Dying Man’s Daily Journal

Some times I just write about what is going on in my life. Yes, I do have a very good life beyond all of this death and dying stuff. I have in fact written of the world class crib tournaments I play when my dear Aunt Isabel visits. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know I don’t need to be reminded. It must be 5 or 6 times we have played for the “CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD” and yes each and every time she has beaten me. (I think she must be some sort of card shark that has learned how to stack the deck).

Now Aunt Isabel doesn’t live here in Winnipeg so I don’t get to challenge her as often as I would like. In here absence trying to get as much practise in as I can, I have a couple of times now played with Paul a neighbor across the street. Now I have written about those games and yeah, yeah, yeah I don’t need to be reminded he also laid a sound whopping on me each time.

A couple of days back I decided it is time to bring in the reserves to help me restore the family honor. As Aunt Isabel was not available I called on cousin Marge another avid crib player. Paul’s son Bob is visiting so Marge and I would take them on as partners. A great time was had.

Now for the good news. Marge and I won the first 2 games.  After each game I actually went outside to shout it to the neighbors, huh that didn’t work so well. With the wind the temperature was something like -25. There was no one to be seen any where.

Now this is where I likely could or even should end the story. This was when Marge and I should have stopped playing. But, no we had to carry on playing 3 more games. Now I am not going to actually say who won those 3 games, that I leave up to your imagination. One of the three was even a skunk.

That is it. Paul you are in trouble now. The next time Aunt Isabel is town I am sending her over to take you on.

It was a lot of fun and I thank you Paul, Bob and cousin Marge.

2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal

  1. souldipper says:

    Aunt Isabel and Paul? Great idea. Sounds like those two may need to have meals delivered once they get underway.

    I used to try to beat my father, but other than a few momentous victories, he was the winner. I’ve decided some people simple attract all the good cards.

    Two friends of mine, both men, have been playing for nearly 20 years and they play for money…nickels and dimes. They’ve never cashed in – they aren’t done yet.

    Evidence shows that when it is time for the winner to gather the loot, it may buy him a fancy Cappucino Latte.

  2. Mel says:

    NUH uh……. You did not?!

    Have you never heard the saying “quit while you’re ahead”?!

    *snickering* Price ya pay for shoutin’ it to the rooftops, perhaps?

    *laughing* Oh…….Aunt Isabel will be so PROUD of the whoopin’ somebody gave ya…..LOLOL

    I’ve suggested it before.
    Serve ’em lots of coffee and wait……..when they excuse themselves to use the facilities…..CHEAT and move those bitty pegs a few dozen ahead.

    *shaking head and laughing*
    Works every time for me. 😀

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