Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Eye surgery

Have been laying pretty low for the past while. It has been exceptionally hot and humid here in Winnipeg. I don’t deal well with that, it just sucks the energy right out of me. Temperatures have dropped considerably and I am feeling much better, more energetic.

Had planned a big post with all of the wonderful things that happened over the summer but ran into a snag on Saturday. It started on Friday. I noticed my right eye was a little watery and there was a black spot up in the top right hand corner of the eye.
thought it was strange but really didn’t pay it much mind. Woke up Saturday morning and that black spot had grown and was now covering about 1/2 of my eye. The spot blocked all vision and the rest of the eye was very blurry. Blurry to the point of not being able to see at all. Early in the morning that spot covered about 1/4 of my eye and by lunch time was covering about 1/2.

Decided to phone and make an appointment with an optometrist. I thought I would likely end up with an appointment in a week or so. But, I explained the situation to the receptionist who relayed it to the doctor. I was told to get to their office within the hour. Now Vi has a part time job, she works every second weekend, something to do. Well as luck would have it this was here weekend to work. Now I knew i could phone her at work and she would be home in a flash to take me. I really don’t think  this is anything serious and I know she tends to get excited if I have any health related issues of any kind. I am thinking the doctor will just be giving me some eye drops or something. I think of brother-in-law Henri, he doesn’t work on the weekend. I call Henri and sure enough he is over in a flash.

We get to the optometrist’s office and I am a little surprised to learn I am being seen as a medical emergency. The doctor sees me very quickly. He does a series of tests and a second doctor comes in and looks in my eye. I have a detached retina, huh. He has me sit in a chair while he makes a phone call. He comes back telling me has made an appointment with an eye surgeon for just over an hour from then. There is Henri sitting patiently waiting for me and off we go to the hospital. We were talking about calling Vi at that point. But still why worry her. I am sure if there is to be a surgery of some sort it will be scheduled for weeks or months from now. I can tell her all about it when she gets home.

See the doctor shortly after arriving at the hospital. Again the bright lights as he looks in my eye. His words, ” we would both be doing a happy dance if it was just a detached retina, there is a tear in there also.” He explained it in more detail (memory guy) but I don’t really remember any of it. He described the surgery. I just remember hearing there would be a gas bubble in my eye that would slowly absorb away. OK, surgery is required to prevent total blindness so when can we do it. Now I am used to hearing of surgeries be scheduled weeks or months in advance. It caught me a little off guard when he said within the next hour or so, now wow that is fast. For me when I have something like that facing me, the sooner the better. Lets get it over and done with.

Geesh, Vi though still doesn’t know anything about any of this. maybe it is time to let her know especially since they are going to be keeping me in the hospital. If there was some way I could have had it over and done with and been home before she got there, I still wouldn’t have told her until it was all after the fact. She is a worrier.

Ask Henri to go to her workplace and tell her but to really down play it. Anyway within the hour into surgery I went. The timing was perfect, it lasted a little over an hour. I had literally just arrived back in the room when Vi came tearing in.

What a day. Within a 5 hour period I went from having a blurry eye to have had eye surgery.

The look of the eye is enough to scare people, it is beet red and bulging out a little. I have no vision it at all. Apparently it will take even months before we will know how much vision comes back. Now how was that for a day.


11 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Eye surgery

  1. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill – Crumbs .. rather more than I could handle easily – but glad they were able to do something and I sincerely hope Vi has got over her shock.

    Now look after yourself please! Enjoy being pampered a little .. with many thoughts – some medical team … Hilary

  2. Noel says:

    Bill thanks for sharing, hope you recover quickly, so that we keep reading from your blog. God bless.

  3. Sherry says:

    Sounds like quite a day Bill! Lucky for you it sounds like it was a slow day in the eye surgery department:) Thank goodness the doctors were able to work together so quickly and get you taken care of. That’s how Health Care should work everytime. Hopefully you will have little or no damage since they took care of it so fast.

    Of course having spoken to you on the phone, it sounds like you are doing well and on the road to recovery. The humourous description you gave me of how you look (you could frighten small children) makes me think it is okay to tease you a little. So here goes.

