Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Special request/ people are people

I keep thinking of the list of things I have learned since starting this blog. There are so many it is hard to know where to start. One of those things though is for most on my mind today. People are people. Now there obviously differences in culture, religion……..  all of that is like icing on the cake. Yes, it is the part we/the world sees but really it is nothing more than an external cover for what lies beneath the cake itself. When it comes right down to it, it is the cake that matters, that which is contained within that icing as fancy or elaborate as it may be.

I have over the time of the blog receive comments from all over the world, from members of I imagine just about every major Faith there is out there. When it comes right down to it, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. The world is just full of wonderfully kind,loving and caring people. I have always known that but this experience has really re-enforced that in my head.

So very many people have graced me, blessed me with what has come  to be thousands and thousands of kind warm supportive comment. I read and do so appreciate every one.

When I think of the comments many many names come to mind. One of those names is Mel now Mel stumbled upon the blog within just a few months of it starting and has been a constant blogging friend ever since. With her loving, supportive and so wise comments she has helped both me and I know many others through some tough times. Mel you have always been there for me and I can’t ever thank you enough. I am not sure if there is some way to check and it really doesn’t matter but I would guess Mel must have left us some thing in the area of 1,000 comments. Not all were directed to me often to others that honored us by sharing their own painful stories. Mel, you have blessed and touched the lives of so many.

Now is the time we can possibly in at least a small way show our gratitude to her for caring so much about us, for devoting countless hours to help us. Mel’s sister just had a cancer operation and by all accounts is doing as well as can be expected. Mel travelled to be at her sister’s side through this time and has only just returned home. Physically and emotionally she is worn out and culd really use some support.

I am asking for prayers please for all involved but also please stop over to her web site and leave even the shortest comment to let her know we are all thinking of her.

10 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Special request/ people are people

  1. M T McGuire says:

    count me in.

  2. Jo Hart says:

    To My Dear Friend Bill, I almost feel unworthy of typing on your blog, as I have disappeared off the face of the earth for the past 2 and bit years, and feel the deepest need to apologise as you were there for me so many times. I hold you close as a dear spiritual friend, and have thought of you many times. Where can I even begin? and how do I even begin to apologise. It just seems life seemed to of gotten in the way… I let myself become so overloaded with my own personal problems, that there have been many people I have neglected. It becomes so easy to put yourself in a deep dark hole, and the hardest struggle is taking the steps to get out of it… Facing the things that scare you the most… But alas, here I am, refusing to let it beat me, and trying to live a more positive life, It’s so easy to stay in negativity and blame game. I’m so glad I’ve come online today to see your post about Mel. Mel also has been a huge power of inspiration to me over the years. Mel, my thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I remember that’s how I found you Bill, when my cousin was dying, and I typed in google “How do you help someone accept they are dying” and there was your blog… It was such a blessing. I always thanked Ted for our friendship. So Bill my dear friend, I’m out of my hole, I plan on changing things in my life, to live more positive and free and I look forward to participating with your blog again. With much love. Jo xx
    PS – Congratsulations on being a Poppy again!!

    Jo, my dear friend it is just so nice to have you back. What is all of this nonsense about feeling unworthy to post? For years you were a valued asset to the blog and we are all so happy to have you back. I am sorry to hear that things haven’t been all that smooth in you life, I understand how easy it is to let the negativity invade and take over our minds, been there done that. As always you know you are welcome to post any of your thoughts or feelings here. Anything that may help you get off your chest. Will write more later.
    I am so glad you are back

    • Mel says:



      I’m glad you stopped listening to that nonsense long enough to put fingers to keyboard, Jo! Goodness, it’s good to see you here and hear from you again…..people have been concerned. It’s good we can rest knowing that all is well. (not perfect, not fun, not easy…..but…….)

      And I’m sorry for the tough times. I think I’m even sorrier that somehow you felt like you needed to walk through those alone. You know me–I’m pretty big on reminding people that they don’t HAVE to do that. I’m also kinda a novice at doing that ‘letting others be there for me’ myself….so I know how it happens for me in life.
      But I’m well and truly glad that you’ve come back and that you’re willing to let people be there for you today–cuz that’s what matters!
      (((((((((((((( Jo ))))))))))))))))))

      It’s all good.
      You’re back.
      You didn’t listen to the nonsense your head was telling you.
      And you’re willing to do some things different today!

      It all makes my heart glad!
      Welcome back!
      (sincerely means that!!)

