Dying Man’s Daily Journal

Taking a break from the renovation, not complete but as far as we can go for now. I realize that at different times I have written about trying to get these different projects finished. I write about how tired I get……. I want to make sure i am giving due credit and recognition to my brother-in-law Henri. He gives a lot of his mornings to come over and help, without which most things just wouldn’t be getting done. Thank you Henri.

I will be back at the computer much more frequently for the next while any way. For my 1,000th post I asked for suggestions on what I could do to make it special. I do thank those that left me a comment. generally, it was suggested I make a list of the things I had learned while doing this blog and there are many. I have been working on that and have quite the list made up. I think I actually have a sort of game plan here, will I follow it, not likely but what can I say. I am going to try to do individual posts about many or these items and then maybe a recap or something. When it comes to this I just sort of wing it so what will come will come.

The biggest thing for me is something I have actually known all along. It is just there is a big difference to knowing it in your head and truly feeling it in your heart. This is something I constantly working on. I am getting much better, but don’t be mistaken though I do have my days but I think that comes from being human. At least that is the excuse I use for myself.

I look back through my life and realize when it came to really living life I was most often my own worst enemy. I am sure this doesn’t apply to everyone but I imagine it does to the vast majority. I wonder how often I have written “Live life, don’t just endure it” Now I know that is easy to say but what does it really mean and how do you do it? Right away I can hear many saying, I could live my life better “if only”. I know been there done that. There are thousands of “if onlys”. Or how many of us are waiting for life to get better “when”. Life will be better when I finish school, or when I get a promotion and more money or when the kids are finished school………. How good have we all become at making excuses or rationalizing why our lives are not as “good” as we would like them to be. It think it is just one of our natural human traits. It is easier to just pass the blame than except where we are in life.

I like to think we journey down the highway of life and that highway ultimately leads us ALL to the same destination Our lives are a day by day process as we make that journey. When we reach the end of that journey the same fate awaits us all. The only difference between any of us is how we make that journey, who we process and get through each day. Our lives are an ongoing sucssesion of these days until we reach the end of the highway. Each individual day is one more step towards the end of the journey. Really we all know this but just don’t want to even think about it in those terms. Think about it any journey only has so many steps in it and we just don’t know how many that may be.



6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal

  1. rangewriter says:

    So true. And some steps are baby steps. Others are Hurculean leaps.

  2. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill .. I’m so pleased I found you and Vi .. and your readers – as you say our life is ours … often too late or after too many years – we realise that … I will be so interested to read your thoughts along your journey …

    Thank you for sharing with us – have a peaceful weekend .. Hilary

  3. bc says:

    Happy 1000th post and have a good weekend.



  4. Mel says:

    Yup–always knew that Henri was a keeper of a fella. AND he’s smart!

    And I agree with you. There’s a vast difference in my life between what I call ‘head knowledge’ and ‘heart knowledge’.
    When that penny drops it’s suddenly entirely different.
    I can try to describe the difference to folks and I just can’t quite hit the mark. It’s an awakening.

    I really did ‘get’ what living a day at a time was…and then I got it at a whole different level. ‘The penny dropped’.
    I ‘knew’ what acceptance was…..and then I ‘knew’ at a whole different level.

    Maybe it’s a layer of the onion peeled back from experiences that create ‘awakenings’ (that’s what I call ’em anyway).
    Dunno. But I think I get that difference between ‘head knowledge’ and ‘heart knowledge’.

    I also think I’ll wait in great anticipation for the posts you’re working on! 🙂

    <– greedy person who likes MORE 🙂

  5. souldipper says:

    It is so strange how we end up being so much harder on ourselves than we’d dare be with other humans. Somehow I thought I was supposed to be perfect for so many years. Now, I strive for excellence and it’s a lot easier on me because I’m not trying to live up to what I think you expect from me.

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