    You usually share with us about how you like to check out those fabulous nurses, but you didn’t this time. It must be because you only had one good eye to do it on Saturday! Giving them a playful ‘wink’ would have been out of the question too! I have to tell you I have had a few good giggles thinking about your description of how you look, and imagining you trying to wink at them anyway! The poor nurses were probably terrified! HA HA

    I hope the heat dies down a bit for you soon to a more comfortable climate. Winter will be here before we know it, but I hope we get a nice long fall to enjoy all the beautiful colours.

    It was great talking to you. Take care and heal fast!!

    Cousin Sherry

  4. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill and Sherry – that was so lovely to read your cousin’s comment – great news .. and so pleased to see things are progressing forward and your sense of humour is there …

    Cheers for now – Hilary

  5. souldipper says:

    Wow, Bill. What a day! You must have the constitution of Superman. I can believe that Vi worries – who knows what you are up to!! 🙂 Happy healing – I’m sending lots of energy your way, dear man.

  6. Betty says:

    Hi Bill – Glad to hear you and your eye received such fast attention….amazing. This way it saved you the stress of waiting for an assigned date. I have to say though, if my husband was having a day like you just did and he didn’t notify me I would not be a happy camper. I do appreciate that you wanted to protect Vi from undue stress…..you are a very dear man.

  7. Wow, that all sounds very scary – glad to hear it got sorted out and wishing you pretty eyes again soon.

  8. Lenore Diane says:

    Hope you are feeling better, Bill. I hope the recovery time from the surgery isn’t painful.

    My best friend is grossed-out by eyes. Once, I was hit in the eye with a softball. In addition to a bruise around my eye, the inside of my eye was filled blood (red). My friend did not look at me for over a week, until after the eye started healing.

  9. rangewriter says:

    Why is it that we get so freaked by the idea of something invading, slicing, or dicing our eyes? Now foot surgery sounds awful and painful and all of that, but EYE SURGERY? That just sounds impossibly squishy, gooey, and unbearable. Aren’t our eye’s connected to our souls? Perhaps that is why poking around an eyeball seems so terrifically invasive.

    It sounds like you got treatment in a nick of time and are on your way to a slow recovery. That is good news.

  10. Mel says:

    Can’t you do ANYthing small? ANYthing?! And c’mon….shoe on other foot–you’d want the wife to withhold information until SHE determined it was ‘worth worrying about’? (How’m I doin’? LOL Have ya been scolded enough yet?) Sheeshh……small wonder she worries–you give her something TO worry about. (THAT oughta take the cake!! 🙂 JUST bein’ helpful in case your hearing is attached to your eyesight! (LOLOL Oh, sometimes I make myself laugh!)

    Serious–DARN good thing you bothered with a phone call, obviously. And holy moly…way to bump yourself up on the list of ‘to be seen for surgery’ persons! Can we NOT DO THAT AGAIN, please? 😛 I mean, I’m glad it’s turning out as well as it has–they were able TO do the surgery….this is a good thing. Hopefully it was done soon enough to get the maximum results. (I’ll continue to pray, ty…it’s just what I do….) I’m gonna trust that there’s an end result that’s doable and let the Big Guy attend to it. (He knows what I want…..LOL)

    Take time to heal–hopefully the weather’s lifted and it’s conducive to healing for you. I know that has to be no fun, dealing with heat and humidity.
    But a PATCH! Let’s think about this!! I mean, Talk Like A Pirate Day is fast approaching! Borrow a parrot and be stylin’!! 🙂

    Oh gosh…..I think I’m envious about the potential for a patch!
    I know–wrong, wrong, wrong!
    (But think about it!!! You could be upstaging every potential pirate participant and the envy of ALL of us!

    <– participates

    I'll bet THAT surprises you. LOLOL

    Arrrrrrrrhhhhhhh matey! Plank walkin' for ye'!


  11. Cat says:

    Yikes! My eyes hurt just reading that post! I’m glad they were able to get you taken care of so quickly, and I hope you have a complete and speedy recovery. In the meantime, I’m with Mel – a pirate patch does sound like fun!

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