Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Best thing about Life/Living it

I just read a comment left by our dear blogging friend Mel.  It was to the effect that I am not defined by my medical conditions, I am ME. Yes, I have serious medical conditions that do play a part in  my life. That is the thing, they play a part in my life but they are not my life. My life is still mine to live. I and I alone am responsible for living my life and how I live it.

The vast majority of us dread the thought of dying even fear death and will go to almost any measure to prolong our lives for as long as we can. This must mean we value our lives, we value the time we have on this earth. A question keeps rolling around in my head. If we value this time so very much, why do we waste it? Why do we stop living life and start to just endure it? What do I mean by enduring life? Struggling just to get through each day, just to get up and do it all over again, and again and again just seemingly waiting for it all to end. We stop living life long before it physically ends.

How to we get to the point where we finally realize that each of us individually is responsible for his/her own life and then actually takes responsiblity for how they live it. We pass responsibility for our lives to others, to past events or current situations.  I would but I can’t because……. There are millions of excuses why internally we emotionally just curl up in a ball and stop living long before our physical death.

My medical conditions do not determine who I am They may limit me, my activities in some ways. They do not stop me from living my life.

Accepting physical limitations with declining health is a difficult adjustment to make,it is very humbling. But, again these limitations are but one part of my life and do not have to define my life. I still have a life to live aside from and apart from all of that.

I know what I am trying to say, does that make any sense at all?


4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Best thing about Life/Living it

  1. allie says:

    Well said. And thank you…again.

    Hi allie, I thank you for the visit and the kind words.

  2. Cat says:

    Yes, indeed, it makes perfect sense.

    This seems like a good place for a prayer request:

    I am a supporter of Texas 4000, which is a team of University of Texas students who ride their bicycles 4500 miles from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska each summer to raise money for cancer research. One of the 2012 team members, a young man named Ruel Bobet, has recently been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of stomach cancer and is about to undergo a long and difficult treatment plan, including two eight-week courses of chemotherapy, radiation, and then surgery to remove a significant portion of his stomach. You can read his blog here if you are interested: http://www.texas4000.org/journal_entry/list/10403

    Please keep him in your prayers.

    hi Cat, my prayers are most certainly with this brave yound man and with all of the riders for this wonderful cause. I visited the site and it is a wonderful project they have undertaken. I couldn’t see how to leave him a comment on his blog but got his email address and will be contacting him directly. Thank you my friend

  3. Noel says:

    Suffering makes us remember our limitations, but that is the physical bodies’ limitation. The real ME is not limited, it lives on. But this life is all we have with the current physical body, so we must enjoy it as much as we can, not by indulging, but serving, loving, forgiving, learning, etc. To get ready for the next Life. God bless.

    Hi Noel, very well put. Our physical bodies may be limited but the real Me is not limited in anyway.

  4. Mel says:

    I’m only as limited as I allow myself to be–and sometimes I do allow that. I ‘give’ myself a whiney, self-pitying day now and again. Arrgghhh….life ain’t FAIR. (there’s the four letter ‘f’ word again..LOL) Nope, it ain’t. Pick yourself, dust yourself off, start again.
    I get to choose.

    I get weary of the stigma attached to the ‘stuff’ happening in my life. But really, I’m the one who rubber stamps it as the defining ‘thing’. When I don’t let it, most times it’s a non-issue.
    And then there are times when I ‘joke’ about it to keep it right sized in my life–and people get paralyzed cuz they don’t know how to respond to it and whether it’s really ‘something to laugh about’. Nah–IT isn’t, but life is, knowwhatImean?

    I don’t know Bill. Some moments are easier than others. I think that’s just human nature. But I’m also clear, I can tend to make ’em much harder than they have to be by what attitude I adopt about the situation at hand.

    There’s my two cents.
    I get what you’re saying cuz I live it.
    I’m fiesty enough to argue and help shape people’s opinions of what the disease actually means. In some small way, I can hope I’ve helped the next person who happens down this same road.
    And if nothing else–it certainly solidifies what power I’ve given the circumstances.

    I hope that you’ve found some rest and relaxation.

    Holy cow–they’re saying in the 90’s tomorrow! Crazy…..absolutely crazy…..

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