Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Birthday presents please

I want to send a big hi to a dear cyber friend Jennie. a few years back Jennie honored me honored me by trusting me enough to accompany (via email) through what can only be called a very difficult time in her life. I thank you for that Jennie. I find myself now owing you a second thank you. With everything happening right now, I had actually forgotten my birthday is coming up and I am flat out asking for a birthday gift from every person that may read this. That is right, I am asking for a birthday gift from YOU, actually 2 gifts. They are gifts I will appreciate and treasure in my mind forever.

Gift #1 Perform a random act of kindness, preferably it will even be anonymous. The size of the act of kindness doesn’t matter, for whom it is done doesn’t matter, I am just asking that something be done. It is something that is done with no expectations of thanks, reward or recognition. A gift coming straight from the love and beauty contained within our hearts. I know we all do many of these sort of things everyday and that is wonderful. I am asking that you make a special effort to do one more. Let the love and kindness within your heart pour out.

What sort of gifts am I talking about, well it can be anything. When you neighbor is out run over and shovel the snow off their sidewalk and leave them wondering who would have done such a nice thing. If you see someone’s parking meter has expired just shove in a quarter. If you are going through a drive through restaurant, pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line. There are just thousands of little things that could be done. Just be alert actually looking for an opportunity and then do it.

Again I can’t stress enough the size of this gift doesn’t matter, for whom it is done doesn’t matter. All that matters to me is that you open your eyes and your hearts to look for the opportunity and then do it.

Now come the gift part for me. Leave me a comment telling me what you did. Now this won’t be seen as bragging but instead as a gift to me. Letting me share in the warm glow you are feeling from within your heart, knowing I did something good and kind. I did it not for any other reason than I saw a need and realized I could help.

I truly am hoping for  many many birthday gifts.

Gift request #2 – Scroll to the top of this page. There you will see listed across a number of other pages I have started and added to the blog. There is one page in particular I would like you to look at. It is titled “the spirit within me”. On this page I have started a very non-exculsive club. I hope you will join. Let me know what you think

4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Birthday presents please

  1. Great entry, thanks for sharing. You are the soul man!!

  2. What a lovely idea – I will see what I can come up with…

  3. Mel says:

    *laughing* I ignore Jenny’s comment and went straight into plotting!


    I don’t get to count other people’s ideas that I get involved in–all the glory to them!
    I will put on my thinking cap.
    And I WILL persevere.

    Yeah, yeah……I know they all count. But I wanna leave ‘a gift from Bill on his birthday’ calling card!
    OH! First I need to make one! 🙂

  4. Just a tiny thing – instead of feeling heartbroken for a hungry little boy on the street, I felt heartbroken and bought him a bag of food instead. Left feeling woefully inadequate but that perhaps something is still better than nothing…

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