Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Life lessons from nature

I spent some time today outside raking the lawn. I take lots of rest breaks, coffee breaks, chat with the neighbors breaks, look at the beautiful birds around me breaks. It is a pretty tough job, in any given hour I maybe put in 10-15 minutes of actual raking. So I am definitely not over doing it.

I love watching nature unfolding it’s wonders around me. After out Canadian winter it has only been the past 2-3 weeks that  everything out doors is like coming alive again. Just look around and it is amazing what you can see . Life is just bustling everywhere around us, all of which we are just usually totally oblivious to. What a shame. It is in a way like the cycle of life at the beginning stages for the various plants etc..

I have an amazing picture if I can get it down loaded.. It shows the eagerness the zest for life contained with in nature around us. I think all know our Canadian winters are a little harsh at times. This year we got an exceptional amount of snow. This year the snow bank up against the front of the house must have been close to 3 feet deep. Some from shoveling the side walk and all. Now our home is brick on the outside and as the spring sun warms it heats the brick and that helps melt the snow away from the side of the house, faster than it melts in other areas. What does this picture show? Well as the snow has melted away from the side of the house, gradually the soil which is in one of Vi’s flower gardens began to appear. The picture shows the receding snow bank which is still about 2 feet deep at that time and the strip of exposed soil. Now there are tulips planted in that area. What I find amazing and inspiring both is the fact that you can clearly see the tulips coming up from the ground less than an inch from the receding snow.

Think about it these plants don’t wait for the weather to be perfect or even necessarily good. At the very first opportunity they get on with living and growing. Coming up that early they are often exposed to many freezing nights, likely more snow all sorts of nasty stuff. Does that stop them or even slow them down, NO, they get on with “living” with growing at the very first opportunity.

The bulbs from which these flowers grow could easily lie dormant in the ground until growing conditions were better or even until conditions were ideal. It almost seems the tulip sees the value in life and just wants to get on with it, irregardless of conditions.

For me a lesson is learned from this beautiful plant. Conditions don’t have to be ideal for me to sprout and grow. It is like I just need to get on with it at the very first opportunity and things will work themselves out from there.

9 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Life lessons from nature

  1. pattiredd says:

    Profound. Made me think a little harder this morning about my reluctance to keep on keeping on sometimes. Thanks for the words!

    Hi patti, I am glad if the words gave you a bit of a lift. I know there are times when you just feel so worn out, worn down that it would be so very easy to just give up. Then though there is that little spark of life in side each of us that pushes us on.
    Be well my friend

  2. kanjamijami says:

    Hi, I was glad to come by your blog! For once someone who is not afraid to talk about the real things to come. Ever since I was young I’ve always wondered about death. The topic has intrigued me so much that it has become a leisurely thing I think about. LEt me share a quote that I’ve just written, “life after death is scary and unknown that you may savor the one before it”.. I’ve only recently come to terms with the question of what comes after death. And the answer is to just live life instead. I am very proud of what you are doing. I myself like to take time and stare at city lights at night thinking about anything and everything, just savoring the glorious yellow glow that competes with the moon and shadows the stars. Anyway, I thank you. I will browse through your blog some more.

    hi, welcome to the blog and I thank you for your comment. “life after death is scary and unknown that you may savor the one before it”. That is really excellent, a great thought and really words to live our lives by. I have tried to convey that same message only not worded nearly as well. We fear and dread what is coming. That then must obviously mean we don’t want to give up what we have here. If only everyone could realize and appreciate that before reaching the final leg of our earthly journey. Live life now, enjoy life now, all you are doing by not living today is depriving youself of much joy and happiness and providing youself with much to regret later.
    Hope to hear from you again.

  3. Kristin Brænne says:


  4. souldipper says:

    Thanks, Bill, for sharing one of your sacred moments.

    My pleasure

  5. Mel says:

    We have tulips peeking out. And much like you, we had this mound of snow with ’em pushing through the ground, doing what they do.

    You’re right–and boy, is that true. Regardless of the circumstances, live.
    AND love.
    Don’t forget that part–makes the living so much more enjoyable!

    Just sayin’!!

    I see GREEN! Oh, I am sooooooooooo glad for green! (also glad you were out kibbitzing with the neighbors, getting some of that spring sunshine and warmth!)


