Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Setting up chat room

I am happy to say my eye is doing very well. I think my vision is a little better than it was before. Things are still a little wavy if I look just though that eye but I don’t even notice it when looking through both as I usually do. This chest infection/pneumonia thing seem to be hard to shake. I start feeling better as I am now and it seems to come roaring back after a few days.

I have been getting a lot of encouragement to set up a chat room here on the blog and so I am going to give it a shot. At least test it out and see how it all goes. Now that is totally non computer savvy Bill, here can figure out how to do it. I have even found a couple of sites from which I can down load the program. This makes me sit back and think. I was a banker for years and could read and understand some pretty complicated documents. Now it seems if I try to read something like that and I do my Homer Simpson impersonation with my eyes glazing over, hmm.

OK, what is my thinking in setting it up? I know many that visit the blog are dealing with issues, usually medical issues of their own or of a loved one. Some are experiencing the deep pain of a loss. Some come to provide loving support for those in need. Many have commented that it is like a loving community has slowly developed and that it has for which I am so very grateful.

I know there are times when one of our greatest needs can be to just talk to another. To just truly open up bare our hearts and souls while knowing these thoughts and comments will be received in a loving, non-judgemental manner adn supportive manner.

This could be a place where my blogging friends can just meet to chat. Chat about what I have written that day, chat about their own lives, chat about the weather. The topic wouldn’t matter, it would be a place to interact with others. Having a safe spot to go and just chat has to be a good thing.

The chat room will be largely unmonitored. I know the blog is read around the world meaning in all 24 time zones. Now I will commit to trying spend as much time as I can in the chat room. Realistically though, that time may vary from day to day. But, this is not about me.  It is about providing a venue for people to turn to when needing to talk, it is about providing a place to blogging friends to just chat.

Are there any techies out there that can help get this set up?

4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Setting up chat room

  1. souldipper says:

    This sounds great, Bill, putting technology to work in the very best of ways.

    I’m not the tekkie to help, but this will surely blossom into something of great value.

    Thanks for being willing to spear head the idea.

  2. Mel says:

    WOW!! We’re having fun now!!

    Yeah, well…..I’m not the technology kind. This is what I put the girl through school for. :-/ SHE does all the tekkie things that I need doing. I could ask…she might now a thing or two. (I’ll do that and see what she has to say, just so ya know….)

    But WOW….what a great opportunity.

  3. Thomas Alice says:

    This one is free, and looks pretty simple to set up:


    There are some limitations to the free one, but it would let you try it out and see if it’s something you really want to do.

  4. wirehangars says:

    Dear Bill, I’m the “ex” pattiredd and a couple of other “handles.” You – getting into hosting s blog is cool and I’m happy to see you take a good ole’ stab at it! …more than I could manage at this point in time. YOU ROCK!

    My husand and I read your blog regularly, and you’ve uplifted us when needed, and given us reason to hang in sometimes! Thank you! Please keep it up if you can – – I feel that you are a part or our family now. Thankyou for giving your feelings and love to us. There have been times that I would like to meet you personally! Keep on keeping on. The te way, I know about the throwing up stuff. It sucks. Thankyou for reminding us that we aren’t all alone out here! Thank you for your honesty…it always comes from your heart, and that is the one TRUTH that exists. Hugs and love, Patti (patricialynnredd@gmail.com)

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