Dying Man’s Daily Journal – More on Vacation

I have had a few down days but am on the rebound. We came home to this heat wave and well heat and I do not do well together. Thank goodness for air conditioning. Since I got out of the hospital it is not that I have been feeling bad or having pain or anything like that. Just worn out, I must have left all of my energy back on the West Coast.

From Mission BC where Vi had the wonderful meeting with her brother and sister. We travelled on to Victoria which is on Vancouver Island. I think we only took the scenic route once (got lost) once on the way to the ferry. That was me getting caught in the wrong lane and was unable to take the appropriate exit off the main highway. Traffic was heavy so what are you going to dfo? Travel to the next exit and try to double back. There was a time when missing that exit would have had me in a flap but not any more. I know I am still going to get to where I am going. I will just see a little more of the local country side while getting there.

After the ferry a short drive took us to Victoria, B.C.. We spent a very nice 4 days with Vi’s 2 son’s David and Rob with their respective families. There must be something special in the water out there or something. The kids are all growing like weeds. Again we were treated like Royalty and had a wonderful time.

The entire trip was full of wonderful times but what can next, admit was the topper for me. We travelled to Vancouver. There I saw my 2 beautiful little princesses Sage and Emery. Are they real princesses? YES. They are princesses in the realm of my heart, always have been and will be FOREVER!!!!!  I am a down on the floor play with the kids type grandpa. We did many things but the highlight for me was getting into a play wrestling match with Emery and having big sister Sage (5) join in. Now the odds were 2 against 1 so I may have lost the wrestling match but my heart was the biggest winner of all. Being a grandpa is such a  very wonderful thing. I have many more stories to tell of that visit and I want to get them written before I may forget it all. That is my greatest fear. With this memory of mine I seem to tend to lose blocks of time. Every day I sit down and go over as much of that time as I can, to try and refresh my mind. Keep that memory alive. I do not want to ever loose it.

From there back to Airdrie Alberta. Here again we received 5 star treatment from cousins Sherry and John. Just a couple of days there to allow Vi time to get into Calgary and visit with a cousin and an aunt she hadn’t seen in something like 30+ years. By that time I knew already I had over done it. I stayed at Sherry’s home while Vi did her visiting. Then came the long drive home..

From a medical point was this trip the wisest thing to do. Well maybe not and physically it is like I am still “paying the price” for it. Was it worth is? ABSOLUTELY YES.
Will I do it again. Well the Good Lord willing,I will be on the road again.



4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – More on Vacation

  1. souldipper says:

    Who wants regrets? Good for you, Bill. You are such a great example. Glad the rebound had kicked in. It’s good to have you back.

  2. Lori says:

    I think you should continue your blog but change the tittle to man living life to the fullest 🙂 we are dieing a slow death some will just go before others is all its what you do with your life that counts and I so so so enjoy you sharing your life with us!

  3. Billie says:

    Sheesh! It’s true, once you produce the grandkids you really are dropped off the radar. No mention of the fact that you saw your own daughter. Apparently, I needed to get in on that wrestling match!! 😉

    Sure was great to see you!


    Thank you Billie,it was really great seeing you Rob and the KIDS. Now just “MAYBE” I didn’t memtion you as that would mean I might have had to recognize the fact that you did indeed beat me at billiards. I would have to admit that I cam slinking back to Manitoba with my tail between my legs, I got womped at crib, womped in billiards and womped in a wrestling match and all by girls. My fragile male ego can only take so much, you know. LOL. It was all wonderful and we both thank you so much.
    You have pictures of the wrestling match could you send me some of them. Keep reading and I am sure you will see your name come up a number of times.
    Love you

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