Dying Man’s Daily Journal – my week ups and downs

My week didn’t start off all that well. Spent all day Monday and most of Tuesday in bed not feeling spry. Monday was a first as far as I can remember, Vi took a day off of work to “keep an eye on me”. I kept trying to tell her I was fine but she didn’t like the look of me, hmm that might not be all that complimentary. lol.

Wednesday felt much better and we had neighbor Paul and his son Bob over for supper. Yes this is the same Paul that has been beating me at crib. I thought maybe having home court advantage might give me the boost I needed to finally beat him. What can I say, home court advantage, phooey.

Still poking away at those (&#@*) removations but the end is just around the corner and I will have more energy for the blog which I am looking forward to.

Through out all of this I am still thinking of all the things I have learned from the blog and the many things I already knew but have had so strongly re-enforced in my mind. I have a separate post saved. One in which as I think of something else I just write myself a note, hey I am memory guy.

Every time my thoughts wander in this direction I am over whelmed by a sense of, feelings of gratitude. I am such a lucky man most importantly though is I know it and I appreciate it. Some time back I remember writing thoughts along this line some time ago and was questioned how with my list of ailments I could possibly feel lucky. The answer to that is so very obvious to me. I am still here. Plain and simple I am still here but it goes beyond that. I am still here and I am living life. I do have some physical limitations but then doesn’t everyone to some extent or another. Yes, I do struggle at times when it become apparant those limitations are increasing but with a little internal work I seem to be able to get my head back in order.

Attitude, a positive attitude and the will/desire to keep going are so very important. That kind of attitude is such a blessing, the will, the desire to LIVE LIFE.

I had more to say but just got a phone call. Brother-in-law Henri is in the hospital somehow having amputated his toe.

Also prayers please for our deal blogging friend Mel and her sister. The sister will shortly be under going surgery for cancer. Please

10 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – my week ups and downs

  1. souldipper says:

    You are proof, Bill, that a grateful heart is an abundant heart.

    Prayer list duly extended. 🙂 I’ve been keeping tabs on Mel, too.

  2. Noel says:

    Bill, yes, you are still here… which is what matters. Living at the moment… thank you for this reminder.

  3. Mel says:

    That was very kind, sir. Thank you for that–one can never have too many prayers being sent out.

    And gosh, do let us know how Henri’s is doing. Ohmygosh…I hope he’s doing okay given the circumstances. Poor fella…. (He’s now made my prayer list. Give him our regards and wishes for a speedy recovery.)

    And you sir–obviously needed the good woman who stands with you to stand with you. I hope things are feeling different for you today. No doubt the decision was made because she was genuinely concerned for a reason. :-/

    Renovations won’t walk off while you take a rest and get to feeling better! (nor will they complete themselves….dangitall! LOL) I know it’s a bit here and a bit there–perhaps the bit needs to be next week. :-/ After all, it’s near completion and being healthy enough to enjoy the results would be a good plan. JUST sayin’……

    (((((((( Bill ))))))))))) You just rest and give thought to that list you’re composing. Scribbling on a notepad works, yaknow. Armchair blogging isn’t a bad thing…LOL I do that on occasion myself!

    • Betty says:

      Mel….Healing thoughts and prayers going out to your sister as well as strength and support to you. As difficult as it may seem we must look forward to very positive results. May God give you all the patience during recovery.

  4. Betty says:

    Bill…..hope you are doing well. Sorry to hear that you had been feeling poorly, but glad you perked up enough to enjoy the company of Paul and Bob. Imagine playing crib with me and I can honestly say you will be the Champion.

    Hope all is okay with Henri. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

  5. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill good to hear from you and catch up on the cribbage beating! Oh well … I hope Henri’s recovering and may be a one-toe-less wonder … but should be ok I expect. Mel’s sister – my thoughts go out to them .. for a positive outcome …

    Look after yourselves … Hilary

  6. Cat says:

    I hope you are feeling better, Bill! I feel your pain re. home renovations. I’ve been working on my house veeeerrrrrrry slowly over the past couple years and have a loooooong way to go. It’s just such a hassle.

    Mel, best wishes to your sister. I hope she has a full and speedy recovery.

    Yikes, Henri! I hope he has a speedy recovery, as well.

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