Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Happy, happy grandpa

I have some news that will be devastating to grandparents out there. you all well may be thinking that your grandchildren are the most beautiful, the most wonderful, the smartest………

Well there is no easy way to tell you this so I will just come out and say it: “YOU ARE WRONG, MINE ARE.”

I believe that every baby born onto this earth is a gift and a blessing from God. When it is your own grandchild being born those feelings are ramped up beyond belief.

I can scratch the number one item off of my fantasy bucket list. Shauna and Jake have had a baby and not just any baby, little Malieka. She is the answer to many many prayers. Shauna and Jake have been married for (oh boy, I could be in trouble not knowing this one) 12 or 13 years and have wanted and been trying for a baby for about the past 8 years There were so many disappointments when month after month the so wanted pregnancy didn’t come about. My heart and my prayers went out to them. We sometimes need to be reminded that things happen in God”s time not our time. When He obviously considered the time to be right, it happened and Shauna was pregnant. I remember how happy and excited I was hearing that news. I truly don’t think I am being biased here when I say Shauna and Jake will be wonderful parents. I think anyone that knows them will agree to that.

My prayers changed simply to that a healthy baby be born. Having no idea as to names or anything like that, I began to think of the baby as little peanut and little peanut became apart of my nightly prayer routine.

Little peanut developed and grew to become Malieka and is perfect in every way.

Malieka, you may have kept us waiting for 8 years but it was so worth the wait. I could just go on and on.

Malieka, welcome to the world, welcome to the family and we all love you so very much

5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Happy, happy grandpa

  1. Deric Glissmeyer says:

    CONGRATS to all! It is Pure Joy to be a Gpa! Or a “pop-pop” as our granddaughter calls me 🙂

  2. You made me cry because I feel the love you have for them. They are lucky..Very lucky because love like yours is such a gift.
    xo Nita

  3. sherry says:

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! So happy to hear the good news and that everyone is doing well. Congratulations Grampa. Now you can live out the Judds song – “Grampa, Tell me ’bout the good ol’ days….” I hope you have many years to tell her about the good ol’ days and to spoil ALL of your little princesses!

  4. Gloria Allen says:

    Fantastic news, congratulations to everyone. Malieka is a very lucky little girl to have joined such a wonderful family. I very much agree with you Bill, Shauna and Jake will be terrific parents, and great role models. And having a Grampa that is over the moon abiut you never hurts either!!
    Looking forward to hearing more about everyone and meeting your new earth angel!!!

  5. Annie says:

    I have been quietly reading your blog for a while but not yet commented. Two things have made me leave this comment: the sheer sense of support between your blogging friends and the image of the grandpa dance! You have a really good way of cheering me up and for that I send you my thanks and I will hold you in my heart and my prayers. Take care of you.

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