Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Family Search

I know many families have gathered for this Easter long weekend and I hope all are having a wonderful time.

I have had myself in a bit of a stew this past few days. That is until common sense got ahold of me and I realize what is the point, I am just wasting precious time. I saw my neurologist a few days back and was told my brain is shrinking. Now that came as a bit of a surprise as I didn’t even know such a thing was possible. I thank all that left the supportive messages on that. At first I thought he was just kidding but he wasn’t, huh.

Then came the questions about family medical history. Is there any history of Alzheimer’s in the family? Well, no there isn’t as far as I know. I realize though that I only know 1/2 of my family medical history. I know nothing of my mother’s side. My mother came to Canada in 1946 as a war bride. I am not sure of details but that move apparently caused a lot of friction and all ties were cut. I feel both sad and bad right now that I didn’t ask her for details. She never spoke of her family and well as a kid growing up I just never asked. It seemed that I knew I had a lot of family way over in England on both parent’s sides but as we never heard from any of them, I knew nothing about them so it became sadly as if they didn’t matter. Now that is a really sad statement to make.

Now over about the past 5 or 6 years I have been trying to track down anyone from my mother’s family. I have been on numerous of those family ancestry type web sites.Never with any luck. Then it was just to establish contact with 1/2 of my family. I still want that but now also getting some information on medical history would also be of a great help. I will keep digging I have found some information but not enough to make contact with anyone. Lookout English side of the family, here I come.

Now back to this shrinking brain thing. Now the doctor wasn’t forthcoming with a lot of information other than more tests will be scheduled. No answers there so I googled it. There are quite a number of potential causes. Hey did you know being a vegetarian can cause your brain to shrink, well vegetarian that is not me. There on the list of possibilities is Alzheimer’s. Now that is not new to me as for the past 4 or 5 years the doctors have been mentioning it as a possibility with my memory etc..

Well I have given myself a couple of days of moping and enough of that. There are certain things in life we just can’t change, so the isn’t much point in worrying about them. This is one of them for me.What comes will come and I will deal with it, it is not going to spoil my today.

Hey, give me a few more days and I will likely have forgotten all about this anyway. LOL

9 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Family Search

  1. pattiredd says:

    Your last sentence cracks me up! Thank goodness for blogs, because at least we can have some way of keeping a memory alive about something! 🙂

    By the way, my husband found my biological family through a loosely knit group called the Adoption Angels. This was about 10 years ago so I don’t know if they are still around. If so, though, they may turn you on to a search organization of nosy people who could help you track down your 1/2 of family. The internet has helped a lot of people through the years track down lost family. My family was found by the work of an out of work journalist who just loved nosing around to find out stuff. She found my biological family after 50+ years . . . go figure!

    Hi patti, it is always nice to make family connections. I am glad you were able to track down yours.I came across a 3rd. cousin once removed over in England. He is being a big help to me.
    Be good to your self. How are you feeling?

  2. Mel says:

    Humour is a good thing. Lots of stuff finds me that I didn’t particularly ask for. Gotta find some humour in it.

    Himself will be ‘chuffed’ to discover there’s some English in you. His mother was in the RAF–she’s got wonderful tales to tell. And a few scary ones, I must add. Good luck on the search. I’m one who knows very little about family medical history, but given that ours is a yours/mine/ours/potentially the milkman’s family (g’head and laugh….), who knows where some of this stuff stems from. Happens with or without the family history. Kinda cool knowing the bits and pieces, very nice to be able to hand that off to the kiddos in our lives. I’d think it would be helpful as far as ‘pre-emptive’ measures, though it didn’t change sick’em for the girl who ended up with a cancer that I’da not wished on anyone. *sigh*

    But–all’s well, eh? You do whatever gets placed in front of you and remember not to take life too seriously. It is what it is. I’m all about sidewalk chalk and bubbles regardless of what’s going on!


    I’m now going to convince himself into an adventure.
    Cloudy or not–it ain’t snowing! So life is good!

    Happy Easter, sir.
    Hug the wife and give her our regards.

