Dying Man’s Daily Journal – In harmony with Nature

Had a bit of a tough night and up really early 4:00am. Read the newspaper, downed a pot of coffee and here I am.

They did an MRI on my head a while back and today I see the neurologist. We know the brain tumor is there the question will be if it has grown and if so by how much.

Weather is much nicer and I get to sit outside on the step a times. I have this silly little game that I play while out there. Our neighborhood is home to many wild rabbits, squirrels and about a bazillion birds (now that the song birds have returned). The sound of all of those birds singing to the world in the morning is so beautiful.

Anyway,  I have heard or read dogs can sense fear in people. OK, can they or other animals sense other feelings or emotions? I don’t know but I decided to try and find out with “very scientific” Bill experiments. Here is how it works. I sit on the step, get myself as relaxed as I can. Sort of a meditation I suppose as I then try to fill myself with God’s love. I usually don’t have to wait too long and some sort of animal/bird will happen by. I then focus my attention on that particular animal and attempt to send the white light of God’s love. I never say a word just focus on the feeling and mentally encourage the animal to come closer to me. Now I can’t explain this and it doesn’t alway work but often it does.

Example, last week on morning I was out there and a wild rabbit came racing across the neighbours yard and was crossing ours. It got to the sidewalk right in front of me and just stopped and began looking at me. I focused my attention sending the white light. After a minute or so of us looking at each other, it did indeed take 3 or 4 steps towards me. I don’t know how far it would have come as a car drove by and scared it away.

A while back I even had a squirrel come right on the step and lie down beside me. What can I say but, huh?

As humans we are but a part of nature. We are a part of something so vast, so beautiful. Why do we chose to abuse it rather than joining in and be in harmony with it?

5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – In harmony with Nature

  1. Mel says:

    I’m not surprised.

    I’m a ‘patio sitter’ and I meet and greet the critters. I can sit with ’em within inches from me while I’m out there–but if the other half joins me, they’re shy and a bit leery of being convinced. Of course, I name the little critters and have running conversations with ’em, too. LOL So you can now quit listening to anything I had to say. ROFL

  2. Noel says:

    Bill, I used to hate snakes and try to kill them every time I see one in my yard. But not anymore. I let them live, as long as they crawl the opposite direction. Nature is part of God’s gift for us to enjoy as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cat says:

    That is so cool! I’m a bit of an animal whisperer, myself. I really believe they can sense our emotions and intentions. I’ve always had the ability to calm a snarling dog just by saying hello and petting it without hesitation. Animals are just so wonderful.

    I hope you got good news about the MRI and that tonight will be a nice, peaceful one for you.

  4. souldipper says:

    We are so much more connected than most humans have believed. My grandfather caught wild horses and trained them. He was able to find out why some horse would be almost impossible to train. (He did not allow anyone to say “break” them.) It was some silly thing like a person with a cap would upset the horse. Sure enough, Grandpa would learn that some guy wearing a cap would have done something cruel. My dad could get animals to do anything. I have never had to hurt an animal.

    What a great picture you present in my mind. And I hope they see that tumour as smaller.

  5. alie says:

    Bill, your life-these offered glimpses-is one of abundance. Praying for grace & good news.

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