Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Belief’s on death/afterlife

I have realized that often someone will leave a comment on a previous comment and for a very short time it will appear on the side bar of the screen and then disappears into the archives along with my original post. Gone just too quickly for many to see without going back through maybe even years of my ramblings.

There is just such a comment that I received yesterday from Carol. Her comment:

“Ceasing to exist is not an option that I believe is. I believe we wake up in a marvelous other reality that we had forgotten about when we left it last time. I know that there are a lot of scams built around this topic and I have learned to take what I need and pass on by the rest. The largest collection of NDE I have found is in this link. What really impresses me here is the sheer number of accounts! The evidence is just far too abundant to ignore.
I also believe our days are numbered and that we will not leave here 1 second before or after we are destined to and that God sends an angel to accompany us into the light of home.

Now I visited Carol’s site and the site she refers to. Both are just too good to let disappear.

Carol’s comment was left on one of the alternate pages to the blog. The “Other beliefs in Death” page. The pages are all listed across the top of the screen. I invite all to check out those extra pages I have added to the blog. Read of the beliefs of others on this topic of ours. Maybe join my very non exclusive club in the “Spirit within Us”. Please let me know what are you thoughts.

5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Belief’s on death/afterlife

  1. Greetings. I read your short page about you, and my feelings are that when we alow another to tell us where we are and where we’re going, we’ve given up our power. From a spiritual perspective, and understanding manifestation, free will tells us that we have the power to move mountains, and Nothing can happen to you… unless you alow it. Now you can alow another to tell you that your going to die, or not. The choice is always yours, sometimes it’s easier to let someone else do the driving. Connect to the powerful You. Look into the healing power of laughter.

    Hi Christopher, welcome and thank you for your wise comment. I am indeed as are we all the captains of our own ship of life, master of our own destinies while here on this earth. Others may advise or suggest things but ultimatly the decision on how I life my life is mine.
    I hope to hear more from you

  2. Mel says:

    Hmmmmm…….interesting stuff here, sir.

    I feel compelled to share that because I was given a medical fact as the medical experts understood the facts to equate to, I had decisions to make.
    As do you, sir.
    We all get to decide…and we all work with what we know/believe/trust to get to where we’re suppose to be.

    Where we’re called to be.

    I don’t think it’s unwise to listen to those who get placed in our path. They’re placed in our path for a reason. But ultimately (who was it that said it…) it’s all between me and Him.
    I came to the understanding that He wasn’t quite done with me yet…..I got the message loud and clear.
    But I do not believe it was me who moved mountains. NOT that I didn’t have my part in the whole deal.
    I do believe the message delivered to me.
    I live that one–still…..He’s gracious like that.

    JUST sayin’……

    And now I’ll go investigate more!
    Doors get opened for reasons, eh.

    Hi Mel, you are so right, we all have choises to make irregardless of what point in life we are at. As I am still here, it is obvious the good Lord isn’t done with me being on this earth. The thousands of prayers that have been said for me from all around this world, I think may have a lot to do with it. I do thank all. My choise is to keep on trucking the best way I can. The same choise you have made my friend.

  3. Hi Bill, congestive heart failure you say, heart issues has everything to do with heart emotional issues. Forgiveness happens through compassion, both to yourself and to another… that without judgement. And laughter heals on many levels, it heals because it changes the vibration of who we are. It shifts us out of fear, anger, or guilt. Laughter/love/gratitude and a child like innocence, is an emotional space that sets off the action of positive manifestation. This and a relationship with your spiritual guardians will create clarity in your perspectives.
    I have learned much in this life, and I’m not yet half way through. There are many forms of alternative healing, and these are a few you can do on your own. You can believe what other people tell you, or you can take your life into your own hands and chart your own course.

    Thank you Christopher, very wise words to live our lives by.

  4. My clairvoyant understanding of dieing is that dieing is very easy, it’s like dropping an overcoat off your shoulders and allowing it to fall to the ground, stepping out of a garment. Switching in a blink of an eye from an egoistic life, to complete unconditional love… that without ego. Being born is difficult, take an all encompassing cosmic being, and stuff it into an itty bitty living space.

    This culture [USA] doesn’t look at, or deal with death very well. We put it on a shelf and pretend it doesn’t exist, and put all of our attention on youth. I see our passing as a very magical time, at the time of passing you can see them yield to the passage. And just before their passing, we can see their accumulated experiences come to completion. Where for a moment they shine, and excel at their accomplishments. I did live-in-home-health-care for about 12 years, mostly with folks that where at the end of all things, and got to walk with them to that doorway. Help them process what their going through, and make peace with the world and with God. Now I find myself teaching empowerment.

    Gentle blessings be with you Bill, along the path you follow.

    Hi Christopher,
    I thank you for returning to share this with us all. We actually share the same thoughts on the dying experience. you have stated in a more elequent manner than I have ever been able to. I thank you also as this is something I really did need to hear/read right now. i do believe it in my heart but there are times especially when I am not feeling well that this human mind of mine takes over and maybe doubts or questions can arise. i hope you don’t mind but I am going to turn this into a post.
    Thanks again

  5. I would be honored…

    thank you Christopher, I hope to have it up in the next few days.

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