Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Time to get moving (a little)

I have long known I have a huge lazy bone hidden away some where in this body of mine. I often have to push myself to do things. As with all things in life there is a balance. In my case finding the balance between over doing it or just being lazy. Right now for example I feel fine but my breathing is an issue. With each breathe in or out I rattle and wease, it feels like I am not quite getting enough oxygen or something. I have seen the doctor and he says with the protracted bout of pneumonia and all the coughing I was doing, I have inflamed all the tubes in my air way. It has to clear itself up and that could take months. MONTHS!!!! geesh.

Now this is where I suppose prioritizing comes into play. I know, take it easy and the body will heal itself a very valid point for something like this. But, now let’s consider this scenario. What would a person do if suppose they just didn’t know if they had those months left in them? It is pretty hard to take it easy when you are really not doing all that much to begin with.

For me I find if I have too much time lazing around it can give me to much time to think. Now, especially when I am not feeling well, maybe a little down that is not always the best thing for me. It is hard to keep your thoughts from running away with themselves. I know from experience if I allow that to happen I can very easily get into a poor me mind set.

It is time for me to get moving a little, try to find that balance so as to not over do it. I am just sitting here thinking about that last sentence. At this point I think I would rather over do than  not do at all.

9 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Time to get moving (a little)

  1. mj monaghan says:

    You are very brave. I agree with you – sometimes you just have to move a bit! I’m following your blog now. God bless you.

    Hi mj and welcome to the blog. I thank you for your kind words. As for the brave part well I do have my times that I am not so sure about that.

  2. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill – I admire your ability to get on with life – and it does make sense … life is life – and it’s yours to do with what you will – and it’s wonderful if you are around here a little more .. I’m sure everyone is benefitting from your take on life … enjoy each of these chilly winter days .. lovely skies and yellow sun – perhaps sparkling across the white stuff … cheers – Hilary

    Hi Hilary nice to hear from you. I guess you just have to make the best of what you have and be grateful for it. Snow was late coming this year but it is here.

  3. Mel says:

    You know what ‘moderation’ is, right?
    Cuz personally, I don’t. LOL ‘All or nothing’ sorta gal–that line of operating has created a few problems for me in my lifetime, hopefully you DO know how to use ‘moderation’.
    If not–I guarantee ya, yankin’ ya by your ear WILL HAPPEN.


    Bill–I know what happens if I spend too much time keeping my own company. I think too much and suddenly find that the only person I’m listening to……is me. I’m with ya on the ‘better to get up and DO’ solution.

    And a bit of hot chocolate in between. 🙂

    Mel,I donètreally havemuch choise in the moderation thing. It doesnèt seem to take much and I am out of breath especially outside in the cold. There are times when I enjoy being alone sharing my own company. It is when I am not feeling well or am really tired the mind can wonder too much.

  4. Patti says:

    Bill, you hang in there just like you have. And, NO – I don’t agree! You certainly are NOT lazy. Love you, and sending love your way. Take care P

    Thank you Patti, nice to hear from you. How is everything going.

  5. souldipper says:

    It’s you who knows what will give you the most fulfillment. That’s what we all long for. A big hug to you, Bill.

    Thank you Amy

  6. Lenore Diane says:

    Idle time is a tricky sucker. One may never have too much time on their hands, but too much idle time changes things a bit. I hope you are able to keep yourself preoccupied.

    Hi Lenore, you are right it is tricky but do-able and I am getting there. Nice to hear from you

  7. Balance is always a tough one to feel for. I hope you find something close to it and if you feel you need to push yourself a little, I hope it is only to do the things that bring you some joy.

    I think we all need to push ourselves just a little. But your are so right about the balance

  8. Janet says:

    Hi there Bill,

    Yeah lol don’t you love it when the Doctor tells you something like that. 6 months! Really? Tell me you had a good come back for that one!! Try not to let your negative side take over. What I tell my patients is negative thoughts in the begining are only here and there. But then they multiply and take over your positive thoughts! It becomes difficult to find the positive side of anything! So what do you do? Everytime you say or do something negative you MUST say or do something positive, TWICE! Soon you will notice the positive thoughts multiplying and taking charge over those slimey good for nothing negative thoughts. Hope that helps!! xo!
    I have been dealing with this for so many years now you would think I could have it all under control. I have personal experience in letting the negativity take over, not a good place to be. It takes work and practice, I know that and I am getting better at it.


  9. rangewriter says:

    That is a tough conundrum. To let life slip by while you rest or to push yourself to take part in the things you love. I have no idea what I’d do in that situation. We never know, really, till we’re in the situation.

    I know that a mere fractured leg has left me with a severe case of ants in the pants. I think moving about gets the blood flowing and helps drive forward good energy. But, one can’t get things moving around to energetically or too soon cuz it’ll all backfire.

    I hope you find just the right balance of laziness and spunk.

    Ah, that magic act, finding balance. Sorry to hear about the leg, what happened and how are you?

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