      *HUGE hugs*

      • Jo Hart says:

        Yes Mel, it is good to be back…. Getting priorities right sometimes is a hard lesson to be learnt…… Sending much love to you and your family xx

    • Jo Hart says:

      Hi Bill, Thank you for your kind words… I will send you an email, I just have to survive the school holidays and working from home for one more week…. Not sure who is going to go insane the quickest, me or the kids…. 🙂 Much love to you and yours xxx

  3. Betty says:

    Bill, Yes Mel is a wonderful person, as are you, and I have been dropping notes to her during this stressful time (have used my othe blogging name) She has contributed to your bloging friends in so many ways as she has a heart of gold. I have told her that if I had a sister I would like one just like her…and that’s the truth.

    Take care…wishing you a blessed Easter.

    • Mel says:

      (((((((((((((( Betty )))))))))))))))

      Awwwwwwww…….so THAT was YOU!

      You’re such a sweetheart–what a lovely thing to say.
      It touched my heart.

  4. Mel says:

    ((((((((((((((( Bill ))))))))))))))))))

    Yup. People are people. But I gotta tell ya, Bill. Not all people LET themselves be as loving as they were designed to be.
    I didn’t.
    Not for a very long time.
    I’d want to share things…say things, be ‘present’ for people and let them know they MATTER….and I didn’t.
    I know I’m not the lone person who struggles with that. I think folks refer to that as being ‘vulnerable’. I don’t much like that word. It makes ‘loving’ seem like such a difficult and risky proposition when it’s not. I think it was that very longstanding belief of mine that I could SOMEhow guard my heart. If I just didn’t give you information, if I just didn’t let you know it mattered, if I just acted cool and indifferent…..it wouldn’t hurt so much when you/they/them went away. Cuz people leave, one way or the other……so it’s ‘better to guard your heart’.

    Yes, I know that’s a load of bunk. I know I cheated many people AND me with that silly ‘lie’ that I bought.
    I gave up the lie years back…..and gosh……LETTING it look like it matters (cuz it does!) hasn’t killed me yet! And I’m actually coming to the understanding that the grief that comes with loving a person so freely and completely–isn’t near what I experienced when I didn’t give myself permission TO love in that manner.
    I’m not filled with that regret jazz….it’s awesome, really!

    So you can tell me people are people……but I’m here to tell ya there are just some uber cool people on the planet that ALLOW themselves to BE present and to LET people know that they matter every day, every chance they get–who tell the truth and keep working to make life better for others, one day at a time, every day.

    You do that.

    And yep……people ARE people. They’re human. We all are. None of us do this deal perfectly.
    But you, sir…..are one of those who learned what’s taken me forever to learn–we matter…………each and every one of us.

    I thank you for your kindness, for the prayers and energy sent my way and my sister’s way.
    She’s healing bit by bit and will be looking at radiation in a few weeks–it’s an aggressive cancer and radiation therapy wasn’t really an option, it was required.

    I’m home, I’m weary……but I’m grateful and humbled–in awe by the love that’s been sent our way during this time.
    It’s been amazing.
    And powerful.
    And encouraging.
    And strengthening.

    And so appreciated.

    ((((((((((((((((((( Bill ))))))))))))))))))))))

    And just so you know–You matter…….and you’re loved hugely!
    (in case there was any doubt!)

    Ah, Mel it is so very nice to see you back I know that right now you are in a hard place emotionally with all that your sister is going trhough. It took a lot of strength to be there for her as she went through the cancer surgery and all. You face the ongoing struggle of trying to continue supporting her and family with the up coming radiation treatments and all. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    Mel, I actually went back through the many wonderfully appreciated comments I have received from so many. I see that you my friend joined what has become our little community here way back within about 3 months of the blog beginning. You have patiently read through all of my endless ramblings commenting on by far the majority of them, showing your big heart and limitless wisdom. you have provided loving support through all this time not only to me but to countless others as they wrote in with their heart felt often painful issues. Thank you from us all.
    Mel, you provided excellent advise to Jo. She doesn’t have to face “life” alone, we are here. I say the same to you my friend. You have many friends here ready and willing to support you in anyway we can. Mel, you also have my email address.

  5. sherry says:

    Wow! I was just logging on to wish you a super Happy Easter and Spring, but I stumbled upon a LOVE-FEST! I read through all the comments and now I sit here teary-eyed loving you all!! I think I will take a page from everyone’s book and get in on the positive and uplifting changes to appreciate people more, worry less and love more even if it makes me ‘vulnerable’. It also makes you feel life! Thanks for the pep talk everyone! I have some great role models to look up to in all of you!

    p.s Happy Easter and happy Spring!

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