Dying Man’s Daily Journal – An example of how to LIVE

Can’t seem to quite shake the after effects of the pneumonia/chest infection. I feel better for a few days and then it seems to come roaring back. I seem to be making progress though as each time that it does return it seems to be less severe than the time before. It must be close to 2 months that I have had this and it does start to wear on you after a while.

I am sure we have all this happen to us. Every once in a while we run into a person that we find to be inspirational. I don’t have the words to describe how many of my friends here on the blog have been like that for me, inspirational. I am humbled and so very grateful for you contributions to my life.

I want to share part of the story of one lady with whom I have had the privilege of exchanging emails. Now I always make it a practice of asking permission before I share anything received via email, that is private. She has given me permission to share any parts of her messages which I will be doing. Her over all story I do not have permission to share and will there for keep her identity anonymous.  My friend though, I am certain you will be reading this and I hope you will feel encouraged to respond by sharing some of your vast wisdom and knowledge here on the blog.

Man this is tough, I am actually trying to write a post instead of just sitting down and rambling away. Finding the words, geesh, rambling sure is a lot easier.

I first met this lady through a comment she left here on the blog months back. That first post was almost difficult to read as through her words the pain was so real it was like I could feel it myself. As much as I can when I get a message like this, I try my best to respond on the blog but also send an email, which I did. She honored me with a reply and so began our email friendship/relationship. She lives so far away, on a different continent we both know we will never meet in person, but that doesn’t matter. Being able to openly and honestly share thoughts and feelings with another human being is what is important.

She is in the final stages of a long loosing battle with cancer.. Let’s just say we know her time is limited and she is well aware of that.

I think it is fair to say and very understandably so, she was really struggling. Her husband has passed, their only child has passed. Tragically, she is a young woman and facing this alone. When we first met, I think it was the alone part that was the most difficult for her to deal with at that time. Now notice I said she honored me with a reply to my email, I mean that when I say honored me. So sadly it seems, it is only when we get to this point in our lives that we come to realize how precious every day, every hour, every minute of our time is. That she would choose to spend some of her precious time with me, a stranger, is an honor. Some time we just chat about anything and everything. Other times we talk about the realities and the difficulties of our situations. She has shared with me the difficulties of the chemo and radiation treatments, the pain, the total lack of enegy, nausea and always feeling cold.

One of the primary focuses of my blog is to encourage people to live their lives. We don’t want to die so obviously that means we want to keep living our lives. Yet are we? Are we living or are we just enduring waiting to die? Think about it in your own life.

I say that and I believe that and want to live my life to the very best I can. It is a struggle and it can be so up lifting when I see someone actually doing that. My dear freind has gone from struggling to living, making the best of what she has. She is really living life in the best way she can. Life can sometimes through us a curve ball that we can’t control. What we can control is how we deal with it. How is she dealing with it, a few weeks ago she went hot air ballooning. Last week she began cooking classes.

I am not sure what more to say than I am humbled. Can we somehow take her shining example and use it in our own lives.

9 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – An example of how to LIVE

  1. foxfires71 says:

    Very beautifully written. Thank you.

    THank You

  2. Lenore Diane says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Stories, like this one, need to be shared again and again. The lesson is important – though ‘getting the message’ seems to take a very long time. May today be a good day for everyone.

    I thank you both for the visit and the comment. Onme part of what I am trying to do here is get that message accross. The help and support of readers such as yourself help in that effort

  3. livelaugheat says:

    I worked in Hospice for a couple of years. I love this blog! Thank u! you give a dying person a voice. God Bless!

    I thank you for your kind words. A “voice for the dying”. In my own humble way that is what I am trying to do. Help is appreciated.

  4. Living well, fully, is so important and yet somehow so much harder than just strolling through life. Thank you for your post!

    Isn’t that so true and so sad. The easy path is so often the most appealing.

  5. souldipper says:

    My one tiny contribution is this, Bill. Please know that hearing your friend’s story is a profound reminder for me to say thanks for my breath and the life it gives me. And the next one. And the one after that.

    Lest I forget!

    An attitude of gratitude for all the wonders in life, for life itself.

  6. rangewriter says:

    I think you are doing your friend justice by passing along this bits of wisdom. For those of us who don’t yet know or realize how finite things are…your messages really make the mark. I thank you…and your friend for that.

  7. Mel says:

    First of all–let me grumble cuz my POST GOT ATE.

    (k……we all know that’s a ‘user error’ on my part….*sigh*)

    I thank your friend for this being shared.
    And I’m so glad she’s embracing today for all it’s worth–hot air balloons and all! WOW!! I celebrate her wisdom and courage. We get to choose and it’s inspiring to hear her choices. Certainly she could have chose different–she did not. She chose to experience and DO.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I do NOT cook and I have no desire to take cooking classes–but I do have a thing or two I’ve ‘put on the back burner’.
    Silly me.
    Why wouldya let ‘life’ get in the way of living?!

    I appreciate what you shared. And I appreciate her letting it be shared.

    I think I might wanna take a day off of work and make somethings happen.
    I’ll blame you and her!
    (no worries–it’s a ‘good’ blame!)


  8. Deric says:

    Thank you Bill and Bill’s friend! This reminded me to specifically tell me family members today, “I love you and thank you for letting me be part of your life!” Many times we say, “love ya” or “ditto” or “you know i love you” but it’s not the same as “I Love You” felt from the heart and eyes. Life is good, even with the pains… it’s all part of our test here.

  9. […] only started reading his posts within the past several months. Recently, I read his post titled, “An example of how to LIVE”. In his post he writes of his friend, Mel, who is also battling […]

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