Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Crib tournament

Great times around here for this next few days. My dear Aunt Isabel has arrived for a short visit.

Now as always when she visits the cards and crib board come out of storage. As we have in the past at some point “THE TOURNAMENT” will begin. It is not just any tournament it is the “Championship of the World”. We have played that every year now for 5 or 6 years and EACH and EVERY time she has taken the title home with her.

This year I am thinking maybe just maybe I should change one of the rules of the tournament. In the past it has been the best of 3 games wins. Now if that doesn’t work so well for me, I may at that time have to change it to the best of 5 games or 7 games or 9 what ever it takes.

We have great fun, the winning or loosing isn’t the issue at all. It is just the pleasure we get out of playing together. Though there is always a lot of smack talked back and forth. Please wish me luck I am going to need it.

6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Crib tournament

  1. Carol says:

    Good luck! Go get em, Bill.

    Thank you, we are having a lot of fun

  2. Patti says:

    Bill – it’s good to know that you’re feeling a little more “chipper” – family and friends visits, no matter how short (sometimes better that way, too!) are good medicine. Could you email me off-line sometime soon? I have some things I would like to talk about confidentially. Take care – have a wonderful time! Patti

    Hi Patti, thank you for the kind words. Email coming to you.

  3. shirley brault says:

    I was beginning to wonder as I had listened to CNN and SportsCenter and there was no mention of the Championship of the world!! I have no strategies to pass on but I can tell you that Jillian played her gramma several matches when mom was out here. Jillian says “you are only as good as your last game!” so if by some fluke, I manage to win, I quickly get up and leave the table and enjoy the moment. Believe me they are few and far between! So good luck, we still have the “Doubles Championship” bragging rights. LOL
    Hope the weather is better there as snow on the ground was reported by Stettler, and hour east from here! We got some big flakes around 8 as Jillian headed out to do a parade! Might be a little chilly on the hands. Has stopped but is still dreary and cool.
    I am sure things are heating up there!
    We will look forward to updates or the final outcome!

    hi Shirley, nice to hear from you. We are the doubles champions for sure. Last night was looking so good, I even won a game. And then cam today. First game I barely made it over the double skunk line and things haven’t improved a whole lot since.
    Hey you keep that snow out there, thank you very much
    Back to the action table.

  4. souldipper says:

    Watch it, Bill, I know from personal experience that Aunt’s, as sweet as they are, can be sophisticated card sharks. Don’t, for goodness sake, play for money. My intuition is sending up flares on this one! πŸ˜€

    Card shark, that she is.You are right also, she is so sweet and kind right up until those cards come out and she kicks my butt. Too late for the money warning. We have already committed to a cash prize. We each are throwing .25 into the pot.lol

  5. Mel says:


    GO Aunt Isabel!!!!!

    Wellllll…you know me, sir. Bit of a troublemaker. LOLOL

    Bump it up to 50 cents–double dog dare ya! πŸ˜‰

    Hey there Mel. Well you just keep on snickering because I won and am now the “CHAMPION OF THE WORLD”. I had to come and boast and gloat for a moment as we are having a rematch.If history holds true to form I could be in a lot of trouble. lol Having a great time.

  6. Mel says:

    *laughing* Let’s just remember–I was rootin’ for Aunt Isabel! So when she trounces you a good one, would you remind her, please. LOL πŸ˜‰

    Win or lose, I’m figuring you still win to have such fiesty and awesome company!

    Congratulations, sir.
    (I’m sure it’s only a temporary condition….LOL)

    Mel, I did tell her you were in her cheering section and you got a smile. You are so right, I am the big time winner having Auntie visiting which is what really counts. But we so have a lot of fun with the crib. There is a lot of big talk (mostly from me) and a lot of teasing. A good time. She is sharp as a tack and does have a way with those cards and so very often kicks my butt. With all of our big talk (mine mostly) if I do manage a win I have to strut my stuff while I can as I will likely only be able to strut until the next game. She is a gem.

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