Dying Man’s Daily Journal – The World Revolves around me

The universe revolves around me, or at least it SHOULD. I couldn’t even type that with out a chuckle. What could you say about a comment like that egotistical, selfish, self centered just plain ridiculous. I think we would all agree you would have to be just plain crazy if you actually thought that. No one in there right mind would really believe or expect that. For this post I am taking religion and faith out of the equation and am just thinking on the physical/human level of life. Nowif that were indeed some how to be the case, what would life be like? If the universe were to truly revolve around me that would make me the most important person, more important than anyone else. As such everyone else would bow to my wishes, clear the way for me to have my way in every thing. I know the very thought is ridiculous and it is. No one would actually think, believe or expect that. Or, would we?

Let’s just scale that thought down a little. OK, way down to our own lives and our  own sphere of influence. Now I don’t care what your job title may be or how much money you may have there is no one in this world that is more important than I am. That same applies in reverse, I am no more important than anyone else with no exceptions to that!!!!

I am not sure is it with a self sense of importance that we take so many things in life personally. When we take things personally or to heart we can be more easily upset by them. Sometimes a bad memory can be a good thing, I know I have forgotten so much. I do know there were countless times when I become upset wasting precious moments of my time with negativity.
A couple of basic example in every day life. Another driver in traffic cuts me off, pulls into my lane ahead of me. Reaction: “how dare that ignorant @#&* cut me off in traffic”. Some how when I came to be able not to take things so personally, I came to realize I am not that important in this way. I am not so important that this other driver was cutting in front of Bill Howdle. He/she was merely cutting in front of another car in traffic. Take the personal element out of it and it suddenly is not all that upsetting.

One more example. I encounter who I see to be a clerk in a store that is rude or not that accommodating or pleasant. Now if that were the case that clerk is but another human and having their own bad day, just as we have ours. Don’t take it personally, that clerk was not being impolite to Bill Howdle but merely snapping at the next customer in line. I am not that important that this clerk would even know who I am. Don’t take it personally and it is so much easier to accept as let go.

Life is too short to waste it incorrectly on foolishness.

2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – The World Revolves around me

  1. hilarymb says:

    HI Bill you’re so right .. why waste time on foolishness – help others and lets keep on enjoying the life we have ..

    Good to read though and be reminded .. cheers Hilary

  2. souldipper says:

    My elderly father, housebound and used to being outside, would look out his window for entertainment. He would watch this one man walk past the house every day. The man would pass about the same time and carried a weird bag or sachel.

    Dad went from being mildly curious to wanting to solve this serious mystery. Then Dad decided this man was up to no good – like he was casing the house. (There was very little one would want to steal from the house!)

    Even when I told Dad the man was a ferry worker and walked down to the corner to meet up with a co-worker, the negative concept was well entrenched.

    It’s what I’m capable of doing in a minute when I encounter an uncivil person. Dad just took longer! 😀

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