a lonely time. You can be surrounded by the most wonderful loving caring people in the world, all doing their very best for you. I say a special thank you to all of those wonderful people your care your love your support does mean so much to me/us. It is just no one can truly understand exactly what it is you are going through unless they share your understandings of the feelings that come with it all.

I read some where that there are times when the loneliest feelings can come when you are in a room full of people. For my human mind I like to come up with physical or earthly comparable. Imagine being at a huge public event a big celebration of some sort. Everyone there is so very nice, kind and are doing their very best to treat you in the best way they can and make you feel as comfortable as possible. That sounds great but what if you throw in one additional factor. You don’t speak the same language. Now no matter how welcoming they may make you feel, there is bound to be at least a tinge of loneliness.No one speaks your language. You are unable to communicate your thoughts and feelings to anyone. In that way you are alone.

Part of the reason for this blog is my attempt to bring people together that do speak that special language of the dying. To be able to talk to someone that really can understand. It is sort of the walk a mile in someone elses shoes. Well there are many already walking in those shoes. Let’s get together and help each other along.

I am extending a special invitation to people of all faiths of all cultures to share with us. Dying is not something restricted to Christians, we are ALL facing it. Please let us hare our thoughts, feeling, fears and worries. Keep each other company and maybe ease the load of another.

3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Muslim’s, Hindu’s – all Faiths please reply

  1. rangewriter says:

    You are right. It is the one thing we ALL share, rich or poor, Catholic or Atheist, Caucasian or purple, young or old, smart or dumb, educated or experienced, and all shades in between.

    I don’t know why it is such a fearful topic. I guess because in our culture we see it as an end, which it is. An end to what we know of as our existence. We don’t know what, if anything comes after and that is scary. I sure don’t have any answers here, either.

  2. Mel says:

    I don’t know Bill.
    I read this and the part that stuck out for me was the ‘lonley’ part. And you’re right–death doesn’t have a denomination, neither does love.

    I think of those who’ve landed here and have gone–and I wonder how many others, yaknow?
    Families, loved ones, friends–people getting to share bits of the experience seem to be more ‘vocal’ about it and it’s good that they are.
    But it’s that ‘same language’ thing you speak to–that loneliness of kindred souls on a like journeys.
    It’s tough and ‘private’ and ‘personal’ in each life.
    But it’s good that you’re here with that open door and outstretched hands.

    ((((((((((((( Bill ))))))))))))))

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