Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Vacation/shutting down the blog

I am excited, tomorrow we are leaving on vacation. It is a trip I have wanted to take for a very long time. i love the Rocky Mountains on the West coast of Canada. The mountains are just awe-inspiring, humbling and enough to take your breath away with the sheer beauty of what is to be seen. We are going to drive, taking our time as we go. If we see something interesting along the way we will stop and check it out. When feeling tired will find a motel and just stop.

I have a lot of family, cousins in Alberta and will be visiting with them for a few days. unless we out wear our welcome before that. I received a very pleasant surprise last evening. My dear Aunt Isabel, cousin Carol with hubby Garry will also be making the long drive so we can all hock up in Red Deere. I can only imagine the crib boards will be out and cards flying all over the place.

From there it will be a nice relaxed drive though those beautiful mountains. I am going to enjoy every moment of it, taking in every breath-taking view. We will end up in Victoria BC spending some wonderful time with Vi’s children and grand kids. Then back to Vancouver were I will get to see my two little princesses. Billie and Rob I am looking forward to seeing you also. Then the drive home.

This trip was in my bucket list when I first filled it and I did make that trip years ago. I am blessed to have been given enough time to do it again.

I want to make firm mental images in my mind of all the wonders I will be seeing. It is different looking at something knowing you will very likely never see it again. You want to treasure the moment and hang on to it.

So, I will be gone for 3 weeks and enjoying every moment of it. Vi  is a little nervous about it all. The fear of something happening while we are out on the highway possibly miles from a hospital. I am confident this won’t even be an issue. This trip really is important to me, something I really want to do.

While we are gone, I am going to put it all out of my mind but when we get back I will be doing some heavy thinking. I am starting to think it may be time to shut down the blog. Ah, we will see.

29 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Vacation/shutting down the blog

  1. trusting2 says:

    Enjoy the journey! My prayer is that all goes great and learn more through it, be refreshed and when back your mind ready to do the heavy thinking. Dimitra

  2. Carol says:

    Have a wonderful trip, Bill, and please don’t shut down the blog. We love you and we need all your wonderful inspiration. Please continue to share to your very last moment here if you can and even beyond if that is possible!

  3. pattiredd says:

    Have yourself a wonderful and fabulous journey! Don’t worry about getting sick along the way or something like that – – those of us who are ill think about that and forget that there are perfectly healthy looking people who could drop dead in 5 minutes from a heart-attack!!! There is nothing to fear except perhaps not seeing the beauty or our world! Adios and happy wishes from me to you both!

  4. pattiredd says:


  5. Jennie says:

    Have a great trip Bill! It sounds absolutely wonderful.

    I understand if you need to devote less of your time to your blog. There are pages and pages of inspiration here from many years and it is well worthwhile to go back and read again and again. Thank you so much.

    Maybe you could just spend less time here, but keep it open so you can share with us when inspiration strikes?

  6. Betty says:

    Have a wonderful trip Bill and Vi. I look forward to reading how much you enjoyed your adventure.

    I feel the same a Jennie……less time spent on the blog would be better than not hearing from you at all. Your inspiration has helped many. Of course it is your decision whether you wish to discontinue the blog…..and I can respect that. Thank you for sharing and being here for us.

  7. Casey B says:

    Hi, Bill.

    I hope you have an excellent trip, and that whilst you’re away you may take some time to consider what your blog has done for you, and also for others. I understand completely if you feel the need to step away from the blog and blogging so often, but I’d be one of those who’d be deeply saddened if you decided to let it go completely.

    Thank you for being a friend and an inspiration throughout the time I’ve been reading your blog- from that first entry that I read (I think it was about Tuesdays with Morrie) to this, that’s one thing you’ve never ever skimped on, and for that I’m truly grateful.

    With best wishes, whatever your decision,


  8. jel says:

    Have a GREat time on your trip!

    take care!

  9. Jessica says:

    Have fun on your trip, and tell Vi she’s got nothing to worry about. Cats have nine lives, so why can’t you? 🙂

  10. shirley brault says:

    Looking forward to seeing you and Vi and you two could never wear out your welcome! You are both such great hosts when we visit at your house. Come enjoy and relax! I love every time we go to BC as well. So much to see.
    Hope Vi can relax and enjoy the trip as well.
    See you soon.

  11. souldipper says:

    Thanks for all you continue to give and here’s wishing Vi and you a great journey. Is it possible to get some of those family members along the way to type an update on your blog when you visit them?

    When you come through the Gulf Islands on your way to Victoria, get the Ferry Captain to give three toots on the horn so I know you’re coming through!

    Big hug to you, Bill.

  12. Mel says:

    (((((((( Bill and Vi )))))))))

    Safe journey–enjoy the views, the peacefulness, the time with all those who love you so very well.

    (and go get ’em and grab that title back!!!)

  13. Noel says:

    I hope you enjoy your vacation. I just had my own and I had a blast. Very refreshing! God bless!

  14. Lori says:

    Please please please do not shut down your blog! But please please do enjoy your wonderful trip and tell Vi not to worry life is to short for worry just get out there and enjoy every minute of it!

  15. Bill Howdle says:

    Hi it is Bill. We are really enjoying the vacation. Have many wonderful stories to tell of our family visit in Red Deer. Right now we are in Mission B.C. Vi is set to spend a couple of days with a sister. drive through the mountains was breath taking.
    Souldipper we should be on the ferry Thursday morning and I will ask about the 3 toots of the whistle. I thank all for the kind comments and will write more from time to time as we continue.