    Hi Mel, I hope you had a great Easter full of meaning. Yup, I have both the blood of the English and the Irish flowing through these veins of mine and I am proud of both.
    My mother was also in the RAF. The chances against them ever having met would be huge but who knows.
    You are so right about not taking life too seriously. It is just difficult some times when you are in the midst of something or getting used to a new idea or what ever. Focus on the big picture for sure. Laughing and joking about life can often be the best way to deal with it.In the next while I will likely be coming up with some Alzheimers jokes, it is just….ah gee….I can’t remember why. lol

  3. Cat says:

    “Hey did you know being a vegetarian can cause your brain to shrink”

    Uh oh! I’d better look into that.

    Happy Easter, Bill! I wish you good luck with your family search.

    Hi Cat. That vegetarian thing is something I read on several different web sites. Check it out. I am making progress on the search,.

  4. Mark Poxon says:

    Hi again Bill

    I’ve no knowledge of Alzheimer’s on my dad’s side. My dad is now in his 87th year.

    I’ll try to see what I can find about your mum’s side. Your mum had two brothers: Alfred F Ball b 1923 and George E Ball b 1925. I’ll see if I can find out any more about them. Are you sure that your grandfather Frank was born in Leicestershire?

    If I do find any living relatives from your mum’s side, are you ok for me to pass on your details? If not I’ll understand.

    I know there are living relatives from the Howdle side on GenesReunited – do you want to get in touch with these?

    Best Regards
    Mark, your English 3rd cousin 1 time removed

    Hi Mark, my English cousin. I really do appreciate all your help. My mum was in the RAF, my dad in the Canadian army. No I am not sure where my grandfather was born, I know they lived in Loughborough but he well may not have been born there. i thank you for the information on my uncles.
    Mark, I would love to hear from any and all family. Please feel free to pass on any and all information that you feel may help in establishing contact. I really do appreciate all you are doing.

    • meg says:

      Hi Bill,

      I am glad you like the quotes and I think as for the celebrity, you are already a legend in your own lifetime!!

      I got a blank e-mail from you yesterday so I’m assuming ewither you have become the enigmatic, strong silent type or we have a technological glitch lol

      I have a suggestion for you and everyone who is dying and sharing the experience with people here who will genuinely understand the ups and downs of daily life on the dying path: no saying sorry to people who understand that sometimes our physical bodies might make us take longer to be in contact than our emotional and caring selves might like. Deal?

      much love to you and yours

      meg xx
      Hi Meg, it is a deal. Now as for the: “I think as for the celebrity, you are already a legend in your own lifetime!!” I am humbled by your kind thought and words. My mind just doesn’t seem to work around that idea,how about if we settle for I am a legend in my own mind.
      Meg,I thank you for sharing it is obvious to all that you possess a great deal of wisdom from which we can all benefit.
      Don’t know what I did with that email. I have the computer savy of a lead pencil. I will check it out and resend.
      Be good to yourself my friend

  5. Mark Poxon says:

    Oh and which service was your father in – army, navy or airforce?

    Canadian Army

  6. meg says:

    Bill, you clearly have a goo and well developed sense of humour so I do hope you will take this in the spirit in which it is intended. A patient once said to me the day after being diagnosed with Alzheimers that he was happy to at last get a taste of fame. Puzzled I asked him to tell me more to which he said, ‘well now I have Alzheimers I will soon get to know what it is like to be a celebrity – you know, when everyone will know me and my name but I won’t know them or theirs’. I had to laugh. That same patient told me at the end of his treatemtn that, ‘it will all bo ok in the end and, if it’s not ok, it’s not the end’. Words of humour, wisdom and comfort all from the same mouth that I hope raise a smile or even a chucke. Much love meg xx

    hi Meg, so nice to see you here.Hmm, celebrity status I kind of like that idea. I will have to try to remember to set aside time each day for autographs. LOL
    I really like that quote: “‘it will all bo ok in the end and, if it’s not ok, it’s not the end’. Now how true is that? No matter how anything may seem at the time, it always does work itself out often inspite of my best efforts. I know that one to be true. How are you doing? Sorry my last email took a while.

    • meg says:

      Bill – I have just demonstrated by acute lack of technological expertise by replying in the wrong place so I hope you can find my reply and that when you do it makes sense! perhaps in what time I have left I should start a campaign to bring back pen and paper and do away with these new fangled computer things……..

    • Mel says:


      I LIKE Meg! She’s got fun stuff to share and she does it with humour and grace.

      <– could learn a thing or two here!

      (not technical stuff…LOL…but a thing or two nonetheless!)

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