Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Stressed over Christmas

I just can’t seem to believe how fast time is passing. I suppose sleeping  a good part of the afternoon may well explain how it seems to just shoot past.

Talking to and listening to others this past while, it seems for many if not even most the approaching festive season, seems to bring out at least a little anxiety or even dread to some extent. now this has nothing to do with the reason we celebrate Christmas In the Christian world it is celebrated as the day Jesus was born. Every year on Christmas day I have my own little thing, a short prayer just wishing Him a happy birthday. To me anyway it seems in the world this the real reason to celebrate is becoming lost in all the other happening of the day and those leading up to it.

It seems so many of us have almost a “Norman Rockwell” picture in our mind of how Christmas should be, a huge loving family gathering  The entire family has gathered in a loving, festive manner and all is right with the world. Loving feelings are shared and felt by all. Now, it that is indeed going to be your Christmas, I think that is wonderful. i just hope you realize how truly blessed you are. What I am saying here about Christmas I believe would also apply to people of all the other great Faiths and Religions.

That is the kind of Christmas we want and are envious because we “know” that is how “everyone” else will be celebrating the season. I have to wonder though is that really how everyone else will be celebrating the season. Some yes, but the majority I don’t think so. Why is it I don’t think so?

First off let’s just look at simple geography. A mere 50 or so years ago families were not spread out as far and wide as we are today. In days gone by people/families settled, got jobs usually within a relatively close distance from home. Getting home for Christmas or any occasion was so much easier, often just a relatively short drive. Today not so easy and can be very costly. Distance and cost can make it impossible for all to attend.

What about stress? How does that affect our Christmas? We can wear ourselves out to the point of just being too tired and fed up with it all to enjoy it. Instead just looking forward to getting it over with. How many days, weeks or even months do we spend roaming the stores, battling the crowds, looking for that perfect gift? All that time, effort and energy looking for that gift that may or may not even be appreciated. How much stress and pressure do we put on ourselves doing that? Is it any wonder we are just to worn out, too tired to enjoy the day? Is there any wonder we can often feel so let down. All that time and effort and in one day it is just over and done.

Hey, then there is preparing the big meal. Does anyone feel stress racing to get the big meal/feast prepared, wanting it all to be just perfect. All those hours preparing, cooking and baking. Wonder why you are too tired just too worn out to enjoy the day, irregardless of who is around you at the time.

I just shake my head thinking, we do all of this to ourselves to have a good time on “the day. Again I say this does not just apply to Christmas to can apply to any time, occasion or event.

Christmas like any time is what we make of it. Suddenly realize you do nt have time to prepare the meatballs for the Christmas dinner, do not get stressed just think, Oh well, I ran out of time and let it go at that. Stress about, did I get the right gift for…. let it go. You did your best, let it go. Some people are impossible to shop for and others will never be satisfied anyway.

Suppose you do have a loving family group that will all be gathering. If everyone shows up tired, stress and therefore likely cranky, how enjoyable is that time likely to be.

Relax and enjoy the time.How are you going to spend your Christmas or what ever celebration your faith may have at this time of the year

2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Stressed over Christmas

  1. Betty says:

    A very accurate post Bill. I agree with everything you have described. Why is it that I still am looking on the calendar deciding when I will have time to make the meatballs and do the baking…..but it will get done. The hussle and bussle of holiday preparations seem to cloud the mind, let us hope the true meaning still remains in our hearts. Bill, I will remember to say Happy Birthday to Jesus this Christmas…..I look forward to doing so.

    The warmest of holiday wishes to you and yours, as well as those who visit the blog.

    Hi Betty, nice to hear from you. I agree with you in hoping the true meaning of Christmas doesn’t get lost in all the commotion. It is supposed to be a happy, loving and joyous time in the celebration of a great event. How did it become such a stress filled commercial venture.

  2. Mel says:

    I am not stressed about the holidays.
    I am not stressed about the holidays.
    I am NOT stressed about the holidays.

    k….I am. Just a tad.
    I think it was the ‘other stuff’ that tossed itself in front of me before we even got this close–I gave it my attention (no other choice when you flood your basement from a broken water heater, huh?) and now it’s done. *laughing* I, however, am not! It’d be wise to just let go and enjoy what’s here, huh?

    I think I started to, today. It was the present buying for the bug. Toys. LOL That’ll do it!
    I want to keep that small joy and make it bigger. MY guess is I’m responsible for that, huh?

    You’re right sir–LET GO of that other gunk. There’s songs to hum and prezzies to wrap and STUFF to enjoy.

    Best I get to it!

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