    Mel, I am loving the green and the sunshine. I would imagine as far as the greenery goes you may well be far ahead of us.

  6. elaine gray says:

    I have just used google!I wasn’t sure what to ask!But you have came to me in my hour of need!I am looking for guidance, as my next door neighbour is looking after her brother James who isdying of cancer and hasn’t long to live.He has been in hospital the last few weeks and is now home living with his sister,who is my neighbour.They haven’t no parents,and their sisters and brothers help out by staying over.I would like to be able to go in and be able to speak to James.I have given my neighbour in my books by my favourite authors..John Edwards..Gordon Smith..Tony Stockwell.Colin Fry..for them to read if they feel the need to.The thing is…I have never spoken to James…so i dont really know what to say to him.He was a chef and my son is a chef,so was wondering if i could engage him in a conversation about cooking?Or do you think he maybe wouldn’t be interested?..I just want to help out the family,as i feel maybe another …I’m looking for the word but cant find it!!!!is it sidetrack?from his situation?.
    I would appreciate all your help here Bill.
    Yours Sincerely
    Elaine Gray

    Hi Elaine and welcome to my blog, I am glad to found it. Elaine, keep in mind I am not a doctor, nor a man of the clergy, not a therapyst. I am just a regular man writing based on my own thoughts, feelings and experiences. Any suggestions I can make are based only on what I might want as the patient or as I might do if i were in your situation as the neighbor.
    First off may I commend you on your wonderfully warm and caring heart for wanting to be able to help in some way. First I would refer you to a wonderful organization that has an online site just loaded with information. http://hospicenet.org/ There you have informations provided by trained professionals which may help you.
    Now speaking for myself as the patient. Would I welcome a visit from a stranger, well it depends on my day. I have what I call my good days and then there are my not so good days. On my good days (feeling well) I would welcome a visit, a distraction from my own thoughts which if left alone can wonder to some dark places. Then on a day when I am just not feeling so spry I would prefer just to be left alone. It is even difficult for me to be making plans in advance as I don’t know how I will be feeling when the day arrives or even for that matter when the hour arrives.
    I would speak to your neighbour and ask how willing she feels he may be to have company. It is a difficult situation and you may find the best support you gave give will be to your neighbor and not directly to the dying brother. There is just no clear cut answer here.
    Now again speaking as the patient, what sort of conversation would I like to have to be distracted or what kind of a visit would I like. For me, it would be just ignor the whole dying issue. Let’s just meet and chat as anyone would. Chat about anything and every thing. Your son being a chef may be a very good beginning.If you delevelope a social relationship then in time the tone of your conversations may well change to a more personal nature about the condition and all.
    You are obviously a wonderfully kind person with a big heart. Please keep in mind something I have written many many times. I do believe it is much much harder on the families than it is on the patient. Consider that it may be the very best support you can give will be directly to your neighbour and not directly involve the brother at all.
    Just be there for her. Let her lean on you for support, let her cry on your shoulder. There may be many practical ways in which you can help her also. Running errands, cooking a meal.
    Elaine, I wish I had a firm answer for you, sort of a road map of things you can do. I am sorry it is just every situation is different. Talk to your neighbor just ask her as you asked me, what is it you can do.
    James, his family and you my friend are in my prayers.
    Don’t be afraid to try. Please keep in touch.Please check out the hospice web site I posted.

    • Mel says:

      I’m so sorry to hear of your neighbor’s circumstances and send prayers and positive thoughts.

      Bless you for being all that you ARE Elaine.


  7. Shauna says:

    Hello Elaine!!!

    I am Bill’s daughter and being the daughter!! I would have to say that I think it is super wonderful that you have it on your heart to give comfort to the family and to James. I personally think that it is important to do everything in Good timing, if it is meant to happen it sure will!!! being a support to your neighbor could open the doors for conversation with James, some times it is easier to let things happen naturally instead of trying to make them happen. I Love when people give my dad support and love any kind words cause I know for my self it is hard to even want to bring up the subject of My dad dying. I dont even wanna think about that :-(, Loving actions and small words could mean the world to the family and to James and most of all a Pray goes a long way! do whats on your heart and follow the leadings that will come!!!

    Thank you Shauna, Love you a lot

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