  16. shirley brault says:

    Hi Bill, glad to hear you are in Mission, we wondered about your next leg of the trip. Very quiet here in comparison to the weekend. We LOVED the reunion on Saturday night. We have two lovely Australian girls here from a band so there is a get together tonightin the park. Mom is here through tomorrow, heading to the farm tonight. Hope the weather is good there and you are seeing lots of sights.
    Let me know when you are headed to Sherry’s and maybe I can visit again!
    Love to you both.

  17. Mel says:

    Careful, Bill……. I’m thinking Shirl has some ploy to take that world championship and is being sneaky……… I can feeeeeel it. LOL

    I’m glad for the good times–here’s to MORE!!!!

    And just so ya know….

    <– doing denial over the 'shutting down the web log' statement.

    <– pretending you didn't say that


    <– whistling happily

    <– knows YOU know how loved you are

    <– knows that's what matters

    <– also knows selfishness exists inside, lurking…….wanting what MEL wants….

    <– soooooo……..doing denial and ignoring!!!!!

    <– and still lovin' you bunches and lotsa!


    • Betty says:

      Oh Mel……you have such a way with words. I just love it! How can Bill ignore your state of denial……I don’t think so.

  18. Bill Howdle says:

    Excellent visit in Mission B.C (Vi’s family). stories to share coming. Off to Victoria this morning.

  19. Bill says:

    Traveled to Victoria today. Added a little distance to the trip with an unplanned detour (got lost). Add to the pleasure of the trip seeing a little extra country.
    Souldipper travelled though on the 12:00 noon ferry. Asked for the 3 blasts of the ferry horn. Said they couldn’t do it as the number of blasts actually represents a specific signal. But at one point they did give one extra long blast of the horn. Hope you noticed it.

  20. Jennie says:

    Great to hear that you are having such a wonderful time. 😀

    That “shutting down the blog” idea doesn’t seem to be working out too well, eh? 😉

  21. Himani says:

    Hi Bill…hope you are doing well…My prayers are with you…If you are thinking of closing the blog…please dont…its great…

  22. dalamory says:

    I am away on a touring holiday at the same time as you. I understand how there comes a time when you need to re-evaluate your priorities; hopefully you will feel like continuing your blog, but it’s your decision. Take care and Every Blessing

  23. Mel says:


    Lucky you gettin’ to go on the ferry!

    It’s 95 in the shade and hotter than all get out here, but I’m NOT complaining. (much….LOL)

    You just keep having a grand time of it, sir.
    Hoping Vi’s toted that camera with her and taken lots of photos.

    <– mighta been hinting about wanting a peek of all that gorgeousness with that statement.

    NOTHING subtle about me, huh? 😉

  24. Jack says:

    Hi Bill

    I think it would be a mistake to shut down your blog. Not just for us but for you as well. I think this blog has provided strength for you to carry on as long as you have. I’m worried that shutting it down might shut you down. Nobody wants that. Of course we can understand if it’s getting difficult for you. But just remember that a lot of us take inspiration from what you do here.

    I met you in Norway House and I like to check in now and again on your blog to see how you’re doing.

    I remember when you had a heart attack. I thought it was cute how you were sitting in the hospital worrying that your satellite dish was hooked up.

    At 36 I had my own heart attack and I think to myself if you can live through as many heart attacks that you’ve had, I know I can go on. But that’s just me being selfish. You do what’s best for you. I know it’s not easy.

  25. Maggie says:

    Hi Bill,

    Cousin Maggie here. I so wish I could have been there for the reunion in Red Deer; I know what a good time it is when all the cousins get together!! Glad you are having such a good time in B.C. but have to admit that I will be glad when you and Vi return home. I miss you both. Lots of love to all the cousins in Alberta.
    Wishing you safe journies and looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Luv from Maggie

  26. Mel says:

    *nodding* Now see…..listen to Maggie! She’s glad for your good times AND misses you and wants access to you both.


    NOT that I’m recognizing anything other than Maggie’s brilliance.
    (she IS brilliant, justsoyaknow!)

    <– still doing denial!!!!!

    JUST sayin'……

    Miss ya! (kinda like Maggie does……..)

    *HUGE hugs!*

  27. Cat says:

    Hi, Bill and all of Bill’s lovely blog friends!

    Bill, I hope you are having the time of your life on your vacation. It sounds absolutely wonderful!

    I’m with Mel on the denial thing about shutting down the blog. I will certainly miss it (and you!) if you do shut it down. I know how much work it is to keep a blog running, though. I’ve got a personal blog that doesn’t get updated very often, and a beauty blog that I initially updated three times per week but now sometimes go a couple of weeks at a time without updating. It can be a lot of work to write a blog post, and it can be difficult to come up with topics to write about on a regular basis. Heck, these days I don’t even have time to *read* blogs on a regular basis any more, let alone write them!

    I hope, as others have suggested, that you’ll keep the blog open and just update when you can or when you feel like it, even if it’s not often. But that’s what *I* want. You have to do whatever it is that *you* want, and whatever is best for you. Either way, please know that you are loved and appreciated and that your blog has been a wonderful source of inspiration and support and fellowship for a lot of people.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  28. Bill says:

    Great vacation, I don’t really have the words to describe how wonderful it has all been. With cousin Sherry in Airdrie Alberta. Heading for home on Tuesday morning, which should get is there Thursday afternoon. As great as it has been it is time to go home.

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